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February 2004

Journey to Freedom · Documentaries, Feature Films, and Mini Series


Amistad Revolt: “All We Want is to Make Us Free”
VHS 7733
The story of the 1839 Amistad Revolt and the ensuing campaign to free the Africans jailed for murder and piracy.

Flight to Freedom
VHS 7500
This video examines archival photographs, records, artifacts, and offers interviews with descendants of slaves, and abolitionists. Included are spirituals sung as part of the “code” system and visits to sites once used as shelters.

Roots of Resistance: A Story of the Underground Railroad
VHS 2640
Recounts the story of the Underground Railroad through narratives of escaped slaves.

Underground Railroad
VHS 12892
The story of a 200-year struggle to break the bonds of slavery in the American South. Includes re-creations of escapes and acts of heroism by legendary figures such as Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, and William Lloyd Garrison.

Feature Films and Mini-Series

VHS 8579 & DVD
Chronicles the 1839 revolt on board a slave ship bound for America. Much of the story involves the courtroom drama about the slave who led the revolt.

Band of Angels
VHS 6066
The is the story of the privileged society of the Old South, the shame of slave auctions and the clashes between North and South, black and white, man and woman.

Follow the Drinking Gourd: A Story of the Underground Railroad
VHS 4869
In this story based on the traditional American folksong, Morgan Freeman recounts the compelling adventures of one family’s escape from slavery via the Underground Railroad.

The Ghost of Harrriet Tubman
VHS 9616
This dramatization explains how Harriet Tubman was born into slavery and traces her life as a slave and the mental and physical abuse she suffered.

House of Dies Drear
VHS 3613
A black family of five moves into an enormous house once used as a hiding place for runaway slaves. Mysterious sounds and events as well as the discovery of secret passageways make the family believe they are in grave danger.

VHS 43 (6 volumes)
A black American’s search for his family roots, covering over 100 years of American history, from the Old South through the era of Reconstruction. Based on the book by Alex Haley.

A Woman Called Moses
VHS 6058 & DVD
Dramatization of the life of Harriet Tubman, the founder of the Underground Railroad, who led hundreds of slaves to freedom before the Civil War. Based on the book by Marcy Heidish