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September 2005

Mystery Series Debuts 2000-2005 · African American Sleuths

the cover of Details at Ten by Ardella Garland

Jackson Park (2003)
Charlotte Carter
Cassandra Perry and Woody and Ivy Lisle, Southside residents
1960s Chicago, Illinois

Details at Ten (2000)
Ardella Garland
Georgia Barnett, TV reporter
Chicago, Illinois

The Night of the Dance (2003)
James Hime
Clyde Thomas, sheriff

the cover of Fearless Jones by Walter Mosley

Taxes, Death, & Trouble (2000)
C. M. Miller
Audrey Wilson, financial advisor
Cincinnati, Ohio

Fearless Jones (2001)
Walter Mosley
Paris Minton, bookstore owner, and Fearless Jones, World War II vet
1950s Los Angeles, California

A Dangerous Road (2000)
Kris Nelscott
Smokey Dalton, PI
1960s Memphis, Tennessee

the cover of The Dying Ground by Nichelle Tramble

Right as Rain (2001)
George P. Pelecanos
Derek Strange, PI
Washington, DC

The Dying Ground (2001)
Nichelle Tramble
Maceo Redfield, college student
1980s Oakland, California