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cover image of Belzhar


Meg Wolitzer

Wolitzer's YA debut spins a tale of trust, triumph and what it means to lose someone you love. Devastated by the death of her first love Reeve, 15-year-old Jam Gallahue is having difficulty moving on with her life. Her parents send her to the Wooden Barn, a boarding school in rural Vermont for emotionally fragile teens. Once there, Jam is enrolled in an English class and given a journal that transports her to the magical realm of Belzhar where the past is restored and she and Reeve can be together. Jam becomes anxious as the journal fills up and worries she will have to say goodbye to Reeve all over again.

cover image of Dead Zone

Dead Zone

Robison Wells

In this sequel to Blackout (2013) the United States is under attack with Russia landing troops in the Pacific Northwest and saboteurs striking without warning. Aubrey and Jack, along with other teens with superpowers, have completed their military training and hope they can find the secret weapon being deployed against them: a mysterious device that deactivates any electrical or mechanical object from jets to computers to wristwatches. Amid the action, Aubrey struggles to understand why killing the enemy isn't murder and Jack wants to know why the burden of warfare is being thrust on their young shoulders.

cover image of Love Is the Drug

Love Is the Drug

Alaya Dawn Johnson

The United States has been hit by a flu pandemic and thousands are dying in Johnson’s (Summer Prince, 2013) new bio-thriller. When Emily Bird wakes up in the hospital, the last thing she remembers is attending a party at a senator's home. She's told she had an accident after taking some bad designer drugs, but a threatening visit from a national security contractor suggests the truth isn't so simple. She’s convinced this is a conspiracy and it may involve her scientist parents. In the end, Emily must choose between uncovering a dangerous mystery and protecting her own future.

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