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April 26, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Neuvieme discours de Monsieur l'abbé Fleury sur les libertez de l'Eglise gallicane.

April 25, 2018
Fleury, Claude, 1640-1723.
[France?] : [Producer not identified], [1690-1730?]
123 pages, 13 blank end pages ; 24 cm
Copy in Genealogy & Local History Department, Cincinnati Room, is handwritten manuscript bound in vellum. Stored in a beige, cloth-covered clamshell box (27 x 19 x 4 cm).
"J. Mosely Stark, 10 King William Street, Strand, London, W.C."--Inside front cover.

Born with wings : the spiritual journey of a modern Muslim woman

April 25, 2018
Khan, Daisy, author.
New York : Spiegel & Grau, [2018]
x, 351 pages ; 24 cm

The pope who would be king : the exile of Pius IX and the emergence of modern Europe

April 25, 2018
Kertzer, David I., 1948- author.
xxx, 474 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
Part one: The beloved -- The conclave -- The fox and the crow -- An impossible dilemma -- Papal magic -- The tide turns -- Fending off disaster -- The assassination -- The escape -- Part two: The reviled -- The reactionary turn -- Revolution -- Pressuring the Pope -- The friendly army -- The French attack -- Negotiating in bad faith -- Battling for Rome -- The conquest -- The occupation -- Part thee: The feared -- Applying the brakes -- Louis Napoleon and the Pope -- The unpopular Pope -- "Those wicked enemies of God" -- Returning to Rome -- Epilogue.
Days after his prime minister was assassinated in the middle of Rome in November 1848, Pope Pius IX found himself a virtual prisoner in his own palace. Only two years earlier Pius's election had triggered a wave of optimism across Italy: he was seen as a youthful, benevolent new pope who would at last bring the Papal States into modern times and help create a new, unified Italian nation. Kertzer documents the story of the violent revolution that signaled the end of the political power of the popes and resulted in the emergence of modern Europe.

The Koran

April 25, 2018
xix, 443 pages ; 20 cm.
Includes index.
"Extensively revised edition, published with additional notes 2014"--T.p. verso.
The Koran is universally accepted by Muslims to be the infallible Word of God as first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel fourteen hundred years ago. Its 114 chapters, or surahs, recount the narratives central to Muslim belief, and together they form one of the world's most influential prophetic works and a literary masterpiece in its own right. But, above all, the Koran provides the rules of conduct that remain fundamental to the Muslim faith today: prayer, fasting, pilgrimage to Mecca and absolute faith in God.

The blessing of a skinned knee : using Jewish teachings to raise self-reliant children

April 23, 2018
Mogel, Wendy, 1951-
New York : Scribner, 2008.
304 pages ; 22 cm
Parents' discussion guide: p. 289-304.
How I lost one faith and found another -- The blessing of acceptance : discovering your unique and ordinary child -- The blessing of having someone to look up to : honoring mother and father -- The blessing of a skinned knee : why God doesn't want you to overprotect your child -- The blessing of longing : teaching your child an attitude of gratitude -- The blessing of work : finding the holy sparks in ordinary chores -- The blessing of food : bringing moderation, celebration, and santification to your table -- The blessing of self-control : channeling your child's yetzer hara -- The blessing of time : teaching your child the value of the present moment -- The blessings of faith and tradition : losing your fear of the g word and introducing your child to spirituality.
"In the trenches of a typical day, every parent encounters a child afflicted with ingratitude and entitlement. In a world where material abundance abounds, parents want so badly to raise self-disciplined, appreciative, and resourceful children who are not spoiled by the plentitude around them. But how to accomplish this feat? The answer has eluded the best-intentioned mothers and fathers who overprotect, overindulge, and overschedule their children's lives. Dr. Mogel helps parents learn how to turn their children's worst traits into their greatest attributes. Starting with stories of everyday parenting problems and examining them through the lens of the Torah, the Talmud, and important Jewish teachings, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee shows parents how to teach children to honor their parents and to respect others, escape the danger of overvaluing children's need for self-expression so that their kids don't become "little attorneys," accept that their children are both ordinary and unique, and treasure the power and holiness of the present moment. It is Mogel's singular achievement that she makes these teachings relevant for any era and any household of any faith. A unique parenting book, designed for use both in the home and in parenting classes, with an on-line teaching guide to help facilitate its use, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee is both inspiring and effective in the day-to-day challenge of raising self-reliant children."--Amazon.

Fierce marriage : radically pursuing each other in light of Christ's relentless love

April 20, 2018
Frederick, Ryan, 1983- author.
Grand Rapids, Michigan : Baker Books, 2018.
236 pages ; 22 cm

We are Jewish faces

April 20, 2018
Darvick, Debra B., author.
Springfield, NJ ; Jerusalem : Apples & Honey Press, an imprint of Behrman House and Gefen Publishing House, [2018]
1 volume unpaged : color illustrations ; 26 cm
"Adapted with permission from I Love Jewish Faces, published in 2009 by URJ Press"--E-CIP title page verso.
"We are brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends. We are smiling, laughing, crying, cheering. We are all ages, colors, lifestyles, and abilities. We are the face of Jewish life today"--back cover.

