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March 21, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Murder in plain English : from manifestos to memes : looking at murder through the words of killers

March 20, 2017
Arntfield, Michael, author.
Amherst : Prometheus Books, 2017.
335 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 319-324) and index.
"This is the first book to examine murder through the written word--not only the writings of the killers themselves, but also the story of murder as told in literary fiction and the crime dramas that are now a staple of film and television. The authors--a criminologist specializing in cold cases, written evidence, and forensic science, and an anthropologist who has dealt with the signs and ciphers of organized crime and street gangs in his previous work--are widely recognized experts in this emerging specialty field. Based on extensive research and interviews with convicted murderers, the book emphasizes the often-overlooked narrative impulse that drives killers, with the authors explaining how both mass and serial murderers perceive their crimes as stories and why a select few are compelled to commit these stories to writing whether before, during, or after their horrific acts. The book also analyzes the written work of killers, using a combination of machine-based linguistic patterning, predictive modeling, and symbolic interpretation, to make sense of the screeds of everyone from the Son of Sam and the Zodiac Killer to the Columbine attackers, the Unabomber, and the recent spate of mass shooters using social media as their preferred narrative platform. They present a theoretical perspective of murder that is based on both the criminological evidence and written works. In addition, the authors examine famous literature that has dealt ingeniously with murder and its relationship with real crime, from the Greek tragedians to Truman Capote to modern-day productions such as Making a Murderer. This unique approach offers a new means to penetrate the minds of murderers, revealing their motives as well as the wider social meanings of this age-old crime and our continuing fascination with it"-- Provided by publisher.

Ripper : the secret life of Walter Sickert

March 10, 2017
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, author.
553 pages : illustrations (some color), maps ; 24 cm
"Incorporating material from Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper-- Case Closed, this new edition has been revised and expanded to include eight new chapters, detailed maps and hundreds of images that bring the sinister case to life."--Jacket.
Mr. Nobody -- The unfortunates -- By some person unknown -- A glorious boy -- Thorns and sharp stones -- Walter and the boys -- The daughters of Cobden -- The gentleman slummer -- A bit of broken looking glass -- The dark lantern -- The royal conspiracy -- Dreadful bleeding corpses -- Instant death -- Wide staring eyes -- Red fingerprints -- Hue and cry -- Crochet work and flowers -- A cautious indicator -- A painted letter -- A man in ordinary life -- Stygian blackness -- The streets until dawn -- A shiny black bag -- These characters about -- Night horrors -- A great joke -- A social disease -- A lovely sea side business -- A very bad man -- In a horse bin -- Three keys -- The darkest day of the darkest night -- Sweet violets -- Shapes on the wall -- Further from the grave -- My coda to Jack the Ripper -- How it all began and never ended.
Examines the century-old series of murders that terrorized London in the 1880s, drawing on research, state-of-the-art forensic science, and insights into the criminal mind to reveal the true identity of the infamous Jack the Ripper.

Gosnell : the untold story of America's most prolific serial killer

March 10, 2017
McElhinney, Ann, author.
xx, 347 pages ; 24 cm
From drug bust to house of horrors -- "Murder in plain sight" -- Dereliction of duty -- Willing accomplices -- "The Indian woman" -- The babies -- Gosnell on trial -- Gosnell versus Gump -- Profiled in courage? -- Media malpractice -- America's biggest serial killer? -- Meeting the monster -- Aftermath.
In 2013 Dr Kermit Gosnell was convicted of killing four people, including three babies, but is thought to have killed hundreds, perhaps thousands more in a 30-year killing spree. Gosnell is currently serving three life sentences (without the possibility of parole) for murdering babies and patients at his "House of Horrors" abortion clinic. This book--now a major movie starring Dean Cain (Lois & Clarke)--reveals how the investigation that brought Gosnell to justice started as a routine drugs investigation and turned into a shocking unmasking of America's biggest serial killer. It details how compliant politicians and bureaucrats allowed Dr. Gosnell to carry out his grisly trade because they didn't want to be accused of "attacking abortion." Gosnell also exposes the media coverup that saw reporters refusing to cover a story that shone an unwelcome spotlight on abortion in America in the 21st century.

The axeman of New Orleans : the true story

March 3, 2017
Davis, Miriam C., author.
Chicago, Illinois : Chicago Review Press, [2017]
xiii, 306 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
A look at the 1910-1919 New Orleans murders committed by the Axeman, the surrounding trial of later-exonerated Iorlando and Frank Jordano, and the likelihood that the Axeman continued to murder after he left New Orleans.

