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December 9, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

My new crush gave to me

December 8, 2017
Petroff, Shani, author.
New York : Swoon Reads, [2017]
264 pages ; 21 cm
Eager for a date to the holiday season "Lover's Ball," school newspaper editor Charlie rigs the school's Secret Santa exchange to woo the boy of her dreams.

Here we are now

December 8, 2017
Warga, Jasmine, author.
New York, NY : Balzer + Bray an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2017]
292 pages ; 22 cm
While her mother is out of town, sixteen-year-old Taliah accompanies her estranged father--a famous rock star who one day appears on her doorstep--to Oak Falls, Indiana, to meet his dying father and the rest of his family, and on the way, Taliah learns about how her parents met and separated, her mother's experience as a Jordanian immigrant, and her own ability to accept change and open up to others.

Into the black

December 8, 2017
Jae, Ava, author.
New York : Sky Pony Press, [2017]
357 pages : illustration ; 22 cm.
When The Remnant abducts Eros, rightful heir to the world throne, ex-queen Kora tries to stave off those who would seize power, including a new charismatic candidate, Lejv.

This mortal coil

December 7, 2017
Suvada, Emily, author.
424 pages ; 24 cm
"In a world where people are implanted with technology to recode their DNA, gene-hacking genius Cat must decrypt her late father's message concealing a vaccine to a horrifying plague"-- Provided by publisher.

Fix me

December 7, 2017
Cronkhite, Lisa M., author.
Mendota Heights, Minnesota : Flux, [2017]
205 pages ; 21 cm
"Teenager Pen Wryter tries to kick her addiction to Fix, an illegal drug featuring intense hallucinations, and solve the mystery of what happened to other Fix users who have disappeared"-- Provided by publisher.

Devil in Ohio

December 7, 2017
Polatin, Daria, author.
New York : Feiwel and Friends, [2017]
327 pages ; 22 cm
Jules Mathis comes home from school to find a strange girl sitting in her kitchen. Mae is one of the patients at the hospital where her psychiatrist mother works. She's only supposed to stay for a few days, but soon Mae is wearing Jules's clothes, sleeping in her bedroom, edging her out of her position on the school paper, and flirting with Jules's crush. Then things get weird ... Jules walks in on a half-dressed Mae, startled to see a pentagram carved into Mae's back. It seems Mae is a survivor of the strange cult that's embedded in a nearby town ... and the cult will stop at nothing to get Mae back.

The Pack

December 6, 2017
Ormand, Kate, author.
293 pages ; 22 cm
"The sequel to The Wanderers."
Horse-shifter Flo and other orphaned shifters who once performed in a circus travel in a wild pack seeking a haven while eluding the Hunters that would trap or kill them.

Scion of the Fox

December 6, 2017
Beiko, S. M., author.
viii, 447 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
"Roan Harken considers herself a typical high school student - dead parents, an infected eyeball, and living in the house of her estranged, currently comatose grandmother (well, maybe not so typical) - but she's uncovering the depth of the secrets her family left behind. Saved from the grasp of Death itself by a powerful fox spirit named Sil, Roan must harness a mysterious ancient power ... and quickly. A snake-monster called Zabor lies in wait in the bed of the frozen Assiniboine River, hungry for the sacrifice of spirit-blood in exchange for keeping the flood waters at bay. Thrust onto an ancient battlefield, Roan soon realizes that to maintain the balance of the world, she will have to sacrifice more than her life in order to take her place as Scion of the Fox."-- Provided by publisher.

Veiled existence

December 6, 2017
Pietron, Barbara, author.
Royal Oak, Michigan : Scribe Publishing Company, [2017]
303 pages ; 21 cm.
When Jeni's boyfriend, Ice, doesn't show up to join her on vacation, she discovers that he's not only been abducted, but cursed--a curse that makes him a threat to Jeni's life. The quest for answers leads to an entity from Irish and Celtic legend, an immortal witch that has been exacting her vengeance for centuries.

The caldera

December 6, 2017
Flanagan, John (John Anthony), author.
New York, NY : Philomel Books, [2017]
viii, 355, 59 pages ; illustrations : 24 cm
Includes a bonus short story.
In Hallasholm, Stig is contesting the annual Maktig competition to decide Skandia's greatest warrior. But a late-night knock on the door brings someone Stig never expected to see again, along with a request the Herons are hard-pressed to refuse: a rescue mission of epic proportions. Across the ocean, the southern city-state of Byzantos is plagued by a crew of pirates who've kidnapped the son of Empress Justina. Slipping out of Hallasholm under the cover of darkness, the brotherband sets sail to recover the boy from his kidnappers, heading south to the island of Santorillos where a near-impenetrable fortress stands atop a cliff, surrounded by a lagoon--a caldera--formed by the crater of a volcano. In this explosive seventh book in the action-packed Brotherband Chronicles, the Herons battle pirates amid stormy seas as the fate of an empire rests on their shoulders. -- Provided by publisher.


December 5, 2017
Balog, Cyn, author.
277 pages ; 22 cm
Seda's mom inherited an old, crumbling mansion, and it was fun to explore the beautiful grounds for a summer. When her mom decided to renovate and live there, Seda isn't happy. And the coming of winter they'll be cut off from the outside world. When a group of teens get stranded near the mansion during a blizzard, Seda has no choice but to offer them shelter, even though she knows danger lurks in the dilapidated mansion-- and in herself.

The becoming of Noah Shaw

December 5, 2017
Hodkin, Michelle, author.
New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, [2017]
365 pages ; 22 cm.
"Companion series to the...Mara Dyer novels"--Dust jacket.
After the murder of his father, Noah Shaw uses his inheritance to move to New York with his girlfriend Mara Dyer and their friends, where they investigate the suicides of other Carriers and their Gifts begin to lead them on diverging paths.

