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The Greek Stones Speak: The Story of Archaeology in Greek Lands by Paul Lachlan MacKendrick

Reconstructing the Past: A Basic Introduction to Archaeology
Keith Branigan
913.031 B821

Contemporary Archaeology: A Guide to Theory and Contributions
edited by Mark P. Leone
913.031 qC761

Deep Water, Ancient Ships: The Treasure Vault of the Mediterranean
Willard Bascom
913.031028 B298

The Greek Stones Speak: The Story of Archaeology in Greek Lands
Paul Lachlan MacKendrick
913.38 M155

Into the Unknown: Solving Ancient Mysteries
Brian M. Fagan
930 qF151 1997

Stones, Bones, and Ancient Cities
Lawrence H. Robbins
930 R634 1990

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Lost Civilizations
Donald P. Ryan
930 R988 1999

Atlas of Archaeology
930.1 qA881

Debating Archaeology
Lewis Roberts Binford
930.1 B612d 1989

Cambridge Encyclopedia of Archaeology
930.1 qC178

Michael Carter
930.1 C324

Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology
Kenneth L. Feder
930.1 F293 1990

Timewalkers: The Prehistory of Global Colonization
Clive Gamble
930.1 G191 1994

Recovering the Past
Richard A. Gould
930.1 G697r 1990

Centuries of Darkness: A Challenge to the Conventional Chronology of Old World Archaeology
Peter James
930.1 J28 1993

The Practical Archaeologist: How we Know what we Know about the Past
Jane McIntosh
930.1 qM152 1999

Footsteps: Nine Archaeological Journeys
Bruce Norman
930.1 qN842 1988

Digging through Darkness: Chronicles of an Archaeologist
Carmel Schrire
930.1 S337 1995

The Discovery of the Past
Alain Schnapp
930.1 qS357cE 1997

The New York Times Book of Archeology
edited by Nicholas Wade.
930.1 S416 2001

Experiencing the Past: On the Character of Archaeology
Michael Shanks
930.1 S528e 1992

The World Atlas of Archeology
Nick Constable
930.10223 fC756 2000

Virtual Archaeology: Re-creating Ancient Worlds
edited by Maurizio Forte and Alberto Siliotti
930.10285 qA669v 1997

Whose Pharaohs?: Archaeology, Museums, and Egyptian National Identity from Napoleon to World War I
Donald M. Reid
932 R354 2002

The Complete Tutankhamun: The King, the Tomb, and the Royal Treasure
C. N. Reeves
932.014 qT966Zr 1990

Classical Greece: Ancient Histories and Modern Archaeologies
938.0072 qC614 1994

Pitt Rivers: The Life and Archaeological Work of
Lieutenant-General Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers, DCL
Mark Bowden
941.081092 qP688Zb 1991

The Search for Ancient Greece
Roland Etienne
949.5 E84 1992

Elusive Treasure: The Story of Early Archaeologists in the Americas
Brian M. Fagan
970.1 F151

Bones of the Maya: Studies of Ancient Skeletons
edited by Stephen L. Whittington and David M. Reed
972.81016 qB712 1997

Archaeology of the Land of the Bible
220.93 A6692 1990

Archaeology and the Bible: The Best of BAR
220.93 qA6695

Treasures from Bible Times
Alan Millard
220.93 M645

The Bible and Archaeology
J.A. Thompson
220.93 T473 1982

An Introduction to Bible Archaeology
Howard F. Vos
220.93 V959j

The Bible as History
Werner Keller
220.95 K29 1982

Bible Then & Now
Jenny Roberts
220.95 qR645 1996