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September 2005

Mystery Series Debuts 2000-2005 · American Historical Whodunits

the cover of Chasing the Devil’s Tail by David Fulmer

Murphy’s Law (2001)
Rhys Bowen
Molly Murphy, Irish immigrant
19th-century New York City

Chasing the Devil’s Tail (2001)
David Fulmer
Valentin St. Cyr, Creole detective
Early 20th century, New Orleans, Louisiana

Murder at Manassas (2000)
Michael Kilian
Harrison Raines, gambler and horse-trader
American Civil War South

the cover of Death of Colonel Mann by Cynthia Peale

The Ambush of My Name (2001)
Jeffrey Marks
General Ulysses S. Grant
1860s Ohio

Death of Colonel Mann (2000)
Cynthia Peale
Caroline and Addington Ames, socialite siblings
19th-century Boston, Massachusetts

Murder on Nob Hill (2004)
Shirley Tallman
Sarah Woolson, lawyer
19th-century San Francisco, California