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Circulating Books


Is It Antique Yet? Highly Practical Guide to What's Antiques and What's not
Frank Farmer Loomis
745.1 L863 1998

A Closer Look at Antiques
Judith Miller
745.1 qM648 2000

Treasures in Your Attic: An Entertaining, Informative, Down-to-Earth Guide to a Wide Range of Collectibles and Antiques from the Hosts of the Popular Television Show Seen on PBS Stations
Joe Rosson
745.1 R838 2001

Miller's International Antiques Price Guide
745.1075 qM652a 2001

Antiques Roadshow Primer: The Introductory Guide to Antiques and Collectibles from the Most-watched Series on PBS
Carol Prisant
745.1 P959 1999

Buying and Selling

Adventures at the Auction: The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling at Auction---In Person and Online
Leslie Hindman
025.063811 H662 2001

Auction This! Your Complete Guide to the World of Online Auctions
Dennis Prince
381.170285 P954a 1999

More Money from Antiques!
Milan Vesely
381.457451 V575 1998

Antiques on the Cheap: A Savvy Dealer's Tips: Buying, Restoring, Selling
James W. McKenzie
745.1028 M156 1998


Coca-Cola Collectible Cars & Trucks
338.766362 qC659zcoc 2000

Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide
338.766362 qC659zp v.10 1997

Price Guide to Vintage Coca-Cola collectibles
Deborah Goldstein Hill
338.766362 qC659zh 1999

Collectibles for the Kitchen, Bath & Beyond: A Pictorial Guide
Ellen Bercovici
683.8 B486 1998

The New Cooks' Catalogue
683.82 qC773 2000

Caring for Antiques

How to Restore Antique Furniture
Wiltshire Ramsbury
684.1044 qH725 1996

Caring for Your Family Treasures: Heritage Preservation
Jane S. Long
745.10288 L848 2000


Marques of America: A Special-Interest Car Buyer's Guide
629.222075 qM357 1994

A Collector's Guide to Automobilia
629.222 qC697 1994

The Art of the Automobile: The 100 Greatest Cars
Dennis Adler
629.22209 fA237 2000

China, Glass, and Ceramics

An Illustrated Dictionary of Ceramics: Defining 3,054 Terms ...
George Savage
738.03 qS263 1985

China and Glass in America, 1880-1980: From Tabletop to TV
738.074764 fC539 2000

American Pottery & Porcelain
William C. Ketchum
738.0973 K43p 2000

Warman's American Pottery and Porcelain
738.097307 qW277 2000

Antique Porcelain
John Sandon
738.2075 S218

A Collector's History of English Pottery
Griselda Lewis
738.30942 qL674 1999

Antique Glass
John Sandon
748.2075 S218 1999

Twentieth Century Glass
748.2075 T971 2000

Furniture, Clocks, and Carpets

Price Guide to Antique Clocks
Robert W. Swedberg
681.113 qS974 1998

The Bulfinch Guide to Carpets: How to Identify, Classify. and Evaluate Antique Oriental Carpets and Rugs
Enza Milanesi
746.75095 M637 1993

Dictionary of Furniture
749.03 qD554 2001

Antique Furniture
John Andrews
749.1075 A567 1997

Hidden Treasures: Searching for Masterpieces of American Furniture
Leigh and Leslie Keno
749.213 qK36Zk 2000 (also on audiocassette)

American Furniture: Understanding Styles, Construction, and Quality
John T. Kirk
749.213 fK59a 2000

Encyclopedia of American Oak Furniture
Robert Swedberg
749.213 qS974e 2000

Warman's American Furniture
749.213 qW277 updated

American Furniture: Tables, Chairs, Sofas and Beds
Marvin D. Schwartz
749.21307 S399 2000

The Shaker Legacy: Perspectives on an Enduring Furniture Style
Christian Becksvoort
749.213088 fB397 2000

British Antique Furniture: Price Guide and Reasons for Values
John Andrews
749.22 qA567 1989

Guns and Knives

Levine's Guide to Knives and Their Values
621.932 qL665 v.04 1997

The International Blade Collectors Association Price Guide to Commemorative Knives
J. Bruce Voyles
621.932 qV975c 1995

Firearms Curios or Relics List
683.4 F523 1972/95

Standard Catalog of Firearms
683.4 qS785 10th ed. 2000

Gun Trader's Guide
683.40075 qG975 22nd ed. 1999

Old Gunsights: A Collector's Guide, 1850-1965
Nick Stroebel
683.40075 qS919 1998

Modern Custom Guns: Walnut, Steel, and Uncommon Artistry
Tom Turpin
683.40075 qT957 1997

Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms...And Their Values
683.400973 qF592 7th ed. 1998


An Illustrated Dictionary of Silverware
Harold Newman
739.230321 qN552 2000

Antique Silver
Ian Pickford
739.237 P597 1998

Silver in America, 1840-1940: A Century of Splendor
Charles L. Venable
739.23773 fV447 1995

Sports Memorabilia and Collectibles

The Baseball and Sports Publications Price Guide
796.075 qB299 1995/1996

Malloy's Sports Collectibles Value Guide: Up-to-Date Prices for Noncard Sports Memorabilia
Roderick A. Malloy
796.075 M255 1993

Standard Catalog of Sports Memorabilia
796.075 qS785 2000

Sports Memorabilia for Dummies
Pete Williams
796.075 W726 1998

Complete Guide to Football, Basketball and Hockey Memorabilia
796.30294 C737 v.01 1995

Antique Golf Collectibles: A Price and Reference Guide
796.352075 qA633 1999

Golf Antiques and Other Treasures of the Game
John M. Olman and Morton W. Olman
796.352075 qO51g 1993

Complete Guide to Baseball Memorabilia
796.357075 C737 v.03 1996

Collecting Baseball Memorabilia: A Handbook
Dan Zachofsky
796.357097 Z16 2000

Toys, Dolls, and Comic Books

Comic Buyer's Guide: Comic Book Checklist and Price Guide
741.502 C7333 (annual)

Collecting Comic Books: A Young Person's Guide
Thomas Owens
741.50973 qO97 1995

One Hundred Greatest Baby Boomer Toys
Mark Rich
745.59075 qR499 2000

Baby Boomer Toys: Revised Price Guide
Carol Turpen
745.592075 qT957 1998

Madame Alexander: Collector's Dolls Price Guide
Linda C. Crowsey
745.59221 qA379Zc 2000

The World of Dolls
Maryanne Dolan
745.59221 qD659 1998

Collector's Guide to 1990s Barbie Dolls: Identification & Values
Maria Martinez-Esquerra
745.59221 M385 1998