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February 2004

Journey to Freedom · Slavery and the Underground Railroad

The Complete History of American Slavery
James Miller
306.362097 qC737 2001
This book is “designed to help readers begin to explore the history of American slavery.” Each chapter addresses an important aspect of the subject including, “The Atlantic Slave Trade,” “Slave Families and Communities,” “Resistance After 1831,” and “The Civil War and the End of Slavery.” Biographical sketches, maps, and excerpts from primary source documents complete the volume.

A North-Side View of Slavery
Benjamin Drew
326.0973 D7
Originally published in 1856, this title includes interviews with over a dozen fugitive slaves living in Canada.

Slavery in the Courtroom: An Annotated Bibliography of American Cases
Library of Congress, 1985
LC 1.12/2: SL1/2
This book summarizes dozens of federal and state court decisions that, by and large, affirmed the rights of slaveholders.

Let My People Go: The Story of the Underground Railroad and the Growth of the Abolition Movement
Henrietta Buckmaster
326.973 B925 1992
Buckmaster’s sweeping narrative (originally published in 1941) explores the history of the African American struggle for freedom.

The Underground Railroad in Ohio
Wilbur Henry Siebert
326.973 S57u 1993
The text of this slim volume was originally published in 1895 in the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Publications.

The Liberty Line: The Legend of the Underground Railroad
Larry Gara
973.7115 G212
In investigating the legends that sprang up around the Underground Railroad, Gara found that the assumption it was a system dominated by Northern abolitionists was untrue, and that the role slaves played in its development is frequently overlooked.

The Underground Railroad
Charles L.Blockson
973.0496073022 B651
Blockson brings together an interesting collection of diaries, letters, and narratives of slaves who escaped bondage via the Underground Railroad. The stories are accompanied by historical notes and photographs which help to create a more complete picture of the trials and triumphs of fugitive slaves.

Fugitive Slaves and the Underground Railroad in the Kentucky Borderland
J. Blaine Hudson
973.7115 qH885 2002
In this book, Hudson examines the available historical evidence about fugitives in Kentucky, common escape routes they used, and the heroic souls who helped them make their way across the last hurdle to freedom.

Underground Railroad
Official National Park Service Handbook, 1998
I29.9/5: 156
This illustrated, 87-page book tells the story of the Underground Railroad and the recent government efforts to protect buildings associated with it.

Underground Railroad: Special Resource Study Management Concepts/Environmental Assessment
National Park Service, 1985
I29.58/4: Un2.
This comprehensive National Park Service study documents all known Underground Railroad sites. It recommended several preservation options, including a national Underground Railroad museum.