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June 22, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Poets of the Bible : from Solomon's Song of songs to John's Revelation

June 21, 2017
xix, 522 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Includes Barnstone's translations of the three gnostic gospels, the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary Madalene, and the Gospel of Judas.
"The world's greatest poetry resides in the Bible, yet these major poets are traditionally rendered into prose. In this pioneering volume of biblical poets translated in English, Willis Barnstone restores the lyricism and power of the poets' voices in both the New and Old Testaments. In the Hebrew Bible we hear Solomon rhapsodize in Song of Songs, David chant in Psalms, God and Job debate in grand rhetoric, and prophet poet Isaiah plead for peace. Jesus speaks in wisdom verse in the Gospel, Paul is a philosopher of love, and John of Patmos roars majestically in Revelation, the Bible's epic poem. This groundbreaking volume includes every major biblical poem from Genesis and Adam and Eve in the Garden to the last pages of Alpha and Omega in Paradise."--Dust jacket.

101 places to pray before you die : a roamin Catholic's guide

June 21, 2017
Craughwell, Thomas J., 1956- author.
Cincinnati, Ohio : Franciscan Media, [2017]
xvii, 220 : maps ; 22 cm

Building a bridge : how the Catholic Church and the LGBT community can enter into a relationship of respect, compassion, and sensitivity

June 20, 2017
Martin, James, 1960- author.
150 pages ; 19 cm
Why I'm writing -- A two-way bridge -- Biblical passages for meditation and reflection -- A prayer when I feel rejected.
The New York Times bestselling author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything and Jesus: A Pilgrimage turns his attention to the relationship between LGBT Catholics and the Church in this loving, inclusive, and revolutionary book. On the day after the Orlando nightclub shooting, James Martin S.J. posted a video on Facebook in which he called for solidarity with our LGBT brothers and sisters. "The largest mass shooting in US history took place at a gay club and the LGBT community has been profoundly affected," he began. He then implored his fellow Catholics—and people everywhere—to "stand not only with the people of Orlando but also with their LGBT brothers and sisters." A powerful call for tolerance, acceptance, and support—and a reminder of Jesus' message for us to love one another—Father Martin's post went viral and was viewed more than 1.6 million times.Now, Martin expands on his reflections in this moving and inspiring book, offering a powerful, loving, and much-needed voice in a time marked by anger, prejudice, and divisiveness. Adapted from an address he gave to New Ways Ministry, a group that ministers to and advocates for LGBT Catholics, Building a Bridge provides a roadmap for repairing and strengthening the bonds that unite all of us as God's children. Martin uses the image of a two-way bridge to enable LGBT Catholics and Church leaders to come together in a call to end the "us" versus "them" mentality. Turning to the Catechism, he draws on the three criteria at the heart of the Christian ministry—"respect, compassion, and sensitivity"—as a model for how the Catholic Church should relate to the LGBT community. -- Provided by publisher.

10 messages your angels want you to know

June 20, 2017
Virtue, Doreen, 1958- author.
Carlsbad : Hay House, Inc., 2017.
xvi, 123 pages ; 23 cm
The waking dream: a message about your true identity -- Why 2+2=3: a message about free will -- Awakening together: a message about your relationships -- Spiritual perfection: a message about forgiveness -- Your four bodies: a message about healing -- The gift of surrender: a message about letting go -- God is happiness: a message about answered prayers -- The light of awakening: a message about choices -- Peaceful excitement: a message about real fulfillment -- The "prize" of life: a message about lasting fulfillment.
The angels, including Archangel Michael, provide healing words that will help you to understand some of life's mysteries, heal from emotional and physical pain, and make crucial life decisions. Each of the 10 chapters in this book by Doreen Virtue features a message from Heaven to help you to understand what's going on in your life, and to support you, and help you to feel safe, secure, peaceful, and happy. The angels wish to hold your hand and help you over the hurdles that have kept you from realizing your dreams--until now!

