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Beyond Bestsellers: October


Nick Harkaway
Sgt. Lester Ferris, soon to be retired from military service, is finishing out his time by serving as brevet-consul on the island of Mancreu. Mancreu is also coming to an end, its ecology destroyed by man and nature, with a rising volcano signaling the end is near. Ferris befriends a street savvy, comic book-loving boy who urges him to take on a superhero identity in an attempt to thwart the criminal activity that runs amok when people sense impending catastrophe. Dense but darkly humorous.

Wars of the Roses: Stormbird

Conn Iggulden
Iggulden, author of fascinating historicals about Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan, begins a new series about the fifteenth century fight for the English crown. Henry VI prefers praying in the chapel to wearing armor, so it’s no wonder his reign offers the power-hungry House of York the opportunity to seize control. When Henry’s marriage to Margaret of Anjou includes ceding lands to the French, the British lords living in France are ready to support a new regime. An engrossing beginning to 50 years of political turmoil.

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February 2014

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