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July 17, 2014
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The Nixon tapes

July 16, 2014
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014.
xxiii, 758 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 24 cm
The start of taping to the China Announcement, February-July 1971 -- The collapse of the gold standard to the India-Pakistan War, August-December 1971 -- Summit planning and escalation in Vietnam, January-May 1972 -- The road to reelection and the end of the war, June 1972-January 1973.
"The famous--and infamous--Nixon White House tapes that reveal for the first time President Richard Nixon uncensored, unfiltered, and in his own words President Nixon's voice-activated taping system captured every word spoken in the Oval Office, Cabinet Room, and other key locations in the White House, and at Camp David--3,700 hours of recordings between 1971 and 1973. Yet less than 5 percent of those conversations have ever been transcribed and published. Now, thanks to professor Luke Nichter's massive effort to digitize and transcribe the tapes, the world can finally read an unprecedented account of one of the most important and controversial presidencies in U.S. history. The Nixon Tapes offers a selection of fascinating scenes from the year Nixon opened relations with China, negotiated the SALT I arms agreement with the Soviet Union, and won a landslide reelection victory. All the while, the growing shadow of Watergate and Nixon's political downfall crept ever closer. The Nixon Tapes provides a never-before-seen glimpse into a flawed president's hubris, paranoia, and political genius"-- Provided by publisher.

Within arm's length : a secret service agent's definitive inside account of protecting the president

July 11, 2014
Emmett, Dan, 1955-
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2014.
xv, 299 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Includes index.
"Dan Emmett was just eight years old when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The events surrounding the President's death shaped the course of young Emmett's life as he set a goal of becoming a US Secret Service agent--one of a special group of people willing to trade their lives for that of the President, if necessary. Within Arm's Length is the essential book on the Secret Service--a revealing and compelling inside look at the Presidential Protective Division (PPD) with stories from some of the author's more high-profile assignments in his twenty-one years of service, where he provided arm's length protection worldwide for Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, and George W. Bush, both as a member of the PPD and the Counter Assault Team. Dan Emmett describes the professional challenges faced by Secret Service agents as well as the physical and emotional toll that can be inflicted on both agents and their families. Within Arm's Length also shares firsthand details about the duties and challenges of conducting presidential advances, dealing with the media, driving the President in a bullet-proof limousine, running alongside him through the streets of Washington, and flying with him on Air Force One. With fascinating anecdotes, Emmett weaves keen insight into the unique culture and history of the Secret Service and the inner workings of the White House"-- Provided by publisher.

Redeemer : the life of Jimmy Carter

June 20, 2014
Balmer, Randall Herbert, author.
New York, NY : Basic Books, 2014.
xxvii, 273 pages ; 24 cm
Jimmy Carter and me -- The household of faith -- From peanuts to politics -- New South governor -- He came unto his own -- Redeemer President -- Endangered evangelical -- His own received him not -- Election year of the evangelical -- Stepping stone -- Sunday morning in Plains -- Appendix one. Life and times of Jimmy Carter -- Appendix two. "Crisis of confidence," July 15, 1979.
Evangelical Christianity and conservative politics are today seen as inseparable. But when Jimmy Carter, a Democrat and a born-again Christian, won the presidency in 1976, he owed his victory in part to American evangelicals, who responded to his open religiosity and his rejection of the moral bankruptcy of the Nixon Administration. Carter, running as a representative of the New South, articulated a progressive strand of American Christianity that championed liberal ideals, racial equality, and social justice--one that has almost been forgotten since. In Redeemer, acclaimed religious historian Randall Balmer reveals how the rise and fall of Jimmy Carter's political fortunes mirrored the transformation of American religious politics. From his beginnings as a humble peanut farmer to the galvanizing politician who rode a reenergized religious movement into the White House, Carter's life and career mark him as the last great figure in America's long and venerable history of progressive evangelicalism. Although he stumbled early in his career--courting segregationists during his second campaign for Georgia governor--Carter's run for president marked a return to the progressive principles of his faith and helped reenergize the evangelical movement. Responding to his message of racial justice, women's rights, and concern for the plight of the poor, evangelicals across the country helped propel Carter to office. Yet four years later, those very same voters abandoned him for Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party. Carter's defeat signaled the eclipse of progressive evangelicalism and the rise of the Religious Right, which popularized a dramatically different understanding of the faith, one rooted in nationalism, individualism, and free-market capitalism. An illuminating biography of our 39th president, Redeemer presents Jimmy Carter as the last great standard-bearer of an important strand of American Christianity, and provides an original and riveting account of the moments that transformed our political landscape in the 1970s and 1980s. -- Provided by publisher.