Winning the worry battle : life lessons from the book of Joshua

April 19, 2018
Roose, Barbara L., author.
Nashville : Abingdon Press, [2018]
x, 229 pages ; 22 cm

The wonder years : 40 women over 40 on aging, faith, beauty, and strength

April 19, 2018
231 pages ; 22 cm
Lasts. Never again--period! / Shelly Wildman ; Leaving the night behind / Julie Owens ; I renounce snap judgments--again / Jeanne Murray Walker ; Make no mistake / Shannon Ethridge ; The fetters and freedom of family / Amy F. Davis Abdallah ; No more comparing / Andrea Stephens ; The gift of regret / Michelle Van Loon ; Learn when to stop / Luci Swindoll ; Skin blotches and jiggly thighs / Margot Starbuck ; Life in high def / Nancy Stafford ; I lay down my doubts, I take up my pen / Leslie Leyland Fields ; Pay attention to what makes you cry / Jennifer Grant ; Enough of not enough / Suanne Camfield ; The grace to be diminished / Win Couchman --
"We're all getting older. How do we make the second half of our lives the best half? Forty incredible women of faith from 40 to 85 tackle aging anxieties head-on--and upend them with compelling first person stories full of humor, sass, and spiritual wisdom. In three thematic sections--Firsts, Lasts, and Always--these women provide much-needed role models for aging honestly, beautifully, and faithfully, with surprises all along the way. These are indeed the wonder years"--Back cover.

Everyday holy : finding a big God in the little moments : 100 devotions

April 18, 2018
Shankle, Melanie, author.
222 pages : 21 cm
"It is a rite of passage for every woman: the day you wake up and say, "Wait, THIS is the life I signed up for?!?" We've all been there---Melanie Shankle is just brave enough to say it out loud. Everyday Holy is your invitation to reexamine your life and find the beautiful little pieces that create a picture of a beautiful big God"--Amazon.

ESV Archaeology Study Bible : English Standard Version.

April 18, 2018
Wheaton, Illinois : Crossway Books c2017.
xxii, 2023 pages : color illustrations, color maps, ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
"The ESV Archaeology Study Bible roots the biblical text in its historical and cultural context, offering readers a framework for better understanding the people, places, and events recorded in Scripture. With editorial oversight from Dr. John Currid (PhD, University of Chicago) and Dr. David Chapman (PhD, University of Cambridge), as well as contributions from a team of field-trained archaeologists, the Archaeology Study Bible assembles a range of modern scholarship--pairing the biblical text with over 2,000 study notes, 400 full-color photographs, 200 maps and diagrams, 200 sidebars, 15 articles, and 4 timelines."

Christ from beginning to end : how the full story of scripture reveals the full glory of Christ

April 18, 2018
Hunter, Trent, 1981- author.
Grand Rapids, Michigan : Zondervan, [2018]
279 pages ; 22 cm
"Christ from Beginning to End is written to help Christians understand better how every part of Scripture fits together to reveal the glory of Christ Jesus. In Part 1, Wellum and Hunter reintroduce us to the Bible—what it is, how it comes to us, and what it's centrally about. Then, in Part 2, they walk from one side of the Bible's story to the other, carefully tracing the Bible's storyline from Genesis to Revelation. As readers see how our triune God's plan unfolds through his covenants, they will be equipped for a lifetime of seeing Christ's glory in Scripture."--Inside dust jacket.

Theology of the body for beginners : a basic introduction to Pope John Paul II's sexual revolution

April 18, 2018
West, Christopher, 1969-
West Chester, Pa. : Ascension Press, ©2009.
ix, 155 pages ; 22 cm
What is the theology of the body? -- Before the fig leaves : God's original plan for the body -- The entrance of the fig leaves : the effects of sin and the redemption of the body -- Beyond the fig leaves : the resurrection of the body -- Celibacy for the kingdom: a marriage made in heaven -- Marriage as a divine gift -- Marriage as a human sign of God's love -- Theology in the bedroom : a liberating sexual morality -- Sharing the theology of the body in a "new evangelization."
"According to Pope John Paul II, if we live according to the true meaning of our sexuality, we "fulfill the very meaning of [our] being and existence." The human body is a "theology" because it is meant to be a sign of God's own life and love in the world. With clarity and precision, Christopher West unpacks John Paul II's Theology of the Body, translating it into a language everyone can understand"--Amazon.

