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January 23, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.


January 22, 2018
Shusterman, Neal, author.
504 pages ; 22 cm.
Rowan and Citra take opposite stances on the morality of the Scythedom, putting them at odds, and the Thunderhead is not pleased.

The gateway : a novel

January 22, 2018
Castleberry, Constance C.
350 pages : illustration ; 21 cm
"Thirty-two-year-old Jane Bixby is on her usual route home from the local university. After making her typical stop next to an abandoned old farmhouse, she notices two men on the roof repairing the shingles. The clothes they are wearing appear old-fashioned and she assumes the men must be from the nearby Amish community. But as she watches them, they suddenly begin to fade away until they finally disappear. Terrified, she frantically drives home. Once home, she wonders what she saw but dismisses the strange incident to a mild hallucination. She could not have been more wrong. Find out what happens and what Jane and two renowned physicists discover about the past, present and future in this chilling and mysterious story. It might make you wonder if going through a gateway is truly possible."--Back cover.

X-Men Legion : Shadow King rising

January 22, 2018
Claremont, Chris, 1950-
292 pages : chiefly color illustrations; 26 cm
"Contains material originally published in magazine form as New mutants #26-28, Uncanny X-Men #253-253 and #278-280 and X-factor #69-70."--T.p. verso.

The god gene

January 19, 2018
Wilson, F. Paul (Francis Paul), author.
New York : Forge, 2018.
367 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
"Rick Hayden and Laura Fanning of Panacea return, looking for the missing link. Rick's brother, Keith, a prominent zoologist at NYU, liquidated his assets, purged his research, and vanished, leaving no trace. Except for his resemblance to a man suspected of a homicide involving a nerve agent. The only clue is the mysterious death of an odd blue-eyed primate Keith brought back from East Africa. Rick and Laura's search takes them to an uncharted island off the coast of Mozambique and into the hands of unscrupulous game smugglers, and toward the edge of evolution."--Dust jacket.

Batman : shadow of the bat

January 18, 2018
Grant, Alan, 1949- author.
Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2016]-
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Originally published in single magazine form.
Artists vary between volumes.

Batman beyond

January 18, 2018
Jurgens, Dan, author.
Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2017]-
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Originally published in single magazine form.
"This series admirably captures the tone of the beloved animated series and seems poised to potentially take things to a much darker place than its predecessor ever could."--Back cover.
v. 1. Escaping the grave (Collects Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1, Batman Beyond v. 8 #1-5) -- v. 2. Rise of the demon (Collects Batman Beyond 6-12)


January 17, 2018
Kelly, Joe, 1971-
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Writers and artist vary between volumes.
Contains material originally published in magazine form.
v. 1. Isn't it bromantic -- v. 2. Side pieces -- v. 3. Itsy bitsy -- v. 4. Serious business

Gunslinger girl

January 17, 2018
Ely, Lyndsay, author.
422 pages ; 24 cm
"JIMMY Patterson Books."
In a post-Second Civil War lawless West, sharpshooter Serendipity "Pity" Jones stars in, and lives at, the Theater Vespertine, but there is a dark cost to her freedom that Pity may not be willing to pay.


January 17, 2018
Kaufman, Amie, author.
328 pages ; 24 cm
Scholar Jules Addison and scavenger Amelia Radcliffe join forces to unravel secrets of a long-extinct civilization, only to discover something that could spell the end of the human race.


January 17, 2018
Sim, Tara, author.
478 pages : map ; 22 cm.
In an alternate Victorian world controlled by clock towers, where a damaged clock can fracture time---and a destroyed one can stop it completely, eighteen-year-old mechanic Danny investigates fallen clock towers in British-occupied India and unravels more secrets about his and Colton's past.