All the presidents' bankers : the hidden alliances that drive American power

June 13, 2014
Prins, Nomi.
New York : Nation Books, [2014]
xvii, 521 pages ; 25 cm
When the President needed the bankers -- The early 1910s : post-panic creature and party posturing -- The mid-1910s : bankers go to war -- The late 1910s : peace treaties and domestic politics -- The 1920s : political isolationism, financial internationalism -- 1929 : the room at 23 Wall, crash, and Big-Six take -- The early 1930s : tenuous times, tax-evading titans -- The mid- to late 1930s : policing Wall Street, World War II -- The early to mid-1940s : World War II, bankers, and war bucks -- The late 1940s : world reconstruction and private bankers -- The 1950s : Eisenhower's buds, Cold War, hot money -- The early 1960s : "go-go" youth, murders, and global finance -- The mid- to late 1960s : progressive policies and bankers' economy -- The early to mid-1970s : corruption, gold, oil, and bankruptcies -- The late 1970s : inflation, hostages, and bankers -- The early to mid-1980s : free-market rules, bankers compete -- The late 1980s : Third World staggers, S&Ls implode -- The early to mid-1990s : killer instinct, bank wars. and the rise of Goldman Sachs -- The late 1990s : currency crises and Glass-Steagall demise -- The 2000 : multiple crises, the new Big Six, and global catastrophe.
"All The Presidents' Bankers is a compelling narrative of how a small group of private bankers and their financial institutions shaped America's economy and its global position since the start of the twentieth century. Through personal, political and professional networks, these bankers strategically exercised, and continue to exercise, disproportionate control over the destiny of billions of people. Nomi Prins offers an explosive account of how this came to be, and how the banks continue to influence the world economy and dominate government. Aligning the complex relationships between political and financial leaders since the early 1900s, Prins exposes the elite bankers that served as unelected leaders and confidants, acting as a shadow government concealed behind the US presidency from Wilson to Obama. With eye-opening correspondence culled from Presidential libraries across the country, against a timeline of two world wars and multiple market crashes, All The Presidents' Bankers traces the shocking consequences of a system in which there is no line between public office and private power"-- Provided by publisher.

Sex and the founding fathers : the American quest for a relatable past

June 13, 2014
Foster, Thomas A., author.
Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 2014.
x, 220 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
George Washington -- Thomas Jefferson -- John Adams -- Benjamin Franklin -- Alexander Hamilton -- Gouverneur Morris.
Biographers, journalists, and satirists have long used the subject of sex to define the masculine character and political authority of America's Founding Fathers. Tracing these commentaries on the Revolutionary era's major political figures in Sex and the Founding Fathers, Thomas Foster shows how continual attempts to reveal the true character of these men expose much more about Americans and American culture than about the Founders themselves. Sex and the Founding Fathers examines the remarkable and varied assessments of the intimate lives of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and Gouverneur Morris from their own time to ours. Interpretations can change radically; consider how Jefferson has been variously idealized as a chaste widower, condemned as a child molester, and recently celebrated as a multicultural hero. Foster considers the public and private images of these generally romanticized leaders to show how each generation uses them to reshape and reinforce American civic and national identity.

Hard choices

June 6, 2014
Clinton, Hillary Rodham, author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2014.
xii, 635 pages, 48 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 25 cm
Includes index.
Hillary Clinton's candid reflections about the key moments during her time as Secretary of State, as well as her thoughts about how to navigate the challenges of the 21st century.