The darkening age : the Christian destruction of the classical world

April 17, 2018
Nixey, Catherine, author.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018.
xxxv, 315 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, map ; 24 cm
The invisible army -- The battleground of demons -- Wisdom is foolishness -- "On the small number of martyrs" -- These deranged men -- The most magnificent building in the world -- To despise the temples -- How to destroy a demon -- The reckless ones -- To drink from the cup of devils -- To cleanse the error of demons -- Carpe diem -- They that forsake the way of God -- To obliterate the tyranny of joy -- "Merciful savagery" -- "A time of tyranny and crisis."
Offers a history of the rise of Christianity in the classical world that focuses on its terrible cost, in terms of violence and dogmatic intolerance, that helped bring upon the dark ages.

Loving him well : practical advice on influencing your husband

April 16, 2018
Thomas, Gary (Gary Lee), author.
281 pages ; 22 cm
Previously published in 2006 as Sacred Influence.
"In Loving Him Well, Gary Thomas builds on concepts from his bestselling book Sacred Marriage to reveal the inner workings of a man's heart and mind. He delves into Scriptures that help women gain biblical insight to influence their husbands. Exploring the research of neuroscientists, trained counselors, and abuse victim advocates, Gary also interviews dozens of wives to find what has worked and what hasn't as they've sought to build the best marriage possible. In this newly updated version of Sacred Influence, Gary Thomas outlines practical applications you can begin using today, with study questions at the end of each chapter."

Godsong : a verse translation of the Bhagavad-Gita, with commentary

April 12, 2018
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2018.
xxxvii, 210 pages ; 22 cm
"This is a Borzoi book."
Arjuna despairs -- Samkhya -- Karma -- Renounce through knowledge -- Renounce through works -- Concentrate -- Know and discern -- Brahman the imperishable -- Royal wisdom, royal secret -- Expansive glories -- Envision the universal form -- Devote yourself -- The field and the knower of the field -- Tell apart the three Gunas -- The highest human godhood -- Tell the divine from the demonic inheritance -- Tell apart the three kinds of faith -- Free yourself through renunciation -- Listener's guides to sessions 1-18.
"A fresh, strikingly immediate and elegant verse translation of the classic, with an introduction and helpful guides to each section, by the rising American poet. Born in the United States into a secularized Hindu family, Amit Majmudar puzzled over the many religious traditions on offer, and found that the Bhagavad Gita had much to teach him with its "song of multiplicities." Chief among them is that "its own assertions aren't as important as the relationships between its characters. The Gita imagined a relationship in which the soul and God are equals"; it is, he believes, "the greatest poem of friendship. in any language." His verse translation captures the many tones and strategies Krishna uses with Arjuna--strict and berating, detached and philosophical, tender and personable. "Listening guides" to each section follow the main text, and expand in accessible terms on the text and what is happening between the lines. Godsong is an instant classic in the field, from a poet of skill, fine intellect, and--perhaps most important--devotion"-- Provided by publisher.

The testimony of three who bear witness in earth, on the fact and mode of purification: : a sermon, delivered in Lebanon, Ohio, August 19, 1827.

April 12, 2018
Wilson, Joshua Lacy, 1774-1846.
Cincinnati: : Printed by Morgan, Fisher, and L'Hommedieu, 1827.
14, [2] p. ; 24 cm.
Last page blank.
"Sold by E.H. Flint, bookseller, corner of Fifth and Walnut Streets, south side of Upper Market, Cincinnati. Price, --12 1/2 cents, single;--$1 per dozen;--$9 per gross. Note.--$8 per gross, to clergymen, who purchase for the use of their congregations."--Page [15].
Sermon given by J.L. Wilson, the first minister at Cincinnati's First Presbyterian Church.

The Talmud : a biography

April 11, 2018
Wimpfheimer, Barry S.
x, 299 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm

Praying for our adult sons and daughters : placing them in the heart of God

April 11, 2018
Boucher, John J., 1948-
Frederick, Md. : Word Among Us Press, ©2012.
180 pages ; 21 cm
Praying for God's love -- Praying for wisdom -- Praying for hopeful acceptance -- Praying for forgiveness -- Praying for patient trust -- Praying for the spiritual lives of our adult children -- Praying when our adult children are in danger -- Praying for a sense of vocation for our adult children -- Praying for the eternal happiness of our adult children -- Praying for one another's children.

Everybody always : becoming love in a world full of setbacks and difficult people

April 10, 2018
Goff, Bob, author.
ix, 230 pages ; 22 cm
Creepy people -- Meeting Carol -- Love everybody, always -- The yellow truck -- Limo driver -- Skydiving -- A day at the museum -- The pizza place -- From the lighthouse window -- Three green lights -- Last one, best one -- Three minutes at a time -- Karl's dive -- Land the plane -- A welcome from Walter -- What grace costs -- My bucket - Croc drop -- Be. Not. Afraid. -- Witch doctors and witness stands -- Randy's skill -- Kabi -- Where do you want to go? -- Graduation day.