The cruel prince

January 16, 2018
Black, Holly, author.
370 pages : map ; 24 cm
"Jude was seven years old when her parents were murdered and she and her two sisters were stolen away to live in the treacherous High Court of Faerie. Ten years later, Jude wants to belong there, despite her mortality. But many of the fey despise humans. Especially Prince Cardan, the youngest and wickedest son of the High King. To win a place at the Court, she must defy him--and face the consequences. In doing so, she becomes embroiled in palace intrigues and deceptions, discovering her own capacity for bloodshed. As civil war threatens, Jude will need to risk her life in a dangerous alliance to save her sisters, and Faerie itself."--


January 16, 2018
Bova, Ben, 1932- author.
335 pages ; 22 cm.
A "human team sent to scout a few hundred light years in front of the death wave encounters a civilization far in advance of our own, a civilization of machine intelligences. The sentient, intelligent machines have existed for eons, and have survived earlier "death waves," gamma ray bursts from the core of the galaxy. They are totally self-sufficient, completely certain that the death wave cannot harm them, and utterly uninterested in helping to save other civilizations, organic or machine. But now that the humans have discovered them, they refuse to allow them to leave their planet, reasoning that other humans will inevitably follow if they learn of their existence."--Provided by Publisher.

Black star renegades

January 16, 2018
Moreci, Michael, author.
375 pages ; 25 cm
"Cade Sura holds the future of the galaxy in his hands: the ultimate weapon that will bring total peace. He didn't ask for it, he doesn't want it, and there's no worse choice to wield it in all of space, but if he doesn't, everyone's totally screwed. The evil Praxis kingdom is on the cusp of having every star system under its control, and if that happens, there'll be no contesting their cruel reign. Especially if its fanatical overlord, Ga Halle, manages to capture Cade and snag the all-powerful weapon for herself. Cade can't hide from Praxis, and he can't run from the destiny that's been shoved into his hands. So he only has one option: He has to fight. Cade's not going to let destiny send him on a suicide run, though. With some help from his friends--rebels and scoundrels alike--Cade's going to use this weapon to chart a new destiny for the galaxy, and for himself. He just has to do so before everyone around him discovers that he's a complete and total fraud. Blending the space operatics of Star Wars and the swagger of Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Star Renegades is a galaxy-hopping adventure that blasts its way from seedy spacer bars to sacred temples guarded by deadly creatures--all with a cast of misfit characters who have nowhere to go and nothing to lose"--Provided by publisher.

The wolves of winter : a novel

January 16, 2018
Johnson, Tyrell, author.
312 pages ; 24 cm
Society collapsed in the face of nuclear war and the relentless spread of disease. Lynn McBride has learned to survive in the snow-drifted Canadian Yukon, how to hunt and trap and slaughter. But shadows of the-world-before have found her tiny community-- most prominently in Jax, who brings with him dark secrets of the past... and sets in motion a chain of events that will call Lynn to a role she never imagined.

Girls' last tour

January 16, 2018
Tsukumizu, author, artist.
New York, NY : Yen Press, 2017-
volumes : chiefly illustrations ; 21 cm
Printed in Japanese right to left format.
"The series follows two girls, Yuuri and Chito, as they navigate the ruins of civilization after an unknown apocalypse, and as they travel in their modified Kettenkrad [a type of military motorcycle on tractor wheels], they seek food and supplies while surviving day-to-day."

The forgotten book

January 16, 2018
Gläser, Mechthild, author.
New York, NY : Feiwel and Friends, 2018.
328 pages ; 22 cm
"Emma is used to things going her way. Her father is headmaster of her prestigious boarding school, her friends take her advice as gospel, and she's convinced that a relationship with her long-time crush is on the horizon. As it turns out, Emma hasn't seen anything yet. When she finds an old book in an abandoned library, things really start going Emma's way: anything she writes in the book comes true. But the power of the book is not without consequences, and Emma soon realizes that she isn't the only one who knows about it. Someone is determined to take it from her--and they'll stop at nothing to succeed. A new boy in school-the arrogant, aloof, and irritatingly handsome Darcy de Winter-becomes Emma's unlikely ally as secrets are revealed and danger creeps ever closer"--Provided by publisher.

