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May 2004

Remodeling and Redecorating · Children’s Books


Turn on the Lights—From Bed!
Robert Carrow
j621.3078 C319 1997

Tidy Up!
Gwenyth Swain
j648.5 S971 2002

Groom Your Room: Terrific Touches to Brighten Your Bedroom
j745.5 G876 1997

Stuff for Your Space
Ellen Warwick
j745.593 qW299 2004

All-American Quilts
Biz Storms
j746.46 qS885a 2003

The Victorian House
Bobbie Kalman
j747.09034 qK14 1997

Change Your Room
Jane Bull
j747.77 qB935 1999

Making Picture Frames
Linda Hendry
j749.7 qH498 1999

Easy Books

My Big Boy Bed
Eve Bunting

A New Room for William
Sally Grindley

The Front Hall Carpet
Nicholas Heller

Diggy Dan: A Room Cleaning Adventure
Daniel Kamish

My Very Own Room
Amada Irma Perez

Squeaky, Creaky Bed
Pat Thomson