The Koran in English : a biography

June 19, 2017
Lawrence, Bruce B., author.
Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2017]
xxviii, 247 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
Preface -- 1. Muhammad and revelation -- 2. The orientalist Koran -- 3. The South Asian Koran -- 4. The virtual Koran and beyond -- 5. The Koran up close -- 6. The politics of Koran translation -- 7. The graphic Koran -- Conclusion -- Acknowledgments -- Appendix: Koran translations in English -- Notes -- Index.
For millions of Muslims, the Qur'an is sacred only in Arabic, the original Arabic in which it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in the seventh century; to many Arab and non-Arab believers alike, the book literally defies translation. Yet English translations exist and are growing, in both number and importance. Bruce Lawrence tells the remarkable story of the ongoing struggle to render the Qur'an's lyrical verses into English--and to make English itself an Islamic language. The "Koran" in English revisits the life of Muhammad and the origins of the Qur'an before recounting the first translation of the book into Latin by a non-Muslim: Robert of Ketton's twelfth-century version paved the way for later ones in German and French, but it was not until the eighteenth century that George Sale's influential English version appeared. Lawrence explains how many of these early translations, while part of a Christian agenda to "know the enemy," often revealed grudging respect for their Abrahamic rival. British expansion in the modern era produced an anomaly: fresh English translations--from the original Arabic--not by Arabs or non-Muslims but by South Asian Muslim scholars. The first book to explore the complexities of this translation saga, The "Koran" in English also looks at cyber Korans, versions by feminist translators, and now a graphic Koran, the American Qur'an created by the acclaimed visual artist Sandow Birk.

Mythology : timeless tales of gods and heroes

June 19, 2017
Hamilton, Edith, 1867-1963.
New York : Grand Central Pub., 2011.
495 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm
Originally published: Boston : Little, Brown, ©1942.
Includes index.
Introduction to classical mythology -- Gods, the creation, and the earliest heroes -- Stories of love and adventure -- Great heroes before the Trojan War -- Heroes of the Trojan War -- Great families of mythology -- Less important myths -- Mythology of the Norsemen -- Genealogical tables.
Monsters, mortals, gods, and warriors: From Odysseus's adventure-filled journey to the Norse god Odin's effort to postpone the final day of doom, Edith Hamilton's classic collection not only retells these stories with brilliant clarity but shows us how the ancients saw their own place in the world and how their themes echo in our consciousness today.

Me, myself, and lies

June 16, 2017
Rothschild, Jennifer, 1963-
Eugene, Oregon : Harvest House Publishers, [2017]
211 pages ; 22 cm
The life-changing power of soul talk -- Not so well with my soul -- Renewing your thought closet -- Choosing wise words -- Speaking truth to your issues -- Seven things to say to your soul -- Tune in: awake, my soul -- Look up: hope in God, my soul -- Calm down: I have stilled and quieted my soul -- Look back: forget not his benefits, o my soul -- Chill out: be at rest, o my soul -- Press on: march on, o my soul -- Lift up: praise the lord, o my soul.

As a man thinketh

June 16, 2017
Allen, James, 1864-1912, author.
New York, New York : Chartwell Books, [2015]
xiii, 66 pages ; 19 cm
Includes introduction by Angelo John Lewis.
Thought and character -- Effect of thought on circumstances -- Effect of thought on health and the body -- Thought and purpose -- The thought-factor in achievement -- Visions and ideals -- Serenity.

The art of living : peace and freedom in the here and now

June 14, 2017
Nĥát Hạnh, Thích, author.
New York, NY : HarperOne, [2017]
ix, 206 pages ; 21 cm
Emptiness: the wonder of interbeing -- Signlessness: a cloud never dies -- Aimlessness: resting in God -- Impermanence: now is the time -- Non-craving: you have enough -- Letting go: set yourself free -- Nirvana is now -- Time to live -- A path of happiness -- The five mindfulness trainings.
Offers a guide to the art of living in mindfulness, consisting of seven meditations intended to help readers live lives that are happy, peaceful, active, and free of fear in the face of death.

