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Death at Jamestown


America’s Past

Death at Jamestown
VHS 12539

Digging for Slaves
VHS 4493

Other People’s Garbage
VHS 1071

Ancient Sites Uncovered

China’s Wall of Doom
VHS 6965

Glory of Macedonia
VHS 11362

Joshua at the Walls of Jericho
VHS 6099

Last Days of Zeugma
VHS 13263

Lost City of Zimbabwe
VHS 4545

Moses at Mt. Sinai
VHS 6100

Pompeii, Buried Alive
VHS 6387

Secrets of the Dead
VHS 10792

Shadow of Angkor Wat
VHS 8156

Time Life’s Lost Civilizations
VHS 6459
V.1 Egypt
V.2 Maya
V.3 Mesopotamia
V.4 Aegean
V.5 Greece
V.6 China
V.7 Rome
V.8 Africa
V.9 Inca
V.10 Tibet

In Search of Troy

In Search of the Trojan War
VHS 915 (v.1-6 In Search of Troy)

Odyssey of Troy
VHS 6124

Troy Revisited
VHS 4795

Indians of North, Central and South America

Blood and Treasure in Peru
VHS 6912

VHS 5806

Cave of the Glowing Skulls
VHS 12151

City of the Gods
VHS 7566

Legacy of the Incas
VHS 3275

Lost King of the Maya
VHS 12211

Mystery of Chaco Canyon
VHS 11512

Searching for the Great Hopewell Road
VHS 9834

Return of the Maya
VHS 5459

Riddle of the Maya
VHS 6975

Mysteries of Egypt

Curse of King Tut
VHS 5775

Exploring the Egyptian Pyramids
VHS 8365

Face of Tutankhamun
VHS 6153a

Lost Mummy of Imhotep
VHS 12843

Mummies: Tales From the Egyptian Crypts
VHS 7202

Rape of Tutankhamun
VHS 5173

Who Was Cleopatra?
VHS 5808

Underwater Archaeology

Ancient Mariners
VHS 914

Cave Beneath the Sea
VHS 5807

Lincoln’s Secret Weapon
(USS Monitor)
VHS 11534

Lost Relics of the Sea
VHS 768

SS Andrea Doria
VHS 12441

Submarine I-52
VHS 11258

Sultan’s Lost Treasure
VHS 12336

Treasures of the Sunken City
VHS 8392

Voyage of Doom
VHS 10246

Feature Films