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June 16, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

A flicker in the clarity

June 15, 2018
McNamara, Amy, author.
New York, NY : HarperTeen, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2018]
423 pages ; 22 cm
Evie and Emma are inseparable friends. They balance each other-- until Evie makes a flip decision that gets Emma in serious trouble. When Emma freezes Evie out, Evie is full of regret, and-- for the first time in her life-- entirely alone. Until she meets Theo, a boy who offers her a view of the world through a different lens. Just as she lets herself fall for Theo, Emma resurfaces, but her erratic behavior, drunken mishaps, and panicked phone calls leave Evie afraid there's something deeper going on. Can you help someone who doesn't want to be saved?


June 15, 2018
Steiger, A. J., author.
429 pages ; 20 cm
Sequel to: Mindwalker.
"Who can you trust when you can't trust your memories?"--Cover.
When Lain Fisher wakes up in a hospital bed, she can't remember anything from the past few months. It's no ordinary amnesia. As a trained Mindwalker, Lain knows all about wiping memories, she just never thought it would happen to her. When two young men break in and take her away, she's not sure if she's being rescued or kidnapped. One of them, Ian, she knows. The other, Steven, is a stranger to her ... but he claims they were friends. More than friends. Outside, the world has changed beyond recognition. Right is wrong, enemies are allies, and Lain's erased past may be the key to fighting a totalitarian state with the power to manipulate the human mind. The only thing she knows for certain is that she needs her memories back. Her life depends on it.

Crossing the line

June 15, 2018
Elkeles, Simone.
New York : HarperTeen, c2018.
340 pages ; 22 cm
"To escape his abusive stepdad, bad boy Ryan Hess runs from his tiny Texas border town to Mexico. But his plans to keep his head down and stay out of trouble are shattered the minute he meets the beautiful and totally out of his league Dalila Sandoval. Dalila Sandoval shouldn't even know someone like Ryan Hess. The daughter of one of the wealthiest lawyers in Mexico, Dalila is focused on studying and planning for her bright future. Ryan is only a distraction from her dreams, but she's never felt more alive than when she's by his side. Ryan and Dalila are wrong for each other in every way. And yet they can't resist the sparks that fly when they're together. But their love is like a flame burning too close to the fuse. Something is going to explode. Will their love be strong enough to survive? Or will it burn them both?" -- Amazon.

Tell me no lies

June 15, 2018
Griffin, Adele, author.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina : Algonquin, 2018.
344 pages ; 22 cm
In 1980s Philadelphia, Lizzy, a studious high school senior, befriends a new girl in her class and is introduced to a life of clubs, street life and art scene, and a new life filled with doubts and deceptions.

Fat girl on a plane : a novel

June 14, 2018
Devos, Kelly, author.
376 pages ; 22 cm
High school senior Cookie Vonn's post graduation dreams include getting out of Phoenix, attending Parsons and becoming the next great fashion designer. But in the world of fashion, being fat is a cardinal sin. It doesn't help that she's constantly compared to her supermodel mother and named after a dessert. Thanks to her job at a fashion blog, Cookie scores a trip to New York to pitch her portfolio and appeal for a scholarship but her plans are put on standby when she's declared too fat to fly. Forced to turn to her BFF for cash, Cookie buys a second seat on the plane. She arrives in the city to find that she's been replaced by the boss's daughter, a girl who's everything she's not: ultrathin and super rich. Bowing to society's pressure, she vows to lose weight, get out of the friend zone with her crush and put her life on track .

Summer of salt

June 14, 2018
Leno, Katrina, author.
256 pages ; 22 cm
No one on the island of By-the-Sea would call the Fernweh women what they are, but if you need the odd bit of help, such as a sleeping aid concocted by moonlight, they are the ones to ask. Georgina Fernweh waits for the tingle of magic in her fingers-- magic that has already touched her twin sister, Mary. But with her eighteenth birthday looming at the end of her last summer on the island, Georgina fears her gift will never come. She meets and falls in love with Prue Lowry, a visitor to the island. When a three-hundred-year-old bird, Annabella is found violently murdered, suddenly the island doesn't seem so magical. Georgina turns to the Ouija board to discover the dark secrets of Annabella's death.

Dark Lord : the headmaster of doom

June 14, 2018
Thomson, Jamie, 1958- author.
251 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
Be afraid, pitiful underling! I am the Dark Lord. You may call me Master. An old enemy has got hold of my Essence of Evil, and seized the Iron Tower of Despair. The nerve! Clearly I'm needed by my minions once more, to return life in the Darklands to its usual state of pain and misery. First step: the school fundraiser!