As my parents age : reflections on life, love, and change

June 14, 2017
Ruchti, Cynthia, author.
Franklin, TN : Worthy Publishing, [2017].
285 pages ; 20 cm

KJV standard lesson commentary.

June 13, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio : Standard Publishing Co.
v. : ill., maps ; 28 cm.
Contains scripture from the "King James version." Lessons based on the International Sunday school lessons.

The Oxford dictionary of saints

June 13, 2017
Farmer, David Hugh.
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2011.
xxiii, 496 pages : maps ; 20 cm.
Provides information about the lives of saints, arranged alphabetically by Christian name up to 1500 and by surname after that date; including all English saints, saints who inspired a notable cult, significant saints of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and saints who are important to the history of the Christian church.

The hidden school : return of the peaceful warrior

June 12, 2017
Millman, Dan, author.
New York : North Star Way, 2017.
294 pages ; 21 cm
A book in the desert -- The master of Taishan forest -- Stones, roots, water.
"In the ... conclusion to the ... Peaceful Warrior saga, Dan Millman takes readers on an epic spiritual quest across the world as he searches for the link between everyday life and transcendent possibility. Dan moves from Honolulu to the Mojave Desert, and from a bustling Asian city to a secluded forest, shadowed by a mysterious adversary, until he uncovers the mystery of the hidden school. Whle traversing continents, Dan unveils lessons hidden in plain sight -insights pointing the way to an inspired life in the eternal present" --Dust jacket.

The Jewish wedding now

June 12, 2017
Diamant, Anita, author.
New York, NY : Scribner, 2017.
xxi, 224 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Newly revised and updated, the definitive guide to planning a Jewish wedding, written by bestselling novelist Anita Diamant--author of The Red Tent and The Boston Girl--and one of the most respected writers of guides to contemporary Jewish life. This complete, easy-to-use guide explains everything you need to know to plan your own Jewish wedding in today's ever-changing world where the very definition of what constitutes a Jewish wedding is up for discussion. With enthusiasm and flair, Anita Diamant provides choices for every stage of a wedding--including celebrations before and after the ceremony itself--providing both traditional and contemporary options. She explains the Jewish tradition of love and marriage with references drawn from Biblical, Talmudic, and mystical texts and stories. She guides you step by step through planning the ceremony and the party that follows--from finding a rabbi and wording the invitation to organizing a processional and hiring a caterer. Samples of wedding invitations and ketubot (marriage contracts) are provided for inspiration and guidance, as well as poems that can be incorporated into the wedding ceremony or party and a variety of translations of traditional texts. "There is no such thing as a generic Jewish wedding," writes Anita Diamant, "no matter what the rabbi tells you, no matter what the caterer tells you, no matter what your mother tells you." Complete, authoritative, and indispensable, The Jewish Wedding Now provides personalized options--some new, some old--to create a wedding that combines spiritual meaning and joyous celebration and reflects your individual values and beliefs.

How to be a Muslim : an American story

June 9, 2017
Moghul, Haroon, author.
Boston : Beacon Press, [2017].
231 pages ; 22 cm
You go to sleep, and you wake up dead -- How the hell the apple fell -- Linda was a cheerleader -- Judge none choose one -- Catholic girls -- Hi, I'm not a Christian -- Which of these two land cruisers will you deny? -- And shams is the sun -- "Are you there, Muhammas? It's me God. -- A planet called Medina -- The Fanafel philosophy -- You think you need to get married -- Between the dome of the rock and a hard place -- Wake me up when September ends -- Make it look like you're working -- The gravedigger said -- The late, great mosque of Córdoba -- How to be an idiot -- The bigamist -- Emirate state of mind -- Jet engine oven -- Matthew and son -- Who shot the Shatri -- Gazi Husrev begging the question -- Muslim prefers Virgin.
A young Muslim leader’s memoir of his struggles to forge an American Muslim identity.