Louisa Catherine : the other Mrs. Adams

June 5, 2014
Heffron, Margery M., 1939-2011.
ix, 416 pages : illustrations, map ; 25 cm
Halcyon days -- Ready for love -- Destined for greatness -- A fine romance -- At home and abroad -- In sickness and in health -- A native in a strange land -- Wandering fortunes -- A fleeting fairy tale -- Dark days on the Baltic -- The journey of a lifetime -- Little Boston house -- Campaign -- A beautiful plan.
Presents the life of the wife of the sixth president, covering her early life abroad, her diplomatic mission in Russia, her role as a famous Washington hostess, and her participation in the political and social events of her time.

Faithless execution : building the political case for Obama's impeachment

June 4, 2014
McCarthy, Andrew C.
New York : Encounter Books, 2014.
xii, 234 pages ; 24 cm

Hunting the president : threats, plots, and assassination attempts; from FDR to Obama

June 4, 2014
Ayton, Mel.
Washington, D.C. : Regnery History, [2014]
xi, 322 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates ; 24 cm
The boss -- General -- Scorecard -- Lancer -- Volunteer -- Searchlight -- Passkey -- Deacon -- Rawhide -- Timberwolf -- Eagle -- Trailblazer -- Renegade -- Epilogue: notoriety and the "copycat effect".
Highlights the lesser-known attempts on the lives of various U.S. presidents, including the man who stalked Roosevelt for ten days on Pennsylvania Avenue, and a Cuban immigrant who planned to attack LBJ's motorcade.

John Quincy Adams : American visionary

May 5, 2014
Kaplan, Fred, 1937-
xii, 652 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), color map, portraits (some color) ; 24 cm
Hooks of steel, 1767-1778 -- A European education, 1778-1783 -- Slow voyage home, 1783-1787 -- Most beautiful and beloved, 1787-1794 -- Remember your characters, 1794-1797 -- Begin anew the world, 1797-1801 -- The white worm, 1801-1804 -- Fiery ordeal, 1805-1808 -- Paradise of fools, 1809-1814 -- My wandering life, 1814-1817 -- The terrible sublime, 1817-1821 -- The Macbeth policy, 1821-1825 -- No bed of roses, 1825-1829 -- The uses of adversity, 1829-1833 -- A suitable sphere of action, 1834-1839 -- Adhering to the world, 1839-1843 -- The summit of my ambition, 1844-1848.
A brilliant combination of literary analysis and historical detail, this masterfully written biography of the much misunderstood sixth president of the United States reveals the many sides of this forward-thinking man whose progressive vision helped shape the course of America.

Encyclopedia of the U.S. presidency : a historical reference

April 30, 2014
New York : Facts On File, c2013.
6 v. (various pagings) : ill., maps ; 29 cm.
v. 1. Thematic articles -- v. 2. Washington-Tyler, 1789-1845 -- v. 3. Polk-Arthur, 1845-1885 -- v. 4. Cleveland-Coolidge, 1885-1929 -- v. 5. Hoover-Nixon, 1929-1974 -- v. 6. Ford-Obama, 1974-Present.

James Madison : a life reconsidered

April 28, 2014
Cheney, Lynne V.
New York, New York : Viking, [2014]
x, 564 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 25 cm
"This majestic new biography of James Madison explores the astonishing story of a man of vaunted modesty who audaciously changed the world. Among the Founding Fathers, Madison was a true genius of the early republic. Outwardly reserved, Madison was the intellectual driving force behind the Constitution and crucial to its ratification. His visionary political philosophy and rationale for the union of states--so eloquently presented in The Federalist papers--helped shape the country Americans live in today. Along with Thomas Jefferson, Madison would found the first political party in the country's history--the Democratic Republicans. As Jefferson's secretary of state, he managed the Louisiana Purchase, doubling the size of the United States. As president, Madison led the country in its first war under the Constitution, the War of 1812. Without precedent to guide him, he would demonstrate that a republic could defend its honor and independence--and remain a republic still"-- Provided by publisher.

Selected speeches and writings of Theodore Roosevelt

April 18, 2014
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919.
New York : Vintage Books, A Division of Random House LLC, 2014.
xviii, 365 pages ; 24 cm

Letters to President Clinton : biblical lessons on faith and leadership

March 26, 2014
Genaḳ, Menaḥem Dov ben Ḥayim Yitsḥaḳ, author, editor.
New York : Sterling Ethos, [2013]
xxix, 256 pages : illustrations, facsimiles, photographs ; 24 cm
Preface by Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.
Includes index.

