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April 2006

Graphic Novels · Manga in the Teen Collection

the cover of Full Metal Alchemist, Volume 4

Full Metal Alchemist, Volume 4
Hiromu Arakawa
This manga series follows two teen brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who are government agents highly skilled in alchemy. Volume 4 finds Edward trapped in a secret alchemical laboratory, at the mercy of his enemies, Lust and Envy.

Azumanga Daioh, Volume 4
Kiyohiko Azuma
Azuma’s comic manga series follows teacher Yukari Tanizaki and her eclectic class of high school students, each one characterized with depth and detail. Volume 4 brings the students back for their final year and an adventurous trip to Okinawa.

the cover of Tsubasa, Volume 3

Tsubasa, Volume 3
Clamp, a Japanese collective of women manga creators, authors this series based on Cardcaptor Sakura. In the land of Chow, teenage Syaoran teams up with a wizard, a ninja, and a Pokemon-like creature on a quest to restore the memories of Princess Sakura, stolen from her by a mysterious symbol and scattered to parallel worlds. In this segment, Sakura and Syaoran travel to a new universe where a magician is terrorizing a town.

Othello, Volume 1
Satomi Ikezawa
Yaya is too trusting to believe the worst of her high school classmates, even though they torment her constantly. But her alter ego Nana is more than capable of doling out punishment where it’s needed, as well as pursuing hunky rocker Moriyama.

the cover of Naruto

Naruto, Volume 5
Masashi Kishimoto
As ninjas in training, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke have defeated assassins and mastered great feats of martial arts and magic. Now they face their most deadly challenge: the Journeyman Ninja Selection Exams.

Bleach, Volume 4
Tite Kubo
Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki is alarmed to hear that his town will be hosting a new reality show featuring a spiritualist who performs exorcisms. Ichigo, sworn to protect humans from evil spirits and to help these lost souls find peace, fears the prime time prima donna will disturb the delicate balance between Earth and the spirit world.

the cover of Gravitation

Megatokyo, Volume 2
This comic series follows the adventures of two American boys, obsessed with manga and computer games, who become stranded in Tokyo. Piro and Largo have now found housing and employment, as well as compelling females in both human and robot form.

Gravitation, Volume 11
Maki Murakami
Murakami’s romantic comedies feature two characters drawn together with a force like gravity: Shuichi Shindou, a young man determined to be a rock star, and his boyfriend, Eiri Yuki, a famous romance novelist. In volume 11, Shuichi is working frantically to make sure his now smash-hit band, Bad Luck, will meet an ambitious release schedule.

the cover of D N Angel

Paradise Kiss, Volume 5
Teenage Yukari is transformed from a bookworm into a glamorous model when she’s kidnapped by a group of self-proclaimed fashionistas called Paradise Kiss. This story presents the first Paradise Kiss runway show, which unfortunately earns mixed reviews that praise Yukari’s good looks more than her mentor George’s designs.

D N Angel, Volume 2
Yuriku Sugisaki
Daisuke Niwa is an ordinary middle school student, except that whenever he sees Risa, the girl of his dreams, he’s transformed into a phantom thief. And when the phantom thief beholds his object of desire, he changes back to Daisuke. The only cure is for Risa to fall in love with Daisuke—whom she can never see. In volume 2, Daisuke hopes his mountaineering expertise will help him win Risa’s heart at the school’s winter hike.

the cover of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist, Volume 11
Kazuki Takahashi
Duel Monsters is the world’s most popular collectible card game, but to Yugi Mutou, whose body contains the spirit of the greatest gamer ever, it becomes dangerous when he’s transported to Duelist Kingdom to compete with the top players. In Volume 11, the Battle City tournament is threatened by thieves intent on stealing the most valuable cards.

Inu-yasha, Volume 24
Rumiko Takahashi
Kagome was a typical high school girl until she was pulled into Japan’s ancient past and learned she was the reincarnation of Kikyo, a priestess who guarded the Jewel of Four Souls. Kikyo had sealed away the half-demon Inu-yasha for trying to steal the jewel to attain full demon identity, but when the jewel is lost, Kagome must ally herself with Inu-yasha in order to recover it.

the cover of Maison Ikkoku

Maison Ikkoku, Volume 6
Rumiko Takahashi
The creator of Inu-yasha and Ranma ½ authors these comic tales about the volatile inhabitants of an apartment building. The sixth volume continues the domestic adventures of Kyoto, the beautiful and mysterious manager, college student Yusaka, the drunken gossip Mrs. Ichinose, and their neighbors.

Ranma ½, Volume 33
Rumiko Takahashi
A dunk in a cursed spring creates a serious gender-bender problem for Ranma Saotome—every time he’s splashed with cold water, he turns into a girl, and hot water reverses the change. In volume 33 of this hugely popular series, Ranma’s troubles double when a magic mirror generates a highly amorous female duplicate of him.

the cover of Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket, Volume 12
Natsuki Takaya
The Fruits Basket stories introduced Tohru Honda, an orphan taken into the mysterious Sohma family. In volume 12, Tohru and her friends start a new school term, and she visits her grandfather, who brings up a part of her past she had tried to shut away.

Peach Girl: Change of Heart, Volume 10
Miwa Ueda
This story brings to an emotional and surprising conclusion the much-loved Peach Girl romances, which follow Momo’s relationships with two boys who love her.

the cover of Imadoki! Nowadays

Imadoki! Nowadays, Volume 4
Yu Watase
Tanpopo Yamazaki has had a hard time adjusting to life at the elitist Melo Academy, where she tested in instead of using family connections. One feature of the school she does like is cute Koki, who might finally respond to her in this fourth story of the series.

Rurouni Kenshin, Volume 23
Nobuhiro Watsuki
This long-running series follows the exploits of three nineteenth-century warriors: past master Himura Kenshin, who has vowed never to fight again; master swordswoman Kaoru; and the legendary hero Hitokiri Battosai, who helped end the violent Bakumatsu period, dominated by the Shogun and Samurai, and launch the progressive Meiji era.