The crucible of Islam

June 9, 2017
Bowersock, G. W. (Glen Warren), 1936- author.
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2017.
220 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm
The Arabian kingdom of Abraha -- Arab paganism in late antiquity -- Late antique Mecca -- Ethiopia and Arabia -- The Persians in Jerusalem -- Muhammad and Medina -- Interregnum of the four caliphs -- A new dispensation -- The Dome of the Rock.
Little is known about Arabia in the sixth century CE. Yet from this distant time and place emerged a faith and an empire that stretched from the Iberian peninsula to India. Today, Muslims account for nearly a quarter of the global population. G. W. Bowersock seeks to illuminate this most obscure and yet most dynamic period in the history of Islam--from the mid-sixth to mid-seventh century--exploring why arid Arabia proved to be such fertile ground for Muhammad's prophetic message, and why that message spread so quickly to the wider world. In Muhammad's time Arabia stood at the crossroads of great empires, a place where Christianity, Judaism, and local polytheistic traditions vied for adherents. Mecca, Muhammad's birthplace, belonged to the part of Arabia recently conquered by the Ethiopian Christian king Abraha. But Ethiopia lost western Arabia to Persia following Abraha's death, while the death of the Byzantine emperor in 602 further destabilized the region. Within this chaotic environment, where lands and populations were traded frequently among competing powers and belief systems, Muhammad began winning converts to his revelations. In a troubled age, his followers coalesced into a powerful force, conquering Palestine, Syria, and Egypt and laying the groundwork of the Umayyad Caliphate. The crucible of Islam remains an elusive vessel. Although we may never grasp it firmly, Bowersock offers the most detailed description of its contours and the most compelling explanation of how one of the world's great religions took shape.-- Provided by publisher


June 9, 2017
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo, author.
New York : The Modern Library, 2017.
484 pages ; 22 cm

The heart of centering prayer : nondual Christianity in theory and practice

June 2, 2017
Bourgeault, Cynthia, author.
Boulder : Shambhala, 2016.
x, 239 pages ; 21 cm
Getting (Re)oriented -- Intention is everything -- Choosing a sacred word -- Mechanics of sitting -- Putting it all together -- Handling thoughts during centering prayer -- Putting on the mind of Christ -- Fruits of centering prayer -- What is nonduality? -- Way of the heart -- Centering prayer and attention of the heart -- Centering prayer as witnessing practice -- Further to Simeon the new theolgian -- Centering prayer : perspectives from the neurosciences -- Cloud of unknowing revisited (Centering into the cloud ; Objectless awareness ; Nothing but God (cloud 3) -- Heart of the cloud (cloud 5 and 6) -- Jousting with thoughts (Cloud 7) -- Art of contemplation (Cloud 8) -- Mystery of love (Cloud 13 -23) -- Sorrow of being (Cloud 43-44) -- Elastic universe (Cloud 4)
"Centering Prayer is the path to a wonderful and radical new way of seeing the world. It is not, as is sometimes thought, simply an act of devotional piety, nor is it simply a Christianized form of other meditation methods. Cynthia Bourgeault here cuts through the misconceptions to show that Centering Prayer is in fact a pioneering development within the Christian contemplative tradition. She provides a practical, complete course in the practice and then goes deeper to analyze what actually happens in Centering Prayer: the mind effectively switches to a new operating system that makes possible the perception of nonduality. With this understanding in place, she then takes us on a journey through one of the sources of the practice, the Christian contemplative classic The Cloud of Unknowing, revealing it to be among the earliest Christian explorations of the phenomenology of consciousness. Cynthia Bourgeault’s illumination of the Centering Prayer path provides compelling evidence of how important the practice has become in the half-century since it first arose among American Trappist monks, and of its maturation and refinement over the ensuing years of sincere study and practice. It will resonate with beginners on the Centering Prayer path as well as with seasoned practitioners" --Back cover.