So you think you know the presidents? : fascinating facts about our chief executives

March 25, 2014
Meltzer, Peter E., 1958-
Palisades, NY : History Pub. Co., c2013.
p. ; cm.
Full of interesting insights and quirky questions, this book goes beyond oft-discussed presidential trivia and exposes the reader to the stories that define our nation's chief executives as individuals. A great reference guide for students and avid history buffs alike.--Publisher.

Who is Michelle Obama?

March 7, 2014
Stine, Megan.
New York : Grosset & Dunlap, An Imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., [2013]
108 pages : illustrations, map ; 20 cm.
Who is Michelle Obama? -- A close family -- Making the grades -- Meeting Barack -- Making choices -- A new family -- Politics -- Race for the White House -- First lady -- Timelines -- Bibliography.
Presents the life and accomplishments of the First Lady of the United States, from her childhood in Chicago and her career as a lawyer to her marriage to Barack Obama and her initiatives in the White House.

Abraham Lincoln

March 5, 2014
Charnwood, Godfrey Rathbone Benson, Baron, 1864-1945.
Lanham, Md. : Madison Books : Distributed by National Book Network, 1996.
vi, 347 p. ; 23 cm.
Originally published: 1st American ed. New York : H. Holt & Co., 1916.
No other narrative account of Abraham Lincoln's life has inspired such widespread acclaim as Lord Charnwood's Abraham Lincoln : a biography. Many contemporary historians consider this thorough and superbly crafted work the quintessential biography of one of America's greatest presidents. Written by a native of England and originally published in 1916, the biography is a rare blend of beautiful prose and profound historical insight. Charnwood's study of Lincoln's statemanship introduced generations of Americans to the life and politics of Lincoln, and the author's observations are so comprehensive and well supported that any serious study of Lincoln must respond to his conclusions. This is essential reading for anyone interested in Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, or American political history.

A traveled first lady : writings of Louisa Catherine Adams

February 27, 2014
Adams, Louisa Catherine, 1775-1852.
Cambridge, Massachusetts : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2014.
xxiii, 388 p., [24] p. of plates : ill., map, ports., facsims. ; 24 cm.
"All was joy and peace and love": youth -- "An object of general attention": Prussia -- "Had I steped into Noah's ark": United States -- "The savage had been expected": Russia -- "The memory of one, who was": St. Petersburg to Paris -- "The wife of a man of superior talents": Washington, D.C., 1819-1820 -- "I am a very good diplomate": Washington, D.C., 1821-1824 -- "This apparent fate": retirement -- Epilogue: Henry Adams on Louisa.

Dear Abigail : the intimate lives and revolutionary ideas of Abigail Adams and her two remarkable sisters