Hate crimes in America

March 1, 2017
Abramovitz, Melissa, 1954- author.
112 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm.
The Charleston massacre -- What are hate crimes? -- Why do hate crimes occur? -- The history of hate crimes in America -- The evolution of hate crime laws -- The nature of modern hate crime laws -- Are hate crime laws necessary? -- Free speech and hate speech -- Combating hate crimes.
"Hate Crimes in America covers the history of crimes motivated by prejudice, examples of such incidents in the headlines today, and the ways in which communities are responding to these vicious acts."--Publisher's website.

Black edge : inside information, dirty money, and the quest to bring down the most wanted man on Wall Street

February 13, 2017
Kolhatkar, Sheelah, author.
xx, 344 pages ; 25 cm
Money, money, money -- What Stevie wants, Stevie gets -- Murderers' Row -- It's like gambling at Rick's -- Edgy, proprietary information -- Conflict of interest -- Stuff that legends are made of -- The informant -- The death of kings -- Occam's razor -- Undefeatable -- The whale -- Karma -- The life raft -- Justice -- Judgment.
"Steven A. Cohen is a Wall Street legend. Born into a middle class family in a decidedly upper class suburb on Long Island, he was unpopular in high school and unlucky with girls. Then he went off to Wharton, and in 1992 launched the hedge fund SAC Capital, which grew into a $15 billion empire. He cultivated an air of mystery and reclusiveness -- at one point, owned the copyright to almost every picture taken of him -- and also of extreme excess, building a 35,000 square foot house in Greenwich, flying to work by helicopter, and amassing one of the largest private art collections in the world. But on Wall Street, he was revered as a genius: one of the greatest traders who ever lived. That public image was shattered when SAC Capital became the target of a sprawling, seven-year criminal and SEC investigation, the largest in Wall Street history, led by an undermanned but determined group of government agents, prosecutors, and investigators. Experts in finding and using "black edge" (inside information), SAC Capital was ultimately fined nearly $2 billion -- the largest penalty in history -- and shut down. But as Sheelah Kolhatkar shows, Steven Cohen was never actually put out of business. He was allowed to keep trading his own money (in 2015, he made $350 million), and can start a new hedge fund in only a few years. Though eight SAC employees were convicted or pleaded guilty to insider trading, Cohen himself walked away a free man. Black Edge is a riveting, true-life thriller that raises an urgent and troubling question: Are Wall Street titans like Steven Cohen above the law?"-- Provided by publisher.

The blood of Emmett Till

February 8, 2017
Tyson, Timothy B., author.
x, 291 pages ; 25 cm
Nothing that boy did -- Boots on the porch -- Growing up black in Chicago -- Emmett in Chicago and "Little Mississippi" -- Pistol-whipping at Christmas -- The incident -- On the third day -- Mama made the earth tremble -- Warring regiments of Mississippi -- Black Monday -- People we don't need around here any more -- Fixed opinions -- Mississippi underground -- "There he is" -- Every last Anglo-Saxon one of you -- The verdict of the world -- Protest politics -- Killing Emmett Till -- Epilogue: the children of Emmett Till.
"The event that launched the civil rights movement--the 1955 lynching of young Emmett Till--now reexamined by an award-winning author with access to never-before-heard accounts from those involved as well as recently recovered court transcripts from the trial,"--NoveList.

Our friend Travis : the Travis Alexander story

February 8, 2017
Hughes, Sky, author.
Preston, Idaho : CSHI Media Productions, ©2015.
xxiii, 391 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Chronicles the life of Travis Alexander his relationship with Jodi Arias.

The spider and the fly : a reporter, a serial killer, and the meaning of murder

February 1, 2017
Rowe, Claudia, 1966- author.
New York, NY : HarperCollins Publishers, [2017]
276 pages ; 24 cm
The weight of paper -- 99 Fulton Avenue -- When night falls -- Tricks of the trade -- The final insult -- Strange town -- As if we were friends -- Close to home -- Evidence of things not seen -- Man and monster -- Solitaire -- U-turns -- Ghost story -- A day in the life -- One of our own -- The face in the mirror -- Discharged -- Epilogue.
"In September 1998, young reporter Claudia Rowe was working as a stringer for the New York Times in Poughkeepsie, New York, when local police discovered the bodies of eight women stashed in the attic and basement of the small colonial home that Kendall Francois, a painfully polite twenty-seven-year-old community college student, shared with his parents and sister. Growing up amid the safe, bourgeois affluence of New York City, Rowe had always been secretly fascinated by the darkness, and soon became obsessed with the story and with Francois. She was consumed with the desire to understand just how a man could abduct and strangle eight women and how a family could live for two years, seemingly unaware, in a house with the victims' rotting corpses. She also hoped to uncover what humanity, if any, a murderer could maintain in the wake of such monstrous evil."-- Provided by publisher.

