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September 28, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The billionaire from her past

September 27, 2016
Ashton, Leah, author.
Don Mills, Ont. : Harlequin, 2016.
252 p. ; 17 cm.
"Larger print" --Back cover.
Mila Molyneax had always harboured a secret crush on her childhood friend Sebastian Fyfe-until he married another woman. She buried her feelings and moved on, knowing it was best for everyone...

A song to take the world apart

September 26, 2016
Romanoff, Zan, author.
310 pages ; 22 cm
"Hanging out with Chris was supposed to make Lorelei's life normal. He's cooler, he's older, and he's in a band, which means he can teach her about the music that was forbidden in her house growing up. Her grandmother told her when she was little that she was never allowed to sing, but listening to someone else do it is probably harmless--right? The more she listens, though, the more keenly she can feel her own voice locked up in her throat, and how she longs to use it. And as she starts exploring the power her grandmother never wanted her to discover, influencing Chris and everyone around her, the foundations of Lorelei's life start to crumble. There's a reason the women in her family never want to talk about what their voices can do. And a reason Lorelei can't seem to stop herself from singing anyway."--Provided by publisher.

The Cat King of Havana

September 26, 2016
Kreicbergs, Toms, 1985- author.
354 pages ; 22 cm
A sixteen-year-old Cuban American joins a salsa class to meet a girl, then invites her to spend the summer with his family in Havana. They investigate his mother's reasons for leaving Cuba decades earlier, learning about the impact politics can have on individual lives.

Diplomatic immunity

September 26, 2016
Ashton, Brodi, author.
352 pages ; 22 cm
"A seventeen-year-old aspiring reporter decides to write a scathing exposé on an elite Washington, D.C., private school, but her life changes when her subject comes to her for help"-- Provided by publisher.

When they fade

September 26, 2016
Roberts, Jeyn, author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, [2016]
345 pages ; 22 cm
"Brutally murdered in the early 1970s, Molly can fade back to earth for a few fleeting moments as teenage hitchiker who can see the future. When Tatum, bullied at school and dumped by her best friend, picks up Molly and hears 'You're going to die. It will hurt and you'll be alone. And no one will help you', Tatum and Molly must figure out how to help the other in order to save themselves"-- Provided by publisher.

A lady unrivaled

September 26, 2016
White, Roseanna M., 1982- author.
408 pages ; 22 cm.
Lady Ella Myerston knows of the danger that haunts her brother, and she intends to put an end to it. While visiting her friend Brook, the true owner of the Fire Eyes diamonds, Ella accidentally gets entangled in an attempt to blackmail the dashing, newly reformed Lord Cayton. Will she become the next casualty of the alleged curse?

Devil's gambit

September 26, 2016
Jackson, Lisa, author.
232 pages ; 22 cm
Tiffany Rhodes' horse farm was in trouble long before she met Zane Sheridan, a breeder with a shady reputation. Yet she couldn't help but feel relieved when Sheridan offered to buy her out. Though Tiffany didn't trust him, she was drawn to him like a magnet. What did this mysterious man want from her, and why was he using a gambit with her heart?

Bye bye blondie

September 23, 2016
Despentes, Virginie, 1969- author.
245 pages ; 21 cm
Psychiatric institutions and class difference doom two young lovers from the start in this dark romantic comedy.

Roman crazy : a novel

September 22, 2016
Clayton, Alice, author.
New York : Gallery Books, 2016.
326 pages ; 22 cm
Avery Bardot steps off the plane in Rome, looking for a fresh start. She's left behind a soon-to-be ex-husband in Boston and plans to spend the summer with her best friend Daisy, licking her wounds-- and perhaps a gelato or two. When her American-expat friend throws her a welcome party on her first night, Avery's thrown for a loop when she sees Italian architect Marcello Bianchi-- the man who got away. And now her past is colliding with her present, a present where she should be mourning the loss of her marriage and-- hey, that fettuccine is delicious! And so is Marcello.

The last true love story

September 22, 2016
Kiely, Brendan, 1977- author.
279 pages : map ; 22 cm
"Hendrix and Corrina bust Hendrix's grandfather out of assisted living, and leave LA for New York in pursuit of freedom, truth, and love"-- Provided by publisher.

Black water : a novel

September 21, 2016
Doughty, Louise, 1963- author.
New York : Sarah Crichton Books / Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2016.
344 pages ; 24 cm.
"A literary thriller set in Indonesia about a former mercenary dealing with the consequences of his dark past, and with the real secret of what he did during the massacres of the Communists and ethnic Chinese in 1965"-- Provided by publisher.

Dark horses

September 20, 2016
Von Ziegesar, Cecily, author.
327 pages ; 22 cm
Merritt Wenner has been sent to an equine therapy program where she meets Red--a failed racehorse and a terror in the barn--and begins competitive hunter/jumper riding, finding herself drawn to the groom, Beatrice, and a rival rider, Carvin.

