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March 18, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Don't be a stranger

March 17, 2015
Nesbitt, John D., author.
Farmington Hills, Mich. : Five Star, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, 2015.
219 pages ; 23 cm
"Elwood Lawrence--top hand at the Crown Butte ranch--tries to find out where the cattle are disappearing to. It looks like an inside job. His work becomes complicated when he develops an interest in a woman who comes to visit the ranch and behind it all is the disappearance of a flashy stranger who is said to be a bank robber"

Bone digger

March 17, 2015
Hirt, Douglas.
Waterville, Maine : Five Star, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, 2015.
157 pages ; 22 cm
"Eons past, an ancient creature the size of a bunkhouse lived out a solitary life and died all alone in a rugged canyon. Millennia later that canyon occupied an isolated corner of C. L. McSween's Rocking S. Ranch. Then McSween decied to dam up the canyon to provide water for his cattle. Paleontologist from back east, discovers the cache of bones from this long-dead Jurassic monster, he realizes they are a priceless treasure trove. C. L. McSween and his daughter Libby don't see it that way. They're concerned only about ensuring the survival of their cattle. On top of that, McSween is a superstitious ex-mountain man. He considers the bone digger a grave robber and wants him off his ranch. To Chad Larimer, foreman of the Rocking S. Ranch, Cobsworth's discovery is nothing more than a bunch of old cow bones until strangers from back east show up desperate to get their hands on them. Among the Easterners is the infamous paleontologist Professor O. C. Marsh. Marsh wants the bones for his museum and is prepared to have them at any cost. He's brought hired guns with him, and whoever gets between him and those bones is going to die. Unfortunately, Chad is the man in the middle."--cover.

The rebel of Copper Creek

March 3, 2015
Ryan, R. C., 1937- author.
365 pages ; 17 cm.

Epitaph : a novel of the O.K. Corral

February 26, 2015
Russell, Mary Doria, 1950- author.
New York : Ecco, 2015.
581 pages ; 24 cm
A sequel to Doc is based on the true events of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral and Wyatt Earp's survival against a backdrop of volatile politics in 1881 America.

Morrow Creek runaway

February 18, 2015
Plumley, Lisa.
Don Mills, Ont. : Harlequin Books, 2015.
283 p. ; 17 cm.
"Harlequin historical western."
A year ago, Rosamond Dancy never dreamed she would find herself in Morrow Creek. After being removed from her job as a Boston housemaid, sold into marriage and widowed in quick succession, she is now determined to take back the reins of her life. But then the past she's determined to forget shows up on her doorstep in the form of Miles Callawayand everything changes in an instant. Could Miles be the one to convince this runaway to hang up her shoes and stay by his side forever?

Into the Savage Country

February 12, 2015
Burke, Shannon.
New York : Pantheon Books, 2014.
252 pages ; 22 cm
While on a perilous expedition into Crow territory in the 1820s, William Wyeth discovers the depth of loyalty among men and the lengths people will go in order to survive when he becomes trapped in the center of a deadly boundary dispute between Native American tribes, the British government and American trapping brigades.

Wanted: Sam Bass : great western detective league

February 2, 2015
Colt, Paul. author.
Waterville, Maine : Five Star, [2015]
215 pages ; 23 cm.
The Pinkerton Detective Agency had a competitor. Who knew? Wanted: Sam Bass introduces the Great Western Detective League and a colorful cast of law enforcement professionals operating across the west in the late eighteen hundreds. Sam Bass launches his outlaw career in 1877 with high stakes stage and train robberies. Wells Fargo and Union Pacific want Bass and his gang. Crafty bounty hunter Briscoe Cane takes the case for the league. Pinkerton assigns agent Beau Longstreet. While Cane dogs the gang's trail Longstreet entertains ladies with information on Bass. With a hefty stack of reward money at stake Cane and Longstreet match wits to bring down Bass in a winner-take-all race to a bloody showdown in a dusty Texas town

Ace's wild

January 21, 2015
McCarty, Sarah, author.
409 pages ; 17 cm.
"When you gamble with desire, be prepared to risk everything... Unlike the rest of the Hell's Eight brotherhood, Ace Parker's home isn't on the range. This restless cowboy craves the hustle of Simple, Texas, a lawless town where he can sate his darker appetites without guilt. At least he could, until Petunia Wayfield arrived. The prickly new teacher is insisting that Ace help her rid the town of drunkenness and card playing. For that kind of miracle, Ace demands a reward the spinster schoolmarm will surely never give. But Petunia isn't backing down. Not when the intense passion Ace offers shatters her to the core. As soon as she can afford a ticket to California, she'll leave Simple behind for good. Until then, she'll match his sensual challenge with her own, daring him to give up his fiercely guarded self-control. And then real danger claims Petunia, forcing Ace to reveal the man he really is--even if it drives her away forever"--Page [4] of cover.