Masters of the swindle : true stories of con men, cheaters & scam artists

January 19, 2017
Milano, Italy : White Star Publishers, [2016]
303 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 22 cm
Translated from the Italian.
Includes indexes.
"When trickery encounters credulity, spectacular things happen: we call them swindles. In this volume, we present 40 cases, from the nineteenth century to the present. Some of these are famous, some of these less famous, and many are elegant. But almost always, the schemes discussed here are works of genius."--Jacket.

Unsportsmanlike conduct : college football and the politics of rape

January 6, 2017
Luther, Jessica.
[Brooklyn, New York] : Edge of Sports/Akashic Books, [2016]
247 pages ; 22 cm

Confession of a serial killer : the untold story of Dennis Rader, the BTK killer

January 3, 2017
Ramsland, Katherine M., 1953-
Hanover, NH : ForeEdge, 2016.
x, 262 pages, 12 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- The death path -- First inklings of trouble -- Dark explorations -- Down time -- Cubing -- Pent up -- Double lives -- Factors X -- The killer next door -- I have a problem -- Stir up the pot -- Looking back -- Greetings to my fans -- Story, interrupted -- The inner minotaur -- Epilogue: the tipping point -- Bibliography -- Index.

Writing to save a life : the Louis Till file

December 5, 2016
Wideman, John Edgar, author.
New York : Scribner, 2016.
193 pages ; 22 cm
Louis Till -- The file -- Graves.
"In The Louis Till File, John Edgar Wideman searches for Louis Till, a silent victim of American injustice. Wideman's personal interaction with the story began when he learned of Emmett's murder in 1955; Wideman was also fourteen years old. After reading decades later about Louis's execution, he couldn't escape the twin tragedies of father and son, and tells their stories together for the first time. Author of the award-winningBrothers and Keepers, Wideman brings extraordinary insight and a haunting intimacy to this devastating story. An amalgam of research, memoir, and imagination, The Louis Till File is completely original in its delivery--an engaging and enlightening conversation between generations, the living and the dead, fathers and sons. Wideman turns seventy-five this year, and he brings the force of his substantial intellect and experience to this beautiful, stirring book, his first nonfiction in fifteen years,"--Baker & Taylor.

The thieves of Threadneedle Street : the incredible true story of the American forgers who nearly broke the Bank of England

November 30, 2016
Booth, Nicholas, 1964- author.
351 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Originally published: Stroud : The History Press, 2014.
'For lack of a nail' -- Formidable rascals -- Strangers, silk hats, and salting wells -- Rogues' gallery -- The social triumphs of a silver king -- Mistresses of misfortune -- The skewering of Colonel Peregrine Madgwick Francis -- The finer arts of forgery -- Hearts and minds -- Strange messengers -- Devil to pay -- Before your very eyes -- Cat and mouse -- Means of escape -- The melancholy of all things done.
"In the summer of 1873, four American forgers went on trial at the Old Bailey--London's iconic law court--for the greatest fraud the world had ever seen. The attempted crime: stealing five million dollars from the Bank of England from under the noses of its unsuspecting officials. [In this book], Booth tells the extraordinary true story of the forgers' earliest escapades in Chicago, Louisville, and Manhattan, culminating with the heist at the world's leading financial institution"

Murder in the Bayou : who killed the women known as the Jeff Davis 8?

November 28, 2016
Brown, Ethan, 1972- author.
New York : Scribner, [2016]
xxii, 245 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Loretta -- Boom and bust -- Lucky and LeDoux -- Frankie -- Ernestine -- Kristen -- Whitnei -- Gunter and Guillory -- "Death on me": Muggy, Crystal, and Brittney -- The undoing -- "Frankie Richard's coming and hell is coming with him" -- "The past is the past" -- Coda: Boustany and the Boudreaux Inn -- Whistle-blower in white robes.
Between 2005 and 2009, the bodies of eight women were discovered around the town of Jennings, in Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana. They had all engaged in sex work as a means of survival, and they came to be called the Jeff Davis 8. The investigations into their deaths, originally searching for a serial killer, raised questions about police misconduct and corruption.