A light in Bailey's Harbor

September 20, 2016
Baker, Bethany, author.
332 pages ; 22 cm
"Katy Kippling has an abundance of personality, or so she was told by a recent male acquaintance. Trying to conform to the etiquette of an 1880&#x;s lady is difficult enough, without adding the challenges of having an abundance of personality. Katy loves the Cana Island Lighthouse, serving her small lakeside town in Bailey&#x;s Harbor, Wisconsin. In the summer of 1880, the new lighthouse keeper arrives. While Katy imagines his stately captain&#x;s beard and noble brow, Blake Strawberry, the new keeper, is quite the opposite. Blake is a young man searching for something to heal the pain and heartaches of his past. By moving west and accepting this new position, he plans to forget all of his painful memories and disappointments. What he hasn't counted on is that the Lord's voice can be heard just as clearly in Wisconsin as in Massachusetts. Throughout the story, another character, Horatio Spafford and his beloved hymn, zIt Is Well With My Soul,y play integral roles in the characters' lives. Will Blake surrender to the message of this song and allow it to change his life, as it has changed the lives of those he loves? Will Katy move beyond her tangible child-like faith, and trust that her Heavenly Father can truly make her soul well, even when she doesn't understand His ways? And will Blake and Katy relinquish the control they have on their own lives, allowing the Lord to work in His time and in His perfect way-understanding that His ways are not always our ways."--Page [4] of cover.

Last chance rebel

September 20, 2016
Yates, Maisey, author.
Don Mils, Ontario : HQN Books, [2016]
376 pages : 17 cm.
"The man who ruined Rebecca Bear's life just strolled back into it with one heck of an offer. Years ago, Gage West's recklessness left Rebecca scarred inside and out. Now he wants to make amends by gifting her the building that houses her souvenir store. Rebecca won't take Gage's charity, but she's willing to make a deal with the sexy, reclusive cowboy. Yet keeping her enemy close is growing dangerously appealing...He's the wild West brother, the bad seed of Copper Ridge. That's why Gage needs the absolution Rebecca offers. He just didn't expect to need her. After years of regretting his past, he knows where his future lies--with this strong, irresistible woman who could make a black sheep come home to stay..."--Page 4 of cover.

The room with the second-best view

September 20, 2016
Smith, Virginia, 1960- author.
Eugene Oregon : Harvest House Publishers, [2016]
219 pages ; 21 cm.
Excitement is in the air in Goose Creek, Kentucky, as the small town prepares to celebrate its 150th anniversary and the veterinarian's upcoming wedding. But trouble is brewing in this provincial paradise... Al Richardson agreed to open a B&B with his wife after his retirement in two years, but Millie secretly invites some guests to stay for the wedding. She plans to be the most gracious Southern hostess--until a tumble down the stairs leaves her unprepared for their quirky and cantankerous first guest.

Rookie move

September 15, 2016
Bowen, Sarina, author.
New York : Berkley Sensation, 2016.
326 pages ; 17 cm
"First in a new series!"--Cover
On the first day he is called up to the newly franchised Brooklyn Bruisers, professional hockey player Leo Trevi gets checked on both sides, first by the team's coach, who holds a long-standing grudge, and then by the team's publicist, his former girlfriend, Georgia Worthington, whom he still loves. Saying goodbye to Leo was one of the hardest things Georgia ever had to do. georgia is determined to keep their relationship strictly professional, but when a press conference microphone catches Leo declaring his feelings for her, things get really personal really fast.

Guardian's mate

September 14, 2016
Ashley, Jennifer, author.
New York : Berkley Sensation, 2016.
326 pages ; 18 cm.
The New York Times bestselling author of White Tiger returns as primal desire draws two lone shifters into each other's arms... She wasn't ready to lead... Chosen as the Guardian of her Montana Shiftertown, wolf Shifter Rae Lyall is facing opposition--for no woman has ever been selected for this powerful position. Still adjusting to the new authority thrust upon her, Rae travels to train with Zander Moncrieff, a Shifter healer, tasked with teaching her about her new role and its responsibilities. He wasn't ready to love... A polar bear Shifter, Zander wears no Collar and follows no rules but his own. Rae finds him arrogant and demanding, yet compelling and intriguing. Zander has no wish to mate but the sassy Guardian is drawing him out of his shell, stirring feelings long suppressed. And when a new threat looms over Rae's home, she and Zander must race to the rescue, forced closer to danger...and to each other.

Midnight Lily

September 14, 2016
Sheridan, Mia, author.
238 pages ; 23 cm.
Includes book club questions.
"Holden Scott is the prince of professional football. At least he was before he lost it all ... or more to the point, before he threw it all away. Now he's out of a job, out of the public's good graces, and perhaps just a little out of his mind. So when a friend offers up his remote lodge in the wilds of Colorado, giving Holden some time away to get his life back on track, he can hardly say no. The last thing he expects is to see a beautiful girl in the woods--one wearing a white, lace dress who appears in the moonlight, and leaves no footprints behind. Is she a dream? A ghost? A product of his muddled imagination? Or something entirely different? Midnight Lily is the haunting love story of two lost souls reaching for each other in the dark. A tale of healing, acceptance, and the worlds we create to protect our own hearts. It is a story of being lost, of being found, and of being in the place between."--Back cover.

