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May 2004

Remodeling and Redecorating · Videos

Basic Repair

Basic Home Repair
VHS 4875

Chimney Care & Safety Tips
VHS 5192

Common Home Repairs (Hometime)
VHS 1651

Energy Conservation
VHS 1411

Quick Steps (tips for home projects) (Hometime)
VHS 12177

Preventive Home Maintenance (Hometime)
VHS 5036

Weatherization and Insulation (Hometime)
VHS 1646

Decks and Exterior Projects

Advanced Decks—Construction and Finishing (Hometime)
VHS 12165

Decks (Hometime)
VHS 1663

Decks: Design, Planning, Construction
VHS 4892

Exterior Projects
VHS 1412

Fences and Gates (Hometime)
VHS 1658

Patios and Walkways (Hometime)
VHS 1662

Roofing (Hometime)
VHS 1652

Siding (Hometime)
VHS 1659

Stonecutting 101
VHS 13071

VHS 8221

Three-Season Porch (Hometime)
VHS 5037

Underground Sprinklers
VHS 1655

Water Gardens (Hometime)
VHS 12291


Basic Electrical Repairs
VHS 351

Common Home Repairs
VHS 1651

Electrical (Hometime)
VHS 1660

Electrical: Do It Yourself
VHS 3150

Lighting (Hometime)
VHS 1644


Ceramic Tile: Flooring
VHS 1479

Common Home Repairs
VHS 1651

Hardwood Floors (Hometime)
VHS 1676

Hardwood Floors
VHS 8634

Vinyl Floors (Hometime)
VHS 1648

Home Security

Home Security (Hometime)
VHS 5035

Home Security: Do It Yourself
VHS 4894

House Construction

Building Your Dream
VHS 9558

Contracting a Home (Hometime)
VHS 5043

Healthy House
VHS 10729

Home of the Future (Hometime)
VHS 5179

Log Cabin (Hometime)
VHS 5039

Owner Builder
VHS 9500

Urge to Build
VHS 813


Basic Home Repair
VHS 4875

Common Home Repairs
VHS 1651

VHS 1649

Plumbing: Do It Yourself
VHS 3149

Room Conversions

Attic Conversions
VHS 1413

Attic Conversion (This Old House)
VHS 2005

Basement Conversion (This Old House)
VHS 2003

Bathrooms (Hometime)
VHS 1657

Bathrooms (Hometime)
VHS 6988

Building an Addition (Hometime)
VHS 12174

Building and Remodeling for Accessibility (Hometime)
VHS 5080

Converting Your Attic
VHS 1413

The Earthship Documentary
VHS 10109

Finishing a Basement (Hometime)
VHS 5044

Framing (Hometime)
VHS 1661

VHS 2523

Greenhouse Addition (This Old House)
VHS 2004

Interior Remodeling Projects
VHS 2177

Kitchen Remodeling (This Old House)
VHS 2007

Kitchens (Hometime)
VHS 1656

Saunas and Spas (Hometime)
VHS 5048


Ceramic Tile: Walls
VHS 2522

Drywall (Hometime)
VHS 1664

Drywall: Do It Yourself
VHS 3146

Retaining Walls (Hometime)
VHS 5038

VHS 3151


Common Home Repairs
VHS 1651

VHS 2524

Windows and Doors (Hometime)
VHS 1654


Apartment Redecorating (This Old House)
VHS 2002

Debbie Travis: Paint Finishes Made Easy
VHS 8984

Debbie Travis: Paint Finishes for Furniture
VHS 8985

Debbie Travis: Specialty Paint Finishes
VHS 8986

Debbie Travis: Stenciling
VHS 8987

Decorating with Sheets
VHS 8032

Decorating with Slipcovers
VHS 8033

Exterior Painting (Hometime)
VHS 1665

Faux Fun: Wall Finishes Made Easy
VHS 10881

Faux Fun 2: Before and After
VHS 10882

Interior Motives: Better Than New
VHS 10175

Interior Motives: Dynamic Designers
VHS 10176

Interior Paint and Wallpaper (Hometime)
VHS 1645

Interior Paint and Wallpaper
VHS 4876

Makeovers for Less
VHS 6259

Making Room for Children
VHS 6260

Making the Most of Your Space
VHS 6261

Redo a Room in a Weekend
VHS 1444

The Secrets of Decorating with Flowers
VHS 8034

Selecting the Right Carpet
VHS 2526

Window Treatments (Hometime)
VHS 5040

Wonderful Wall Treatments
VHS 10174

Carpentry, Furniture, and Woodworking

Basic Carpentry: Do It Yourself
VHS 3145

Bookcase (New Yankee Workshop with Norm Abram)
VHS 3046

Building Bookcases
VHS 2905

Building Cabinets
VHS 2906

Building Tables
VHS 2907

Carving Techniques and Projects
VHS 4854

Children’s Playhouse (Hometime)
VHS 5042

Children’s Playsets (Hometime)
VHS 1650

Dovetail a Drawer
VHS 2036

Easy Woodworking Projects
VHS 2911

Finish Carpentry (Hometime)
VHS 1653

Furniture Refinishing (Hometime)
VHS 1641

Furniture Refinishing
VHS 4893

Hand and Power Tools (Hometime)
VHS 1643

Hand Carved
VHS 2217

Hutch (New Yankee Workshop with Norm Abram)
VHS 2683

Making Kitchen Cabinets
VHS 2033

Making Mortise-and-Tenon Joints (Fine Woodworking)
VHS 2032

Making Stained Glass Windows
VHS 2498

Molding and Picture Frames
VHS 2912

Outdoor Furniture
VHS 2913

Paneling and Shelving
VHS 4877

Picture Frames and Molding
VHS 2912

Radial Arm Joinery
VHS 2034

Refinishing Furniture
VHS 2038

Repairing Furniture
VHS 2037

Sam Maloof, Woodworker
VHS 2461

Turning Wood
VHS 4852

Wood Finishing
VHS 2031

Wood Refinishing
VHS 2525

Workbench (New Yankee Workshop with Norm Abram)
VHS 2682

This Old House: Dream House
VHS 11259

This Old House: The Dorchester
VHS 469

This Old House: Napa Valley California
VHS 9398

This Old House: San Francisco Church
VHS 9399

This Old House: Watertown, Maine
VHS 11260