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March 2006

Graphic Novels · Fiction in the Adult Collection

the cover of  The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings

The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings: Eight Uncanny Tales of Spirit Manifestations, Apparitions, and Otherworldly Horrors—Told in Words and Pictures: Also, Seance Medium L.L. Dreller Orates upon His Occult Gift, Peculiar Stories from Beyond
Scott Allie, Editor
This collection of original horror tales features work by some of the top names in comics, including a Mike Mignola Hellboy adventure.

The Silk Tapestry and Other Chinese Folktales
Patrick Atangan
Through elegant art inspired by a Chinese painting, Atangan relates three ancient Chinese folktales about the creative process. This book is the second in a series, Songs of Our Ancestors, in which Atangan adapts traditional Asian tales.

the cover of The Silk Tapestry and Other Chinese Folktales

The Beast Trilogy, Chapters 1 & 2
Enki Bilal
Multiple award-winning artist Enki Bilal explores both the experience of the war that broke up his native country, Yugoslavia, and the growing threat of terrorism in a science fiction story set in the year 2023. Nike, a memory expert, uses his gift to foil the machinations of the terrorist Obscurantis Order and the equally unscrupulous government organization that combats it.

Enki Bilal
Bilal and his frequent writing partner Pierre Christin present three tales about small French towns fighting hostile forces, aided by a mysterious visitor who can call on supernatural powers.

the cover of Isaac the Pirate

Isaac the Pirate
Christophe Blain
Isaac, a poverty-stricken artist in pre-Revolutionary France, takes a temporary job as a naval painter and discovers he’s joined a pirate ship bound for a long and dangerous expedition. At home, his fiancé fends off the attentions of her aristocratic employer.

Black Hole
Charles Burns
Burns’ acclaimed series, collected here in one volume, captures the chills, irony, and atmosphere of 1970s teen-milieu horror movies, such as Carrie and Halloween. Middle-class high school kids in the Seattle suburbs are contracting “the bug,” a sexually transmitted disease that causes bizarre mutations and, therefore, the ultimate degree of social alienation.

the cover of Orbiter

Warren Ellis
The long-lost Space Shuttle Venture, the last of its kind, returns to Earth manned only by a catatonic pilot. A team of scientists gathers to solve the mystery, and perhaps change the future of humankind.

This collection showcases highly innovative stories and art by 21 “fledgling” American cartoonists, professionals and newcomers alike, on the theme of flight.

The Sandman: Endless Nights
Neil Gaiman
In the most recent volume of the award-winning Sandman series, Gaiman tells the legends of the seven immortal beings called the Endless. Each of the seven stories is illustrated by a different artist, in an all-star lineup of American, British, and European cartoonists and fine artists.

the cover of The Sandman: Endless Nights

The Originals
Dave Gibbons
Two best friends, Lel and Bok, enter an exciting but perilous new world when they join a prestigious street gang called The Originals. This chronicle of youthful rebellion and conflicts was written and illustrated by the co-creator of the pioneering graphic novel The Watchmen.

Palomar: The Heartbreak Soup Stories
Gilbert Hernandez
The Hernandez brothers, Gilbert and Jaime, produced the landmark alternative comic book series Love and Rockets between 1981 and 1996, then yielded to fan demand and introduced a second series in 2001. Over the years, Gilbert’s cycle of tales set in Palomar, a mythical Central American village, achieved unprecedented depth and breadth.

the cover of Shutterbug Follies

Shutterbug Follies
Jason Little
In Little’s stylish and witty mystery, 18-year-old Bee attempts to discover whether the crime-scene photographer whose work she develops in fact murdered his wife.

Birth of a Nation: A Comic Novel
Aaron McGruder
McGruder, creator of the Boondocks comic strip, sharply satirizes the issues of the 2000 presidential election in his first graphic novel. East St. Louis, Illinois, a virtually all-black town, secedes from the Union after the entire population is disenfranchised through inaccurate felony records.

the cover of Strangers in Paradise

Strangers in Paradise Treasury Edition
Terry Moore
This compendium represents a director’s cut of the bestselling series about friends and lovers Katchoo and Francine. It includes new pages and commentary, as well as an opportunity to follow the rich development of the characters through the first 60-plus issues.

The Goon
Eric Powell
Winner of two 2005 Eisner Awards, this series follows the adventures of the Goon, a mafia hitman whose primary challenge is to rid the city of zombie gangs and a variety of other monsters.

The ACME Novelty Library
Chris Ware
The newest collection of the legendary Ware’s series includes fake ads, a history of the fictional novelty company, a personal history of art, a story about a naked superhero, ongoing characters such as Quimby the Mouse, and the initial installment of Rusty Brown, Ware’s first lengthy story since Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth, considered by many the best graphic novel ever written.