Final draft

June 14, 2018
Redgate, Riley, author.
262 pages ; 22 cm
Eighteen-year-old Laila Piedra is a biracial aspiring author whose creative writing teacher always told her she has a special talent, so when he suddenly dies and is replaced by Nadiya Nazarenko, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist who is sadistically critical and perpetually unimpressed, Laila grows obsessed with gaining the woman's approval and is led to believe she must choose between perfection and sanity, but rejecting her all-powerful mentor may be the only way for Laila to thrive.

Dear Rachel Maddow

June 14, 2018
Kisner, Adrienne, author.
New York : Feiwel and Friends, 2018.
265 pages ; 22 cm
Brynn Haper's life has one steadying force--Rachel Maddow. She watches her daily, and after writing to Rachel for a school project--and actually getting a response--Brynn starts drafting e-mails to Rachel but never sending them. Brynn tells Rachel about how she's stuck in remedial courses at school and is considering dropping out. Then Brynn is confronted with a moral dilemma. One student representative will be allowed to have a voice among the administration in the selection of a new school superintendent. Brynn's archnemesis, Adam, and ex-girlfriend, Sarah, believe only Honors students are worthy of the selection committee seat. Brynn feels all students deserve a voice. When she runs for the position, the knives are out. So she begins to ask herself: What Would Rachel Maddow Do?

The button war : a tale of the Great War

June 13, 2018
Avi, 1937-
Somerville, Massachusetts. Candlewick Press, 2018.
229 pages ; 21 cm
Patryk and Jurek are as much friends as rivals in the small Russian-occupied Polish village where they live. When, in August 1914, Patryk finds an old button on the forest floor, Jurek becomes wildly jealous. Not long after, World War I comes to Poland, bringing one invading army after another to the village. Jurek devises an exciting dare among the seven boys in their pack: whoever steals the best military button will be Button King. The boys agree. The contest is on. The competition escalates from stealing uniform buttons on a wash line to looting the bodies of dead soldiers to setting up an ambush. Leading the charge is Jurek, who will do anything to be Button King. It's only Patryk who tries to stop Jurek's increasingly dangerous game before it leads to deadly consequences.

The legend of Greg

June 13, 2018
Rylander, Chris, author.
New York, NY : G.P. Putnam's Sons, [2018]
337 pages ; 22 cm.
"Greg Belmont learns he's anything but ordinary when he discovers he's a real, live, fantastical dwarf and sets off on the adventure of a lifetime"-- Provided by publisher.

Ballad for a mad girl

June 13, 2018
Wakefield, Vikki, author.
309 pages ; 20 cm
Everyone knows seventeen-year-old Grace Foley is a bit mad. She's a prankster and a risk-taker, and she's not afraid of anything except losing. As part of the long-running feud between two local schools in Swanston, Grace accepts a challenge to walk the pipe. That night she experiences something she can't explain. The funny girl isn't laughing anymore. She's haunted by voices and visions - but nobody believes a girl who cries wolf. As she's drawn deeper into a twenty-year-old mystery surrounding missing girl Hannah Holt, the thin veil between this world and the next begins to slip. She can no longer tell what's real or imagined - all she knows is the ghosts of Swanston, including that of her own mother, are restless. It seems one of them has granted her an extraordinary gift at a terrible price. Everything about her is changing - her body, her thoughts, even her actions seem to belong to a stranger. Grace is losing herself, and her friends don't understand. Is she moving closer to the truth? Or is she heading for madness?

The fall of innocence

June 13, 2018
Torres Sanchez, Jenny, authors.
New York, NY : Philomel Books, [2018].
425 pages ; 22 cm
Sixteen-year-old Emilia DeJesus struggles to overcome the aftermath of assault when new information about what happened to her eight years before awakens her memories.

A reaper at the gates : a novel

June 12, 2018
Tahir, Sabaa, author.
[New York] : Razorbill, [2018]
458 pages ; 24 cm.
Beyond the Empire and within it, the threat of war looms ever larger as the Blood Shrike, Helene Aquilla, Laia of Serra, and Elias Veturius all face increasing dangers.

The bird and the blade

June 12, 2018
Bannen, Megan, author.
New York, NY : Balzer + Bray, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2018]
ix, 416 pages : map ; 22 cm
As a slave in the Kipchak Khanate, Jinghua has lost everything: her home, her family, her freedom. She becomes an unlikely conspirator in the escape of Prince Khalaf and his father from their enemies across the vast Mongol Empire. Jinghua hatches a scheme to use the Kipchaks' exile to return home. Her feelings evolve into a hopeless love, as Khalaf seeks to restore his kingdom by forging a marriage alliance with Turandokht, the daughter of the Great Khan. All suitors must solve three impossible riddles to win her hand-- and if they fail, they die. -- adapted from jacket

Eden conquered

June 12, 2018
Charbonneau, Joelle, author.
306 pages ; 24 cm
Sequel to: Dividing Eden.
"The Trials of Virtuous Succession have ended. Prince Andreus is king--and Princess Carys is dead. But even as he's haunted by what he did to win the throne, Andreus discovers that his dream of ruling only brings new problems. The people love his twin even more in death than they did when she was alive. The Elders treat him as a figurehead. And worst of all, the winds of Eden are faltering. But despite what everyone believes, Carys is alive. Exiled to the wilderness, Carys struggles to control the powers that have broken free inside her. And as she grows stronger, so does her conviction that she must return to the Palace of Winds, face her twin and root out the treachery that began long before the first Trials started. The Kingdom of Eden is growing darker with each passing day. Brother and sister, former foes, must decide whether some betrayals cut too deep to be forgiven--and whether one will wear the crown or both will lose everything."--Jacket flap.