Emergence : a Foreigner novel

January 16, 2018
Cherryh, C. J., author.
320 pages ; 24 cm.
Sequel to: Convergence.
The nineteenth book in the beloved Foreigner space opera series begins a new era for human diplomat Bren Cameron, as he navigates the tenuous peace between human refugees and the alien atevi . Alpha Station, orbiting the world of the alien atevi , has taken aboard five thousand human refugees from a destroyed station in a distant sector of space. With supplies and housing stretched to the breaking point, it is clear that the refugees must be relocated down to the planet, and soon. But not to the atevi mainland: rather to the territory reserved for humans, the island of Mospheira. Tabini-aiji, the powerful political head of the atevi , tasks his brilliant human diplomat, Bren Cameron, to negotiate with the Mospheiran government. For the Alpha Station refugees represent a political faction that the people of Mospheira broke from two centuries ago, and these Mospheirans are not enthusiastic about welcoming these immigrants from space.

Lobster Johnson

January 15, 2018
Mignola, Michael.
Milwaukie, Or. : Dark Horse Books ; [London : Diamond, distributor], 2008-
v. : chiefly col. ill. ; 26 cm.
Writers and artists vary between volumes.
"From the pages of Hellboy"--Cover.
v. 1. Iron Prometheus -- v. 2. The burning hand -- v. 3. Satan smells a rat -- v. 4. Get the lobster -- v. 5. The pirate's ghost and metal monsters of midtown

Smallville. Season eleven

January 15, 2018
Miller, Bryan Q.
New York : DC Comics, ©2013-
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Writers and artists vary between volumes.
"Based on the hit CW show"--Cover.
v. 1. Guardian -- v. 2. Detective -- v. 3. Haunted -- v. 4. Argo -- v. 5. Olympus -- v. 6. Alien -- v. 7. Lantern -- v. 8. Chaos -- v. 9. Continuity

Rick and Morty

January 15, 2018
Gorman, Zac, author.
Portland, OR: Oni Press, 2015-
volumes: chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Writers and artists vary between volumes.

My hero academia

January 15, 2018
Horikoshi, Kōhei, 1986- author, illustrator.
San Francisco, CA : Viz Media, [2015]-
volumes : chiefly illustrations ; 19 cm
Written in the Japanese right to left format.

Through the dark a darkest minds collection

January 15, 2018
Bracken, Alexandra, author.
Los Angeles : Hyperion, 2018.
vi, 400 pages ; 21 cm.
In time -- Sparks rise -- Beyond the night.

The will to battle

January 11, 2018
Palmer, Ada, author.
352 pages ; 25 cm.
"The long years of near-utopia have come to an abrupt end. Peace and order are now figments of the past. Corruption, deception, and insurgency hum within the once steadfast leadership of the Hives, nations without fixed location. The heartbreaking truth is that for decades, even centuries, the leaders of the great Hives bought the world's stability with a trickle of secret murders, mathematically planned, so that no faction could ever dominate. So that the balance held. The Hives' façade of solidity is the only hope they have for maintaining a semblance of order, for preventing the public from succumbing to the savagery and bloodlust of wars past. But as the great secret becomes more and more widely known, that façade is slipping away. Just days earlier, the world was a pinnacle of human civilization. Now everyone--Hives and hiveless, Utopians and sensayers, emperors and the downtrodden, warriors and saints--scrambles to prepare for the seemingly inevitable war"--Provided by publisher.

Star Wars: Canto Bight

January 11, 2018
295 pages ; 25 cm
Rules of the game / by Saladin Ahmed -- The wine in dreams / by Mira Grant -- Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing / by Rae Carson -- The ride / by John Jackson Miller.
In the mysterious casino city Canto Bight, one is free to revel in excess, untouched by the problems of a galaxy once again descending into chaos and war. There is a darkness obscured by all the glamour and luxury-- and in these four novellas, set across one fateful evening, the stakes have never been higher.


January 11, 2018
Scholes, Ken, author.
New York : Tor, 2017.
414 pages : illustration ; 25 cm
The battle for control of The Named Lands has captivated readers as they have learned, alongside the characters, the true nature of world called Lasthome. Now the struggle between the Andro-Francine Order of the Named Lands and the Y'Zirite Empire has reached a terrible turning point. Believing that his son is dead, Rudolfo has pretended to join with the triumphant Y'zirite forces--but his plan is to destroy them all with a poison that is targeted only to the enemy. In Y'Zir, Rudolfo's wife Jin Li Tam is fighting a war with her own father which will bring that Empire to ruin. And on the Moon, Neb, revealed as one of the Younger Gods, takes the power of the Last Home Temple for his own.

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