Beasts made of night

December 4, 2017
Onyebuchi, Tochi, author.
298 pages ; 22 cm
After he eats the sin of a royal, Taj, a talented aki, or sin-eater who consumes the guilt of others whose transgressions are exorcised from them by powerful but corrupt Mages, is drawn into a plot to destroy the city, and he must fight to save the princess he loves and his own life.

The dark Intercept

December 4, 2017
Keller, Julia, author.
New York : Tor Teen, an imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, 2017.
314 pages ; 22 cm
"In a radiant world of endless summer, the Intercept keeps the peace. Violet Crowley, the sixteen-year-old daughter of New Earth's Founding Father, has spent her life in comfort and safety. Her days are easy thanks to the Intercept, a crime-prevention device that monitors emotion. But when her long-time crush, Danny Mayhew, gets into a dangerous altercation on Old Earth, Violet launches a secret investigation to find out what he's hiding. An investigation that will lead her to question everything she's ever known about Danny, her father, and the power of the Intercept."--Jacket flap.

Frankie : a novel

December 4, 2017
Plozza, Shivaun, author.
New York : Flatiron Books, [2017]
340 pages ; 22 cm
"Frankie Vega is angry. Just ask the guy whose nose she broke. Or the cop investigating the burglary she witnessed, or her cheating ex-boyfriend, or her aunt who's tired of giving second chances. When a kid shows up claiming to be Frankie's half brother, it opens the door to a past she doesn't want to remember. And when that kid goes missing, the only person willing to help is a boy with stupidly blue eyes, a criminal record, and secrets of his own. Frankie's search for the truth could change her life, or cost her everything"-- Provided by publisher.

A very, very bad thing

December 4, 2017
Self, Jeffery, author.
225 pages ; 22 cm
Marley is comfortable with being gay in Winston-Salem, but he never had any real passions until he met Christopher, son of a bigoted television evangelist; the two become an inseparable couple until Christopher's parents send him to a religious program intended to "cure" him of being gay, and outraged Marley tells a very big lie--and then has to deal with the repercussions.


December 4, 2017
Segel, Jason, 1980- author.
355 pages ; 22 cm
"After the newest set of virtual reality gear hits the market, Simon can't wait to test it out. But, when his friend Katherine suddenly disappears after being seen with men from the same gaming company, Simon must decide how far in the game he's willing to go to save her"-- Provided by publisher.

Precious blood : a blessed novel

December 1, 2017
Hurley, Tonya.
New York : Simon & Schuster BYFR, 2013.
405 pages ; 21 cm
Hardcover edition published in 2012 under the title The Blessed.
"Three girls who have lost their way are brought together by a mysterious young man"--Provided by publisher.


November 30, 2017
Blackburne, Livia, author.
Los Angeles : Hyperion, 2017.
390 pages ; 22 cm
Series title from ; volume information from page [391] of book: "End of book 1".
Map on end caps.
When Zivah falls prey to the deadly rose plague, she is destined to live her last days in isolation. Dineas, broken by torture at the hands of the Amparan Empire, thirsts for revenge against his captors; he'll do anything to free his tribe from Amparan rule-- even if it means undertaking a plan that risks not only his life but his very self. The two are thrust together on a high-stakes mission to spy on the capital, and must find common ground to protect those they love-- while grappling with a mutual attraction that could break both of their carefully guarded hearts.


November 30, 2017
Meyer, Marissa, author.
556 pages ; 25 cm
The Renegades are human, but with extraordinary abilities. They emerged from the ruins of a crumbled society and established peace and order where chaos reigned. As champions of justice, they remain a symbol of hope and courage to everyone... except the villains they once overthrew. Nova has a reason to hate the Renegades, and is on a mission for vengeance. Adrian is a Renegade boy who believes in justice-- and in Nova. But Nova's allegiance is to a villain who has the power to end them both.-- Adapted from dust jacket.

Follow me : the killer you know

November 30, 2017
Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.
261 pages ; 22 cm.
"An Amateurs novel"--T.p.
When twenty-one-year-old social media star Chelsea Dawson disappears, Seneca, Maddox, Aerin, and Madison, noticing that she looks exactly like Aerin's murdered sister, Helena, investigate, determined to find the connection.

Hallowed : a blessed novel

November 30, 2017
Hurley, Tonya, author.
New York : Simon & Schuster BFYR, [2015]
338 pages ; 22 cm.
"Three lost girls, one mysterious boy. They battle for his heart while he struggles for their souls. Lucy, Cecelia, and Agnes have tried to reconcile with their destinies as saints and martyrs. Now, as the world turns against them, will they be able to hold steadfast? Will they survive the final test?"-- Provided by publisher.

A skinful of shadows

November 30, 2017
Hardinge, Frances, author.
415 pages ; 22 cm
Originally published in hardcover by Macmillan Publishers Limited, United Kingdom, in 2017.
In the 1640s during the English Civil War, the twelve-year-old illegitimate daughter of an aristocratic family shares their unique hereditary gift: the capacity to be possessed by ghosts.

Bad girls with perfect faces

November 29, 2017
Weingarten, Lynn, author.
New York : Simon Pulse, 2017.
288 pages ; 22 cm
Seventeen-year-old Sasha, desperate to save her best friend Xavier from more heartache, creates a social media trap for his ex-girlfriend with the hopes of exposing her cheating ways, but Sasha's plan takes a dangerous turn that dramatically changes the course of everyone's life.

Girl in a bad place

November 29, 2017
Ward, Kaitlin, author.
260 pages : 22 cm
The Haven, a commune in the mountains, seems harmless--until Mailee's best friend Cara decides she's going to stay there forever. How far will Mailee go to bring her friend home?

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