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September 2005

Mystery Series Debuts 2000-2005 · International Historical Whodunits

the cover of The Winter Queen by Boris Akunin

The Winter Queen (2003)
Boris Akunin
Erast Fandorin, police detective
Moscow, Russia

The Last Kashmiri Rose (2002)
Barbara Cleverly
Joe Sandilands, police detective
1920s India

The House of Death (2001)
P. C. Doherty
Alexander the Great
Ancient Persia

the cover of A Dead Man in Trieste by Michael Pearce

Mute Witness (2001)
Charles O’Brien
Anne Cartier, actress
18th-century France

A Dead Man in Trieste (2004)
Michael Pearce
Sandor Seymour, police officer
Early 20th-century Trieste