February 20, 2014
Jacobs, Diane.
New York : Ballantine Books, [2014]
xii, 499 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
"For readers of the historical works of Robert K. Massie, David McCulough, and Alison Weir comes the first biography on the life of Abigail Adams and her sisters. "Never sisters loved each other better than we."--Abigail Adams in a letter to her sister Mary, June 1776 Much has been written about the enduring marriage of President John Adams and his wife, Abigail. But few know of the equally strong bond Abigail shared with her sisters, Mary Cranch and Elizabeth Shaw Peabody, accomplished women in their own right. Now acclaimed biographer Diane Jacobs reveals their moving story, which unfolds against the stunning backdrop of America in its transformative colonial years. Abigail, Mary, and Elizabeth Smith grew up in Weymouth, Massachusetts, the close-knit daughters of a minister and his wife. When the sisters moved away from one another, they relied on near-constant letters--from what John Adams called their "elegant pen"--to buoy them through pregnancies, illnesses, grief, political upheaval, and, for Abigail, life in the White House. Infusing her writing with rich historical perspective and detail, Jacobs offers fascinating insight into these progressive women's lives: oldest sister Mary, who became de facto mayor of her small village; youngest sister Betsy, an aspiring writer who, along with her husband, founded the second coeducational school in the United States; and middle child Abigail, who years before becoming First Lady ran the family farm while her husband served in the Continental Congress, first in Philadelphia, and was then sent to France and England, where she joined him at last. This engaging narrative traces the sisters' lives from their childhood sibling rivalries to their eyewitness roles during the American Revolution and their adulthood as outspoken wives and mothers. They were women ahead of their time who believed in intellectual and educational equality between the sexes. Drawing from newly discovered correspondence, never-before-published diaries, and archival research, Dear Abigail is a fascinating front-row seat to history--and to the lives of three exceptional women who were influential during a time when our nation's democracy was just taking hold. Advance praise for Dear Abigail "In a beautifully wrought narrative, Diane Jacobs has brought the high-spirited, hyperarticulate Smith sisters, and the early years of the American republic, to rich, luminous life. A stunning, sensitive work of history."--Stacy Schiff, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Cleopatra "Jacobs is a superb storyteller. In this sweeping narrative about family and friendship during the American Revolution, Abigail Adams emerges as one of the great political heroines of the eighteenth century. I fell in love with her all over again."--Amanda Foreman, New York Times bestselling author of A World on Fire. "Beauty, brains, and breeding--Elizabeth, Abigail, and Mary had them all. This absorbing history shows how these close-knit and well-educated daughters of colonial America become women of influence in the newly begotten United States. Jacobs's feel for the period is confident; so is her appreciation of the nuances of character."--Daniel Mark Epstein, author of The Lincolns: Portrait of a Marriage"-- Provided by publisher.

Thinking about the presidency : the primacy of power

February 13, 2014
Howell, William G.
Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2013]
xiii, 185 pages ; 25 cm
On being president -- Bearing witness -- Constitutional foundations -- Contrasting conceptions of executive leadership -- Misguided entreaties -- What failure looks like -- Limits.
"All American presidents, past and present, have cared deeply about power--acquiring, protecting, and expanding it. While individual presidents obviously have other concerns, such as shaping policy or building a legacy, the primacy of power considerations--exacerbated by expectations of the presidency and the inadequacy of explicit powers in the Constitution--sets presidents apart from other political actors. Thinking about the Presidency explores presidents' preoccupation with power. Distinguished presidential scholar William Howell looks at the key aspects of executive power--political and constitutional origins, philosophical underpinnings, manifestations in contemporary political life, implications for political reform, and looming influences over the standards to which we hold those individuals elected to America's highest office. Howell shows that an appetite for power may not inform the original motivations of those who seek to become president. Rather, this need is built into the office of the presidency itself--and quickly takes hold of whomever bears the title of Chief Executive. In order to understand the modern presidency, and the degrees to which a president succeeds or fails, the acquisition, protection, and expansion of power in a president's political life must be recognized--in policy tools and legislative strategies, the posture taken before the American public, and the disregard shown to those who would counsel modesty and deference within the White House. Thinking about the Presidency assesses how the search for and defense of presidential powers informs nearly every decision made by the leader of the nation." -- Publisher's description.

Abraham Lincoln in the kitchen : a culinary view of Lincoln's life and times

January 30, 2014
Eighmey, Rae Katherine.
Washington, DC : Smithsonian Books, [2013]
270 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"Abraham Lincoln in the Kitchen is a culinary biography unlike any before. The very assertion of the title--that Abraham Lincoln cooked--is fascinating and true. It's an insight into the everyday life of one of our nation's favorite and most esteemed presidents and a way to experience flavors and textures of the past. Eighmey solves riddles such as what type of barbecue could be served to thousands at political rallies when paper plates and napkins didn't exist, and what gingerbread recipe could have been Lincoln's childhood favorite when few families owned cookie cutters and he could carry the cookies in his pocket. Through Eighmey's eyes and culinary research and experiments--including sleuthing for Lincoln's grocery bills in Springfield ledgers and turning a backyard grill into a cast-iron stove--the foods that Lincoln enjoyed, cooked, or served are translated into modern recipes so that authentic meals and foods of 1820-1865 are possible for home cooks. Feel free to pull up a chair to Lincoln's table"-- Provided by publisher.

