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In Her Skin

Kim Savage

Savage (Beautiful Broken Girls, 2017) introduces Jolene Chastain, 15, a homeless teen and con artist who lives on the streets of Boston. Life hasn’t been easy and she hopes to cash in on a little safety and security by taking on the identity of Vivienne Weir who vanished when she was nine. Jo targets the unsuspecting Lovecrafts, Vivi's legal guardians whose daughter Temple was the missing girl's best friend. The family is quick to welcome Jo showering her with affection and money. But there’s something odd about the Lovecrafts that Jo can’t ignore. When the lines of deception begin to blur, will she continue her masquerade or escape the danger around her before it’s too late?

cover image of Love & War: An Alex & Eliza Story

Love & War: An Alex & Eliza Story

Melissa De La Cruz

Melissa de la Cruz’s sequel to Alex and Eliza (2017) continues the thrilling romance of the young Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler and follows the couple through the early years of their marriage. After the Revolutionary War comes to its historic close, Alex and Eliza's happily-ever-after is threatened. The couple moves to New York City where Eliza struggles to build a home just as Alex's burgeoning law practice brings him up against his greatest rival--the ambitious young lawyer Aaron Burr. With his star on the rise, Eliza can't help but feel neglected by a husband who seems to have time for everyone but her. Can Alex and Eliza's love story survive the trials and temptations that are tearing them apart?

cover image of Suitors and Sabotage

Suitors and Sabotage

Cindy Anstey

Taking inspiration from Jane Austen, Anstey’s (Duels & Deception, 2017) third novel is set in Regency England and is full of romance, action and mystery. Gentle and shy Imogene Chively, 18, is awaiting a visit from her suitor, Ernest Steeple and his younger brother Benjamin. Although her father approves of Ernest, Imogene is anxious about accepting his marriage proposal. After the brothers’ arrival at the Chively estate, it’s the charming Ben who manages to capture Imogene’s heart. Hiding their true feelings soon becomes the least of the young couple's worries. After a series of "accidents," with Ben as the obvious target, Imogene is convinced that someone is trying to kill him!

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