Living a life you love : embracing the adventure of being led by the Holy Spirit

April 9, 2018
Meyer, Joyce, 1943- author.
New York : Faith Words, 2018.
xiii, 210 pages ; 24 cm
Loving life begins with Loving God: God has an amazing plan for you ; "This moment is the most important one you have" ; Refuse to let fear determine your destiny ; The power of grace ; Don't poison the present with the past ; Count your blessings -- Love yourself and you will love your life: Give yourself a break ; "A little thing that makes a big difference" ; Let's get spontaneous ; Enjoy the season you're in ; Rediscover your life ; See every day as an opportunity ; The five-minute rule ; Live every day like it's your last ; Be the you God created you to be -- Love other people and you will love your life: The power of love ; Build the right environment ; Rediscover the joy of relationships ; The rewarding result of sacrifice -- Afterword.
Encourages readers to shift their perspectives on their day-to-day experiences so that they can learn to love every moment in life and accept the happiness that is promised by God.

The path between us : an Enneagram journey to healthy relationships

April 9, 2018
Stabile, Suzanne, author.
Downers Grove, Illinois : IVP Books, an imprint of InterVarsity Press, [2018]
190 pages : illustration ; 22 cm
Introduction -- 8s : vulnerability is not weakness -- 9s : risking conflict for connection -- 1s : things could always be better -- 2s : your feelings or mine? -- 3s : being everyone but myself -- 4s : go away but don't leave -- 5s : my fences have gates -- 6s : question everything -- 7s : it's all good -- Conclusion.
"Suzanne Stabile's new book on the nine Enneagram types and how they behave and experience relationships will guide readers into deeper insights about themselves, their types, and others' personalities so that they can have healthier, more life-giving relationships"--Back cover.

Grateful : the transformative power of giving thanks

April 5, 2018
Bass, Diana Butler, 1959- author.
San Francisco : HarperOne, [2018]
xxxi, 224 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Confession: no thanks -- Me: emotions-gifts and thanks -- Feeling grateful -- Heart matters -- Me: ethics-awareness & practice -- Habits of gratitude -- Intentional practice -- We: emotion-joy & celebration -- Grateful together -- Public gratitude -- We: ethics-community & politics -- The grateful society -- Circles of thanks -- Call: a grateful way.

A prophet with honor : the Billy Graham story

April 5, 2018
Martin, William C. (William Curtis), 1937- author.
825 pages, 28 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Originally published in 1991.
Part 1: Genesis -- Mr. Graham goes to Washington -- A great cloud of witnesses -- Part 2: America's sensational young evangelist (1918-1949) -- Billy Frank -- The boy preacher -- Ruth -- "Geared to the times, anchored to the rock" -- The canvas cathedral -- Part 3: "From vict'ry unto vict'ry (1950-1960) -- Evangelism incorporated -- Principalities and powers -- Trust and obey -- Harringay -- Field white unto harvest -- New evangelicals, old fundamentalists -- God in the garden -- Reaping the whirlwind -- Unto the uttermost parts of the earth -- Part 4: The kingdoms of the world and their glory (1960-1974) -- Election and free will -- The Kennedy years -- Billy and Lyndon -- Second comings -- Dreams and wars -- Nixon revived -- The power and the glory -- "Billy, you stay out of politics" -- A ministry of reconciliation -- Vietnam and Watergate -- Part 5: Keeping the faith (1974-1990) -- Lausanne -- Higher ground -- A crack in the curtain -- The preacher and the bear -- Tribulation and triumph -- Amsterdam -- The constituted means -- Decently and in order -- The Bible [still] says -- What manner of man? -- "To the ends of the earth" -- Part 6: Finishing the course (the final years) -- The work of an evangelist -- "Guard what has been entrusted to you" -- "Having faithful children" -- The last days.
Chronicles Graham's ascent from revivalist preacher to world-renowned evangelist and discusses Graham's changing views, his relationship with world leaders, his professional accomplishments, and his personal life.

Faith : a journey for all

April 4, 2018
Carter, Jimmy, 1924- author.
179 pages ; 22 cm
Meanings of faith -- Acquiring faith -- Religious faith -- Demonstrating our faith -- What faith means to me -- Challenges to faith.
All his life, President Jimmy Carter has been a courageous exemplar of faith. Now he shares the lessons he learned. He writes, "The issue of faith arises in almost every area of human existence, so it is important to understand its multiple meanings. In this book, my primary goal is to explore the broader meaning of faith, its far-reaching effect on our lives, and its relationship to past, present, and future events in America and around the world. The religious aspects of faith are also covered, since this is how the word is most often used, and I have included a description of the ways my faith has guided and sustained me, as well as how it has challenged and driven me to seek a closer and better relationship with people and with God."

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