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Public Documents On Archaeology

The exploratory spirit of the U.S. government has spurred surveys, excavations, and studies of the primitive peoples and early days of our country. From Louis and Clark to the Hubble telescope, Congress has taken the lead in promoting and funding scientific investigations of the Earth. The government documents collection includes voluminous reports on these undertakings and their findings.

A sample of titles:


Jamestown Archeological Assessment
I 29.9/2: J23
An illustrated guide to the excavation of Jamestown begun in 1992.

Archeology at Harmony Hall
I 29.14/2: 9
A detailed report of the findings of excavations of an 18th century Georgian manor house in Maryland.

The Scene of the Battle, 1775
Minute Man National Historical Park
I 29.86: M66 and M66/2
Overview and evaluation of the archeological findings of the Battle of Lexington.

Maryland Heights
I 29.14/2: 2
Archeology and history of the Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, area, including its days as a charcoal industry, a Civil War fort, and a domestic settlement.

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument
I 29.116: 47
One of several studies of prehistoric peoples in the Southwest.

Long House: Mesa Verde National Park
I 29.59: 7H
Detailed report of the artifacts of this prehistoric Indian community in Colorado.

The protection of archeological sites and the publication of project findings are ongoing:

Protecting Archeological Sites on Private Lands
I 29.2: AR 2/20
A guide to preservation techniques for the professional community and public.

Common Ground
I 29.59/5-2:
A regular magazine about archeology and ethnology for the general public.

Kennewick man

The National Park Service also posts reports on current archeological projects on its Links to the Past webpage and its Archeology and Ethnography page, which includes government reports on the famous Kennewick man controversy.