The message of the Qurʼan : the full account of the revealed Arabic text accompanied by parallel transliteration

June 1, 2017
Bristol, England : Book Foundation, 2003.
xxiii, 1164 pages : color illustrations ; 30 cm
Transliterated by Dr. Ahmed Moustafa.
|6880-01 "First published without transliteration 1980"--Title page verso.

Consecration and 80th anniversary Holy Trinity - St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, November 7-8, 1987.

June 1, 2017
Greek Orthodox Church of Holy Trinity - St. Nicholas (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Cincinnati, Ohio : The Church, [1987?]
260 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 32 cm

Discover your destiny

May 30, 2017
Evans, Tony, 1949- author.
Eugene, Oregon : Harvest House Publishers, [2013]
199 pages ; 22 cm
Includes "Questions for discussion and personal reflection" (pages 183-189).
"Let God use you like he made you"--Cover.
Importance of your destiny -- Concept -- Kingdom -- Rationale -- Completeness -- Intention -- Ingredients of your destiny -- Passion -- Vision -- Giftedness -- Experience -- Intersections -- Imperatives of your destiny -- Commitment -- Development -- Worship -- Glory -- Future.

Finding God's blessings in brokenness : how pain reveals his deepest love

May 30, 2017
Stanley, Charles F, author.
Grand Rapids, Michigan : Zondervan, [2017]
vii, 152 pages : color illustrations ; 19 cm
"Life brings so many hardships, from failed marriages to lost jobs, from health crises to broken relationships. How can we stay strong in our faith in spite of these obstacles? ... Perhaps you've already experienced circumstances so shattering that you may wonder if it's even possible to pick up the pieces. And maybe you can't. But God can -and the good news is He wants to reassemble the shards of your life into a wholeness that comes only from Him" --Back cover.

Start with amen : how I learned to surrender by keeping the end in mind

May 30, 2017
Guckenberger, Beth, 1972- author.
Nashville : W Publishing Group, [2017].
xx, 207 pages ; 22 cm
So be it: the posture of amen -- Position of proximity: the benefit of amen -- Breaking up fallow ground: the restoration of amen -- Sleepng with the frog: the barriers to amen -- Climbing the mountain: the first steps to amen -- Sin is crouching at my door: the challenge of amen -- Burn the ships: the opposite of amen -- Mephibosheth and a generous king: the confidence of amen -- It's better to give away a life than to build one: the lifestyle of amen -- In the name of Jesus, back away: the bolness of amen -- The rebuilding of walls and ruins: the results of amen -- Dear Jesus: the community of amen.
"Throughout the centuries, Christian tradition has taught us to end prayers with amen. But the Bible is full of stories and passages where God's people started their prayers with amen. Why? As Beth Guckenberger shows, amen is more than just a way to punctuate a conversation with the God of the Universe. Amen is a declaration of who God is and who we are in relation to him. It is a moment of submission and worship, saying "So be it" to a Sovereignty that holds all things, and acknowledging 'It is as you say' to him who holds our lives" --Back cover.

Objects of devotion : religion in early America

May 26, 2017
Manseau, Peter, author.
© 2017
vii, 251 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 26 cm
New England -- The Mid-Atlantic -- The South -- Beyond the borders.

The littlest suffering souls : children whose short lives point us to Christ

May 26, 2017
Ruse, Austin, author.
Charlotte, NC : TAN Books, 2017.
xix, 132 pages, 12 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Little suffering souls in history -- Little Nellie of holy God -- Venerable Antonietta Meo -- Mary Ann Long -- Blessed be pain, sanctified be pain -- Brendan of Great Falls -- Margaret of McLean -- Audrey of La Celle Saint Cloud -- Lessons of the littlest suffering souls.

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