December 2008

Librarians’ Choice 2008 · Magazines

cover of a+u a+u: Architecture & Urbanism
A large-format magazine of spacious Japanese architectural photography, a+u features smart accompanying essays essays in Japanese and English. The rich, full-color pages of chromatic feng shui leave plenty of room for the reader’s imagination to soar.

cover of All You All You
Designed to address the interests of “value conscious” women, All You is packed with money-saving, timesaving tips (including contributions by readers), and practical fashion advice. Designed for readers with hectic lifestyles, articles are generally brief and the numerous money-saving coupons throughout its pages make a subscription to this magazine especially worth the price.

cover of Cabinet Cabinet: A Quarterly of Art and Culture
Inspired by the concept of the Wunderkammer, this quarterly magazine offers readers an eclectic variety of essays, interviews, and articles about matters of art and culture. In addition to the regular columns, each issue explores a different theme (sloth, bones, insects, laughter, childhood, etc.) from a variety of perspectives.

Debt Proof Living
Determined to live below your means this year? Mary Hunt, a financial whiz, has lots of ideas and words of encouragement. Success stories (or not!) by readers add another dimension, along with tips, recipes, travel ideas, etc.

cover of Forensic Examiner Forensic Examiner
This new quarterly magazine features a variety of articles ranging from true-crime case files to scholarly advice on catching bad guys. The pages are jam-packed with enough mug shots, handwriting analyses, diagrams, and crime-scene photographs to satisfy any forensic or true-crime enthusiast!

cover of Green Guide GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design
Green Source is a collaborative project among design companies, each with their own expertise, united behind the goal of providing comprehensive guidance on constructing environmentally responsible buildings.

cover of Imbibe

From tea and coffee to beer and cocktails, this magazine covers every aspect of “liquid culture.” Each issue includes travelogues, exotic recipes, shopping tips, reviews, and profiles of wine-makes and specialty brewers.

cover of iPhone Life iPhone Life
Stay up-to-date with all the latest news and resources for your iPhone or iTouch. This new magazine is a good resource for experienced users, or for those who are considering joining the Apple fold.

cover of iPhone Life Taste Magazine Cincinnati
This relatively new local quarterly publication focuses on “food, drink, fashion, and style,” offering lots of great photograph and in-depth articles about local people and restaurants. The directory of area restaurants with an accompanying map, at the back of each issue, is a handy resource as well.