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February 2004

Journey to Freedom · Audio Books and Compact Discs

The Bondwoman’s Narrative
Hannah Crafts
C 26715
This unpublished autobiographical novel was written in the 1850s by a runaway slave. It tells the story of a fugitive as she flees north pursued by slave hunters.

Every Tone a Testimony: An African American Aural History
CDF 2688
A Smithsonian Folkways collection of speeches, addresses, folk music, and spirituals that illustrates the evolution of African American aural traditions.

Great Black Speeches
C 8082
Four speeches first written and delivered in the 19th century by famous black Americans.

The Long Road to Freedom: An Anthology of Black Music
CDP 5987
A five-disc set of spirituals, blues, work songs, and African American folk music from Africa and the United States.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas
Frederick Douglas
C 14287 & CDW 925
An unabridged recording of the biography of Frederick Douglas narrated by Charles Turner. Non-fiction.

The Price of a Child
Lorene Cary
C 27697
In 1855, a young slave woman contacts members of the Underground Railroad in an attempt to escape to Nicaragua with her two children. Fiction.

Slaves in the Family
Edward Ball
C 23442
An invitation to a family reunion in South Carolina prompts Ball (a journalist) to exhaustively research the story of his slave-owning ancestors and search for the descendents of the people they owned.