The notorious Mrs. Clem : murder and money in the Gilded Age

November 28, 2016
Gamber, Wendy, 1958- author.
xi, 305 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
New Year's Day -- Business -- Cold Spring -- Detection -- Trial -- Self-reliant and God defiant! -- Knowed it was them -- I wish I was an angel -- A good soldier -- Lebanon -- The Indiana murderess -- Indiana justice -- I kept it rolling -- Aunty Smith -- Mrs. Dr. Patterson.
In September 1868, the remains of Jacob and Nancy Jane Young were found lying near the banks of Indiana's White River. Suspicion for both deaths turned to Nancy Clem, a housewife who was also one of Mr. Young's former business partners. Wendy Gamber chronicles the life and times of this charming and persuasive Gilded Age confidence woman, who became famous not only as an accused murderess but also as an itinerant peddler of patent medicine and the supposed originator of the Ponzi scheme.

A very English scandal : sex, lies and a murder plot in the houses of Parliament

November 28, 2016
Preston, John, 1953- author.
New York : Other Press, 2016.
xi, 339 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
A dinner at the House of Commons -- The postcard -- The eye of Urse -- Bunnies -- Mr Bessell goes to Dublin -- The creature -- This filthy subject -- Bessell pulls another rabbit out of his hat -- The blessings of family life -- Two pledges -- Unexpected developments -- A happy and joyous occasion -- Shooting a sick dog -- The ultimate solution -- Doomed -- Back to Black -- The price of a peerage -- From bad to worse -- Big swamp -- A death unforeseen -- A simple plan -- Things fall apart -- Bessellised -- The man from Canada -- Death on the moor -- Vive les trois mousequetaires! -- A bloody mess -- Damned lies -- Judas -- Ice cold in Minehead -- Waiting in the wings -- Overture and beginners -- Ripped to shreds -- The greatest show on earth -- The judgements of Cantley -- Awkward bows -- Postscript.
"A behind-the-scenes look at the desperate, scandalous private life of a British member of Parliament and champion manipulator, and the history-making trial that exposed his dirty secrets to the world. As a member of Parliament and leader of the Liberal Party in the 1960s and 70s, Jeremy Thorpe's bad behavior snuck under the radar for years. Police and politicians alike colluded to protect one of their own. At the start of the 1970s, Thorpe was the most popular and charismatic politician in the country, poised to hold the balance of power in a coalition government. But Jeremy Thorpe was a man with a secret. His homosexual affairs and harassment of past partners--as well as his propensity for lying and embezzlement--only escalated as he evaded punishment. Until a dark night on the moor with an ex-lover, a dog, and a hired gun led to consequences that even his charm and power couldn't help him escape. Thorpe's climactic trial at the Old Bailey in London was immediately dubbed the 'Trial of the Century.' It was the first time that a leading British politician had stood trial on a murder charge. It was the first time that a murder plot had been hatched in the House of Commons. And it was the first time that a prominent public figure had been exposed as a philandering gay man, in an era when homosexuality had only just become legal. By the time the trial was over, Britain would never be the same again"--Provided by publisher.

The spy who couldn't spell : a dyslexic traitor, an unbreakable code, and the FBI's hunt for America's stolen secrets

November 16, 2016
Bhattacharjee, Yudhijit, author.
292 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
The tip -- Traitor unmasked -- The roots of dysfunction -- A desperate plan -- Spy hunt -- Nabbed -- Decipher this -- A convoluted cover-up -- The search for buried secrets -- Mr. Eighty Percent.
"The thrilling, true-life account of the FBI's hunt for the ingenious traitor Brian Regan--known as The Spy Who Couldn't Spell."-- Provided by publisher.

Al Capone : his life, legacy, and legend

November 10, 2016
Bair, Deirdre, author.
New York : Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, 2016.
x, 395 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 25 cm
Introduction -- The early years -- Mae -- The need to make a living -- Al comes to Chicago -- The other Capones -- The road to power -- The fortunes of war -- In hiding -- The glory years -- Inventing Al Capone -- Legal woes -- Atlantic City and after -- In prison -- "The elusive 'Scarface' Al" -- A new day for Chicago -- On the road to jail -- Law enforcement by stigma -- Jail is a bad place under any circumstances -- "Who wouldn't be worried?" -- "I guess it's all over" -- "I'm in jail; aren't they satisfied?" -- The most intriguing of all criminals -- The endgame -- The end -- The legacy -- The legend.
"From his heyday to the present moment, Al Capone's life has gripped the public imagination, and his gangster persona has been immortalized in the countless movies and books inspired by his exploits. But who was the man behind the legend? Capone loved to tell tall tales that perpetuated his mystique; newspapers loved him and frequently embellished or fabricated stories about him to sell copies. While some remember him as fundamentally kind and good, others speak of how frightening he was, a vicious, cold-blooded killer...Writing with exclusive access to Capone's descendants, Deirdre Bair finally gets at the truth behind this eternally fascinating man, who was equal parts charismatic mobster, doting father, and calculating monster."--Provided by publisher.