Until proven innocent : a novel

September 14, 2016
Kinsey, Carol.
[Place of publication not identified] : Breautumnwood Publishing, c[2014]
269 p. ; 23 cm.
Bethany Young is running from the law. Accused of a murder she didn't commit, Bethany's life is in the hands of one of her accusers. Embarking on an irreversible journey, Deputy Tanner Brenly and Bethany work to unravel the secrets that tangle her life. How can Bethany prove she's innocent when all the evidence points to her? How can she expect Tanner to believe what even she cannot prove? Together, Bethany and Tanner must wait and trust in the Lord until proven innocent.

Her darkest nightmare

September 13, 2016
Novak, Brenda, author.
New York, NY : St Martin's Paperbacks, 2016.
426 pages ; 18 cm
Evelyn Talbot knows that a psychopath can look perfectly normal. She was only sixteen when her own boyfriend Jasper imprisoned and tortured her--and left her for dead. Now an eminent psychiatrist who specializes in the criminal mind, Evelyn is the force behind Hanover House, a maximum-security facility located in a small Alaskan town. Her job puts her at odds with Sergeant Amarok, who is convinced that Hanover is a threat to his community...even as his attraction to beautiful Evelyn contradicts everything he believes.

Like a bee to honey

September 13, 2016
Beckstrand, Jennifer, author.
330 pages ; 17 cm.
Affectionately dubbed The Honeybee Sisters in their Wisconsin Amish community, the three Christner girls are devoted beekeepers who are coming-of-age--and discovering the sweet surprise of love... Shy, skittish Rose Christner is more comfortable tending to the beehives on the family farm and keeping her aunt's unruly cats in line than attending social gatherings with the rest of the die youngie . A childhood trauma and secret shame keep her heart under lock and key, and Rose just can't accept the sweet attention she's receiving from a handsome neighbor. But the more she shies away from Josiah Yoder, the more their families sneakily plot to bring them together. And when a vandal who's been plaguing the Honeybee Farm starts targeting Rose, Josiah's steadfast protection--and patience--just may lead her into his waiting arms...

Playing fast

September 13, 2016
Scott, M. J. (Melanie Joy), 1971- author.
308 pages ; 18 cm
"A New York Saints novel"--Cover.
"Three strikes and he's out...When baseball bad-boy Finn Castro raises one eyebrow too many, the Saints send him down to the minors. He'll have to earn back his major-league dreams with the Sarasota Springs Preachers. Finn's certainly never claimed to be a man of the cloth, and cleaning up his act isn't going to be easy with stunning Eva Harlowe at the heart of the team's administration...Until she throws a curveball. Eva knows having a crush on Finn Castro is about as sensible as wishing for an eighth day of the week, but seeing the gorgeously muscled player in person melts her resolve. If she's planning to leave baseball at the end of the season, a hot fling could be a fantasy home run. But when no-strings sex begins to feel like a perfect partnership, will Finn and Eva choose the love of the game or real life together"--P4 of cover.

She's got a way

September 13, 2016
McGinnis, Maggie, author.
New York : St. Martin's Paperbacks, 2016.
x, 340 pages ; 17 cm
Gabriela O'Brien is devoted to the girls at Briarwood Academy, even when their bad behavior earns them an entire summer at a remote campground in Echo Lake, Vermont. When the headmaster assigns Gabi to be their chaperone, how can she refuse? A long, hot summer with neither indoor plumbing nor wireless access might be just what she needs to get her own life in order, right? Before Briarwood took over Camp Echo, Luke Magellan spent years there helping troubled boys. When four spoiled rich girls and their seemingly uptight den mother show up for the summer, it's hard to hide his amusement as he watches them tackle the great outdoors. But it's even tougher to resist the passion he sees in Gabi, especially when he learns about her past, and sees how much she cares about her students. Is this destined to be just a grownup version of a summer-camp romance, or can they find enough in common to build a love for all seasons?

The mating season

September 13, 2016
Horowitz, Laurie, 1960- author.
New York : BookShots / Little, Brown and Company, 2016.
x, 143 pages ; 18 cm.
Documentary ornithologist Sophie Castle is convinced that her heart belongs only to the birds, until she meets her new cameraman, Rigg Greensman.

What the duke doesn't know

September 13, 2016
Ashford, Jane, author.
379 pages ; 17 cm.
"A proper English wife, or the freedom of the sea? Lord James Gresham is the fifth son of the Duke of Langford, a captain in the Royal Navy, and at a loss for what to do next. He's made his fortune; perhaps now he should find a proper wife and set up his nursery. But the sea calls to him, while his search for a wife leaves him uninspired. And then, a dark beauty with a heart for revenge is swept into his life. He can't have both, but he won't give up either. Half-English, half-Polynesian Kawena Benson is out to avenge her father and reclaim a cache of stolen jewels. There's nothing for James to do but protest his innocence and help Kawena search for the jewels, even though it turns his world upside down."--Page 4 of cover.

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