Good day to kill

January 21, 2015
Richards, Dusty, author.
New York, NY : Pinnacle Books/Kensington Publishing Corp., 2015.
444 pages ; 17 cm..
"For Chet Byrnes, building a ranching empire means adding new land, hiring good men, finding water and trying new breeds of cattle. But outlaws and Tuscon's idle rich want to take it all away--and Arizona just may be too lawless to stop it. So while the Byrnes family expands its reach, Chet must do his job hunting down outlaws on either side of the border. Chet's cowboys prove to be tireless fighters, going up against former Mexican military men, a powerful family with bad in their blood. Then Chet takes on the most dangerous risk of all: a bloody, all-out shooting war--with everything to lose, and one last enemy to kill"--Page [4] of cover.


January 20, 2015
Dobbins, Brian, author.
372 pages ; 23 cm.
"Wyoming Territory, 1886. Ethan Darny and his young cousin Ben Tyler are eking out a marginal existence as ranch hands when they find themselves involved in a violent bank hold-up. The robbery goes very wrong and two of the casualties are the town sheriff and deputy. Wounded and frightened, Ethan, Ben and Will Sully start off for the lawless town of Corryville to escape capture and to formulate a plan for their unsure futures. But their flight is marred by more violence. Struggling with conscience and once again unnerved by sudden misfortune, they arrive in Corryville seeking medical attention, shelter and sustenance. They soon find themselves drawn into the deceitful, dangerous world of vicious saloon owner Mike Kenney, who plans his own criminal agenda for them. Moses White and Wade Loveless, two of the toughest and most determined U.S. Marshals, pursue them across the Wyoming territory and are nearing Corryville. They're accompanied by Deputy Jim Cade, who left his wife and young daughter to catch the men who killed his friends. When he meets up with the outlaws, he may blur the fine line between justice and vengeance. Corryville is about to suffer a great deal of bloodshed as the showdown draws inexorably closer."--Back cover.

Where trust lies

January 15, 2015
Oke, Janette, 1935-
Minneapolis, Minnesota : Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group, [2015]
333 pages ; 23 cm.
"After teaching in a 1920s mining town in western Canada, Beth Thatcher no longer feels at home among her wealthy family in the East, and her heart is torn between two very different worlds"-- Provided by publisher.

The Cane Creek regulators : a frontier story

January 5, 2015
Boggs, Johnny D. author.
Waterville, Maine : Five Star, A part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2014]
240 pages ; 23 cm

A family for Maddie

December 29, 2014
Luck, Sara.
New York, NY : Pocket Books 2015.
369 p. ; 18 cm.
While working with Roy Pemberton, an agent sent to keep the peace between Native Americans and settlers, to build a wagon freight company, Case Williams falls in love with Roy's younger daughter, Maddie, and must decide whether or not to give in to his forbidden feelings or keep them a secret.

Robert B. Parker's The bridge

December 17, 2014
Knott, Robert, 1954-
New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons, [2014]
312 pages ; 24 cm
"The Virgil Cole/Everett Hitch novels."
"The next gritty, gun-slinging entry in the New York Times-bestselling series, featuring itinerant lawmen Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch. Territorial Marshals Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch are back in Appaloosa, where their work enforcing the law has been exceptionally quiet. All that is about to change. An ominous storm rolls in, and along with it a band of night riders with a devious scheme, who show up at the Rio Blanco camp, where a three-hundred-foot bridge is under construction. Appaloosa's Sheriff Sledge Driskill and his deputies are the first to respond, but as the storm grows more threatening, news of troubles at the bridge escalate and the Sheriff and his deputies go missing. Virgil and Everett saddle up to sort things out but before they do the hard drinking, Beauregard Beauchamp arrives in Appaloosa with his Theatrical Extravaganza troupe and the promise of the best in lively entertainment west of the Mississippi. With the troupe comes a lovely and mysterious fortune-teller who is set on saving Everett from imminent but indefinable danger. The trouble at the bridge, the missing lawmen, the new arrivals, and Everett's shoot-out in front of Hal's Cafe; aren't the only things on Cole and Hitch's plate as a gang of unsavory soldiers ease into town with a shady alibi, shadier intentions, and a soon-to-be-discovered wake of destruction. As clouds over Appaloosa continue to gather, things get much worse for Cole and Hitch ... "-- Provided by publisher.

Shadow of the hangman

December 1, 2014
Johnstone, William W., author.
396 pages ; 18 cm.
When a farmer's wife is murdered, an innocent man is accused: Patrick O'Brien. The book-loving brother had shared his love of literature with the woman, but her husband claims she spurned Pat's advances and that's why he killed her. Now it looks like Patrick will swing from the gallows-- especially after his lawyer is targeted, too. Pat's brothers try to track down the real killer, but time is running out. A team of hired guns has come to town, and they're choking the family ranch like a noose. For the brothers O'Brien, it's judgment day. And justice will be served-- in a hellstorm of blood and bullets.

