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October 2003

Cooking—Government Resources

Food Handling & Preparation

Preventing Foodborne Illness
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Just like mom said: always wash your hands.

The Safe Food Book: Your Kitchen Guide
U.S. Department of Agriculture
This helpful pamphlet describes common ailments caused by food and gives practical advice on using a microwave oven and what to do if your freezer is broken.

Good Cooking

5-A Day for Better Health
National Cancer Institute
HE20.3152: F94/2
Eating five servings a day of fruits & vegetables isn’t always easy. These tasty recipes can help.

Building Blocks for Fun and Healthy Meals: A Menu Planner for the Child and Adult Care Food Program
U.S. Department of Agriculture
This is a great guide for daycare centers and schools, with advice on everything from which foods are the highest choking risks to how to cut fat from the diet.

Navy Flight Feeding Guide
U.S. Navy
D212.6/3: F32
If you ever find yourself on an aircraft carrier surrounding by hungry pilots, this is where to turn. You’ll find tips for making hot meals or sandwiches for Navy flight crews.


Nutritive Value of Foods
U.S. Department of Agriculture
From brand-name cereals to cuts of meat, this authoritative guide lists calories, fat, protein, and salt for hundreds of foods.

Preparing Foods & Menu Planning Menus
U.S. Department of Agriculture
This colorful guide talks about planning menus, not just preparing individual recipes.


U.S. Armed Forces Recipe Service
D101.11:TM 10-412/2
Feeding an army? Look no further. Meatloaf for 100, anyone?

Cooking for People with Food Allergies
U.S. Department of Agriculture
This helpful booklet makes it easy to cook for those on restricted diets.