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After the Woods

Kim Savage

Savage's gripping debut is a smart psychological thriller that explores the complexity of female relationships. It’s been nearly a year since Julia was abducted in the woods and hunted by her kidnapper for two days. She knows she beat the odds by escaping and that her brave actions allowed her best friend Liv to run away from the attacker. When a girl turns up dead in the same woods, all of Julia’s terrible memories resurface. She's convinced there's more to the story and seeks help from unlikely allies, including a local news reporter and her abductor's mother. The information she unearths forces Julia to rethink her memories, her relationships and the one person she thought she knew best of all.

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Gena Showalter

In Showalter’s (White Rabbit Chronicles) new dystopian series, everyone has a Firstlife which is merely a dress rehearsal because real life begins after death. In the afterlife there are two realms: Myriad, a place of indulgence and bliss; or Troika, a place of structure and justice. Both are deadly rivals and will do anything to recruit new souls. Tenley "Ten" Lockwood, 17, has grown up rich and privileged, but she's refused to sign a contract with Myriad, the realm which has provided her family with wealth and assurances of comfort after death. Because of her refusal, Ten is sent to a brutal asylum where the two realms fight to gain control of her powerful soul.

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Kingdom of Ashes

Rhiannon Thomas

The sequel to A Wicked Thing (2015) concludes Thomas' Sleeping Beauty-inspired series. Princess Aurora was supposed to be the savior of her kingdom, but instead was branded a traitor by King John, the manipulative ruler of Alyssinia. After he puts a reward on her head, Aurora flees and arrives in neighboring Vanhelm where she meets Prince Finnegan. He wants Aurora to use her newly discovered fire magic to defeat the dragons that ravage his kingdom. When Finnegan’s life is threatened, Aurora must turn to her old enemy, Celestine, the witch who put her to sleep, for help. The fateful encounter forces Aurora to face her destiny and return to her kingdom for a final confrontation with King John.

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