When Google met Wikileaks

November 7, 2016
Assange, Julian, author.
230 pages ; 18 cm
In June 2011, Julian Assange received an unusual visitor: the chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, arrived from America at Ellingham Hall, the country residence in Norfolk, England where Assange was living under house arrest. For several hours the besieged leader of the world's most famous insurgent publishing organization and the billionaire head of the world's largest information empire locked horns. The two men debated the political problems faced by society, and the technological solutions engendered by the global network--from the Arab Spring to Bitcoin. They outlined radically opposing perspectives: for Assange, the liberating power of the Internet is based on its freedom and statelessness. For Schmidt, emancipation is at one with US foreign policy objectives and is driven by connecting non-Western countries to American companies and markets. These differences embodied a tug-of-war over the Internet's future that has only gathered force subsequently. When Google Met WikiLeaks presents the story of Assange and Schmidt's encounter. Both fascinating and alarming, it contains an edited transcript of their conversation and extensive, new material, written by Assange specifically for this book, providing the best available summary of his vision for the future of the Internet.

Who killed these girls? : cold case : the yogurt shop murders

October 31, 2016
Lowry, Beverly, author.
ix, 377 pages ; 25 cm
Includes bibliographic references.
The crime -- The Paul Johnson show -- The courts: law, science, blunders and luck -- Unanswered questions.
"From the author of Crossed Over, another masterful account of a horrible crime: the murder of four girls, countless other ruined lives, and the evolving complications of the justice system that frustrated the massive attempts--for twenty-five years now--to find and punish those who committed it. The facts are brutally straightforward. On December 6, 1991, the naked, bound-and-gagged bodies of the four girls--each one shot in the head--were found in an I Can't Believe It's Yogurt! shop in Austin, Texas. Grief, shock, and horror spread out from their families and friends to overtake the city itself. Though all branches of law enforcement were brought to bear, the investigation was often misdirected and after eight years only two men (then teenagers) were tried; moreover, their subsequent convictions were eventually overturned, and Austin PD detectives are still working on what is now a very cold case. Over the decades, the story has grown to include DNA technology, false confessions, and other developments facing crime and punishment in contemporary life. But this story belongs to the scores of people involved, and from them Lowry has fashioned a riveting saga that reads like a Russian novel, comprehensive and thoroughly engrossing"-- Provided by publisher.

Filthy rich

October 28, 2016
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
x, 287, 15 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 25 cm
"A powerful billionaire, the sex scandal that undid him, and all the justice that money can buy: the shocking true story of Jeffrey Epstein" --Cover.
"Jeffrey Epstein rose from humble origins to the rarefied heights of New York City's financial elite. A college dropout with an instinct for numbers--and for people--Epstein amassed his wealth through a combination of access and skill. But even after he had it all, Epstein wanted more. And that unceasing desire--especially a taste for young girls--resulted in his stunning fall from grace. From Epstein himself, to the girls he employed as masseuses at his home, to the cops investigating the appalling charges against him, Filthy Rich examines all sides of a case that scandalized one of America's richest communities."

Branded a baby killer : the story of Tammy Marquardt

October 19, 2016
D'Costa, Jasmine Anita Yvette, author.
Toronto : James Lorimer & Company Ltd., Publishers, 2015.
117 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.

We have your daughter : the unsolved murder of JonBenét Ramsey twenty years later

October 6, 2016
Woodward, Paula, author.
520 pages : illustratons ; 24 cm
Includes index.
An unprecedented, definitive insider perspective on the twentieth anniversary of one of the most heinous, sensationalized, unsolved crimes in American history.

Clinton cash : a graphic novel

October 6, 2016
Dixon, Chuck, 1954- author.
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 24 cm
Subtitle on cover: How the Clintons auctioned U.S. policy for profit.
Inspired by the book by Peter Schweizer.

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