Sword art online. Volume 9, Alicization beginning

June 12, 2018
Kawahara, Reki, author.
New York, NY : Yen On, 2016.
264 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 21 cm.
"First published in Japan in 2012 by Kadokawa Corp.,Tokyo"--Copyright page.
"Kirito and Sinon's battle with Death Gun is over, but mere weeks later, something strange is afoot in the next-generation VRMMO ALfheim Online. A new duelist with a custom sword skill is defeating all comers--including Kirito. But when Asuna goes to face this duelist, she receives something she never expected: an invitation to an exclusive guild. But what is their goal?"

Sword art online. Volume 8, Early and late

June 12, 2018
Kawahara, Reki, author.
New York : Yen On, 2016.
283 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 21 cm.
"First published in Japan in 2011 by Kadokawa Corp.,Tokyo"--Copyright page.
"The game of death took its toll on every player in a different way--when one turns up dead on the fifty-seventh floor, the game is afoot, and it is up to Asuna and Kirito to crack the case--also the story of how Kirito got his Excalibur sword in Alfheim"--Provided by publisher.

All that I can fix

June 11, 2018
Chan, Crystal, author.
New York : Simon Pulse, 2018.
314 pages ; 22 cm.
"In Makersville, Indiana, people know all about fifteen-year-old Ronney--he's from that mixed-race family with the dad who tried to kill himself, the pill-popping mom, and the genius kid sister. Can Ronney figure out a way to hold it together as all his worlds fall apart?"--Provided by publisher.

Always forever maybe

June 11, 2018
Rissi, Anica Mrose, author.
New York, NY : Harperteen, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, 2018.
249 pages ; 22 cm
High school senior Betts falls in love with Aiden, who seems perfect for her until his possessiveness leads to abuse.

Invisible ghosts

June 11, 2018
Schneider, Robyn, author.
310 pages ; 22 cm
"Rose Asher believes in ghosts. She should, since she has one for a best friend: Logan, her annoying, Netflix-addicted brother, who is forever stuck at fifteen. But Rose is growing up, and when an old friend moves back to Laguna Canyon and appears in her drama class, things get complicated. Jamie Aldridge is charming, confident, and a painful reminder of the life Rose has been missing out on since her brother's death. She watches as Jamie easily rejoins their former friends--a group of magnificently silly theater nerds--while avoiding her so intensely that it must be deliberate. Yet when the two of them unexpectedly cross paths, Rose learns that Jamie has a secret of his own, one that changes everything. Rose finds herself drawn back into her old life--and to Jamie. But she quickly starts to suspect that he isn't telling her the whole truth. All Rose knows is that it's becoming harder to choose between the boy who makes her feel alive and the brother she isn't ready to lose." --

Whisper of the tide : a song of the current novel

June 8, 2018
Tolcser, Sarah, author.
New York : Bloomsbury, 2018.
402 pages : map ; 22 cm
Caro and Markus must decide if their love is more important than the fate of Akhaia when a powerful Archon offers to help Markos fight for the throne if Markos will marry his daughter.

The opposite of here

June 7, 2018
Altebrando, Tara, author.
New York : Bloomsbury, 2018.
240 pages ; 22 cm
It's only been a few short months since Natalie's boyfriend died in a tragic accident, and she wants to be anywhere but on a cruise with her parents and three of her best friends. Then she meets a guy on the first night and sparks fly. After a moonlit conversation, Natalie pops down to her cabin to get her swimsuit... and he's gone when she returns. Now her friends seem to be hiding something from her. And the captain is on the intercom announcing the urgent need for a headcount. Some people are ridiculously easy to manipulate....

Kissing games

June 7, 2018
Eglington, Tara, author.
New York : Wednesday Books, 2018.
342 pages ; 22 cm.
"After a perfect first kiss, Aurora's second kiss lands her boyfriend in the hospital, and her matchmaking strategies start to backfire"--Provided by publisher.


June 7, 2018
Sinel, Natasha, author.
New York : Skyhorse Publishing, [2018]
297 pages ; 22 cm
On Cape Cod seventeen-year-old Rachel desperately wants to get struck by lightning, an act that will reveal her soul mate, as it did for her mother, but complicated relationships with friends and family get in the way.

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