Terror of the mountain man

December 1, 2014
Johnstone, William W.
New York : Pinnacle Books, Kensington Publishing Corp., c2014.
363 p. ; 18 cm.
"Pinnacle books."
After a Mexican revolutionary crashes the border, killing 22 innocent U.S. citizens and stealing livestock, including 200 of his horses, Smoke Jensen, going where the U.S. Army and the Texas Rangers cannot, wages war on the Colonel and his ruthless banditos.

Rebel yell

December 1, 2014
Johnstone, William W., author.
New York : Pinnacle Books, Kensington Publishing Corp., [2014]
376 pages ; 17 cm.
"In 1866, the border between the U.S. and Mexico is a hotbed of gunrunners, mercenaries, and the Emperor of Mexico's spies, saboteurs and double agents. On top of which, West Texas is plagued by Comanche warriors. Into this mix ride two massive gangs of the meanest, most kill-happy bunch of bloodthirsty ravagers to ever draw a breath. Sam Heller and Johnny Cross have got the marauders in their sights, but they aren't ready for the slaughter and destruction the raiders unleash on Hangtree County. Suddenly, the good guys in Hangtree are dangerously outnumbered. Sam and Johnny turn to cunning--pitting one gang against the other. And what that won't do, a liberated army howitzer just might--as the border explodes into an all-out white-hot civil war." -- from publisher's web site.

Flintlock. Gut-shot

December 1, 2014
Johnstone, William W. author.
411 pages ; 18 cm.
"$10,000. That's the bounty on the head of the most hated man in Texas - the man that Flintlock has been hired to guard. The crime was the brutal murder of a young school-teacher. The verdict was not guilty for lack of evidence. And the suspected killer's first guard was murdered by a shotgun blast. What makes Flintlock believe in this man's innocence? Call it gut instinct. Or call it maybe just a hankering for a fight. Because Flintlock knows that some very powerful and dangerous people are trying to make a man look guilty as sin. The only way for Flintlock to get the truth now is to go gunning for it - on a bad man's blood-soaked killing ground."--Page 4 of cover.

Outlaw Pete

November 11, 2014
Springsteen, Bruce, author.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 26 x 30 cm.

Far as the eye can see : a novel

November 4, 2014
Bausch, Robert.
New York : Bloomsbury USA, 2014.
307 pages : map ; 24 cm
Bobby Hale is a Union veteran several times over. After the war, he sets his sights on California, but only makes it to Montana. As he stumbles around the West, from the Wyoming Territory to the Black Hills of the Dakotas, he finds meaning in the people he meets-settlers and native people-and the violent history he both participates in and witnesses. Far as the Eye Can See is the story of life in a place where every minute is an engagement in a kind of war of survival, and how two people-a white man and a mixed-race woman-in the midst of such majesty and violence can manage to find a pathway to their own humanity.

The last shootist

October 29, 2014
Swarthout, Miles Hood, author.
New York : Forge, 2014.
350 pages ; 22 cm
"The sequel to Glendon Swarthout's classic Western The shootist."--Cover.
"A Tom Doherty Associates book."
Young Gillom Rogers has just given the coup de grace to a famous gunfighter involved in a bloody saloon shootout in 1901 El Paso, Texas. After swiping J.B. Books's matched Remington pistols off his body, Gillom thinks he may be able to ride this spectacle to fame and glory as the last shootist. But Gillom is an eighteen-year-old with lots of growing up to do, and showing off his new pistols quickly gets him into a gunfight he didn't bargain for.

An occurrence in Crazy Bear Valley

October 28, 2014
Keene, Brian, author.
97 pages ; 22 cm
Morgan and his gang are on the run--from their pasts and from the posse riding hot on their heels, intent on seeing them hang. But when they take refuge in Crazy Bear Valley, their flight becomes a siege as they find themselves battling a legendary race of monstrous, bloodthirsty beings. Now, Morgan and his gang aren't worried about hanging. They just want to live to see the dawn.

Raina's choice

October 27, 2014
Morris, Gilbert.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2014.
pages ; cm.

A frontier Christmas

October 24, 2014
Johnstone, William W.
New York, NY : Pinnacle Books, Kensington Publishing Corp., [2014]
410 pages ; 18 cm
When the outlaws responsible for brutally murdering the mayor's family escape the day before they are sentenced to hang, Duff MacCallister and the Jensen family must find and bring the criminals to bloody justice so that every can have a Merry Christmas.

Wyoming strong

October 23, 2014
Palmer, Diana, author.
Duncan Mills, Ontario : Harlequin® HQN, 2014.
248 pages ; 25 cm
When fate intervenes and brings them together on neighboring Wyoming ranches, archenemies Wolf Patterson and Sara Brandon cast their differences aside when they see each other in a whole new light as love takes root between them.

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