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Sonya Mukherjee

In her powerful debut, Mukherjee shares the story of sisters Clara and Hailey, conjoined twins who are learning what it means to be truly extraordinary. They live in the small California town of Bear Pass where their parents have worked tirelessly to give them a normal life. As their high school graduation approaches, they're compelled to admit that they've grown into two completely different people. Shy and quiet, Clara loves astronomy and never wants to leave home, while spirited and artistic Hailey wants to be anywhere but Bear Pass. With dating, dances and college on the horizon, the sisters contemplate whether they are better off together or apart. Hailey and Clara must weigh the importance of their dreams as individuals against the risk inherent in the surgery that has the potential to separate them forever.

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How to Hang a Witch

Adriana Mather

Inspired by her own family history, Mather's first novel is set in Salem, Massachusetts the site of the infamous witch trials and the new home of Samantha Mather. After her father slipped into a mysterious coma, the family's finances were so strained that Sam and her stepmother were forced to move to the ancestral home in Salem. Here she receives a chilly reception from the town because she's a descendant of Cotton Mather, one of the men responsible for the witch trials. At school she’s the target of the Descendants, girls who claim they're related to the accused witches. Sam discovers that she's at the center of a generations old curse tracing back to the original trials. In order to stop a deadly cycle that has been going on since the first accused witch was hung; Sam must join forces with a disgruntled 324-year-old ghost named Elijah and find a way to work with the Descendants.

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Gina Damico

Damico (Grim Reaper series) delivers an off-the-wall tale of the small-town of Paraffin, Vermont where the world-famous Grosholtz Candle Factory resides. But behind the sunny retail facade, Poppy Palladino, 17, discovers something dark and unsettling. After her nemesis, Blake, finds a wax replica of Poppy and uses it to embarrass her, she seeks revenge by visiting the candle factory in the hopes of getting a wax figure of Blake to return the favor. There she finds a secret workshop where a strange old woman makes incredible wax sculptures that are a little too lifelike. In the course of her investigation, Poppy discovers that the candle factory isn’t as pure as its reputation and that some of the townspeople may not be as human as they appear. She must convince everyone that the danger is real and that Paraffin is in jeopardy. Can Poppy extinguish the evil that's taking hold of her town before it’s too late?

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