James & Dolley Madison : America's first power couple

January 27, 2014
Chadwick, Bruce.
Amherst, New York : Prometheus Books, 2014.
450 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
"A revealing new portrait of James and Dolley Madison, America's first political power couple. In this comprehensive biography of James and Dolley Madison, historian Bruce Chadwick introduces the reader to "America's first power couple." Using newly uncovered troves of letters at the University of Virginia, Chadwick has been able to reconstruct the details of the Madisons' personal and political lives. Based on this archive, the author argues that our fourth president--the architect of the Constitution--owed much of his success to the political savvy of his wife. And Dolley, through her many social skills, created the dynamic role of First Lady that we know today. Within the new historical papers are remarkable stories of Dolley's parties and her backdoor politicking. Their letters show Madison not as a boring, average president--as some historians have maintained--but as a vibrant, tough leader, a very successful commander in chief who changed America. These documents also help to paint a searing portrait of the Madisons' struggles with their irresponsible son and outline how their lifelong funding of his whims brought about their own demise. Blending the personal and the political, this is a fascinating portrait of a couple whose life together contributed so much to the future course of our nation"-- Provided by publisher.

Lincoln's boys : John Hay, John Nicolay, and the war for Lincoln's image

January 27, 2014
Zeitz, Joshua.
New York : Viking, 2014.
viii, 390 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Exile in the west -- The homes of free white people -- It was my privilege to witness -- The prairies are on fire -- Wide awake -- A young man of his age -- Despotic act in the cause of union -- God placed him where he is -- New birth of freedom -- His heart was too sad -- Europe -- Pike County balladeer -- Breadwinners -- A model for all good little boys to follow -- Our ideal hero -- We are Lincoln men all through -- Lincolniana -- The fellows who came of age in the Lincoln years.
A timely and intimate look into Abraham Lincoln's White House through the lives of his two closest aides and confidants.

Pat and Dick : the Nixons, an intimate portrait of a marriage

January 9, 2014
Swift, Will, 1947-
New York : Threshold Editions, 2014.
x, 479 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Part I. An ambitious young couple -- "Will you think of me sometimes?" -- Going places -- Married, happily -- Love after Pearl Harbor -- Giant slayers -- The faces of America's future -- Crises on the home front -- Safeguarding the American home -- Part II. Cultural leaders and private citizens -- "Heroes" and "housewives": Dick, Ike, Pat and Mamie -- A turbulent ascent -- Enduring defeat -- Darkness -- Your turn, my turn -- Part III. White House dreams and nightmares -- Adjusting to the White House fortress -- "We had held our own" -- A private marriage in the public spotlight -- Love in the White House -- The zenith -- Falling apart -- Part IV. Affliction and recovery -- Renewal in exile -- A peaceful twilight -- Epilogue.

Life inside the bubble : why a top-ranked secret service agent walked away from it all

January 3, 2014
Bongino, Dan.
ix, 179 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Foreword / by Wayne Simmons CIA -- Early years -- NYPD blue -- In the line of fire -- The end of the Clinton era -- 9/11 -- An assassin among us -- Training the next generation -- Dignitary protection and the fight to protect -- The "big show": the Presidential Protective Division -- Transportation: it's not simply about motorcades -- The President's life in my hands -- Missile treaties and the return to Indonesia -- Oil spills, Indonesia again, and making a war zone "safe" -- Media spin vs. security reality -- Giving back the gun and shield -- From behind the camera to the front -- Israel and a surprise entrance into the primary -- The campaign heats up -- A political loss, and why action matters -- The real scandal of "fast and furious" -- Benghazi: who gave the order to stand down? -- Boston: too many agencies, not enough communication -- Our government has failed us.
Why would a successful, twelve-year Secret Service agent resign his position in the prime of his career to run for political office? Bongino, assigned to protective duty for George W. Bush and Barack Obama, takes an intimate look at life inside the presidential "bubble:" a haze of staffers, consultants, cronies, acolytes, bureaucrats and lobbyists that creates the "alternate reality" in which monumental policy decisions are made. Uncover why a government filled with incredibly dedicated people continues to make tragic mistakes.

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