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September 2005

Mystery Series Debuts 2000-2005 · Mysteries with Local Connections

the cover of Little Mexico by Cathie John

Little Mexico (2000)
Cathie John
Nick Cavanaugh, World War II soldier
1940s Newport, Kentucky

The Hundredth Man (2004)
Jack Kerley (Northern Kentucky resident)
Carson Ryder, police detective
Mobile, Alabama

The Ambush of My Name (2001)
Jeffrey Marks
General Ulysses S. Grant
1860s Ohio

the cover of Absolute Fury by Audrey Privett

Taxes, Death, & Trouble (2000)
C. M. Miller
Audrey Wilson, financial advisor
Cincinnati, Ohio

Absolute Fury (2003)
Audrey Privett
Micah Ann Cameron, retired Public Works Director
Cincinnati, Ohio

Sock Monkey Blues (2001)
John Laurence Robinson
Joe Box, private investigator
Cincinnati, Ohio

A Hoe Lot of Trouble (2004)
Heather Webber
Nina Quinn, landscaper
Cincinnati, Ohio