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March 2006

Graphic Novels · Nonfiction in the Adult Collection

the cover of Epileptic by David B.

David B.
In impressionistic black and white drawings, French cartoonist David B. chronicles his complex history with his epileptic older brother and the impact the illness had on his evolution as an artist. This is the first full-length translation of the 2000 winner of the Best Story prize at the French Angouleme Festival, “the Cannes of the comic world.”

Louis Riel: A Comic-strip Biography
Chester Brown
Brown closely examines the controversial life of Louis Riel, a nineteenth-century leader of the Metis, people of mixed French, English, and Cree extraction living in what is now Manitoba. Riel fought the Canadian government between 1869 and 1885, when he was hanged for treason, to prevent the Dominion from gaining control of the region.

the cover of Musical Legends: The Collected Comics from Pulse Magazine by Justin Green

Musical Legends: The Collected Comics from Pulse Magazine
Justin Green
From 1992 to 2002, the underground comix pioneer Justin Green contributed biographical strips to Pulse Magazine, a publication of Tower Records. Green’s passionate knowledge of music enhances each story, and his humor produces such gems of irony as The Day Jobs of Philip Glass (“Young man, do you realize that you share your name with a very famous composer?”).

Justin Green’s Binky Brown Sampler
Justin Green
Underground comix pioneer Justin Green created the first autobiographical comic book with the 1972 masterpiece Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary. The long-awaited reprint of this classic also includes other funny and insightful Green stories.

the cover of Our Movie Year: American Splendor: Stories by Harvey Pekar

Our Movie Year: American Splendor: Stories
Harvey Pekar
In his straightforward and sometimes prickly fashion, the comics pioneer relates his impressions of the life-changing year following the release of the movie American Splendor, which is based on his life and work.

War’s End: Profiles from Bosnia, 1995-96
Joe Sacco
Two stories constitute the third volume in comics journalist Sacco’s reports on the Bosnian War, following The Fixer: A Story from Sarajevo and Safe Area Gorazde. “Christmas with Karadzic” details Sacco’s attempt to interview the Serbian war criminal as he attends Christmas services, while “Soba” portrays a wannabe rock star who becomes a hero to his fellow Sarajevans.

the cover of Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi

Marjane Satrapi
The third entry in Satrapi’s award-winning autobiographical series (Persepolis and Persepolis 2 [The Story of a Return]) explores the lives of Iranian women. Satrapi, her female relatives, and some friends gather for an afternoon of tea-drinking and much frank talk about love, sex, and men.

In the Shadow of No Towers
Art Spiegelman
In his first graphic novel since the Pulitzer Prize-winning Maus, New Yorker Art Spiegelman provides an eyewitness account of the events and aftermath of September 11, 2001. A wonderful component is Spiegelman’s incorporation of the earliest U.S. comic strip characters, created during the 1890s near the future site of the World Trade Center: “Unpretentious ephemera from the optimistic dawn of the 20th century…they were just right for an end-of-the world moment.”

the cover of Late Bloomer by Carol Tyler

Carnet de Voyage
Craig Thompson
Thompson, author of the award-winning Blankets: An Illustrated Novel, traveled for three months in Europe and Morocco researching his next work, Habibi. Through sketches and a travelogue diary, he creates portraits of the lands he visited and the writer/artist himself.

Late Bloomer
Carol Tyler
An acclaimed cartoonist since the 1980s, Tyler portrays with frankness and charm the challenges that made her a “late bloomer” in terms of full artistic expression—family responsibilities and financial struggle.