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Messenger of Fear

Michael Grant

Grant, the author of the Gone and BZRK series, writes a haunting tale about the terrible choices people make in life. Mara is terror-stricken when she wakes up in a field of dead grass and finds herself with a strange boy, the Messenger of Fear. Dressed in black and displaying frightening supernatural powers, he tells Mara that she has become his apprentice and together they will bring justice to evildoers. The Messenger offers the wicked a simple game of life and death. If they win, they go free, but if they lose, they'll end up living their greatest fear. Either way, their sanity will be challenged.

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On a Clear Day

Walter Dean Myers

Award-winning author Myers’s (Monster, 2004) last book is set in 2035 America where people with money, The Gaters, live in closed communities, safe from the Sturmers, roving gangs of thugs. The C-8, a consortium of giant companies that control global access to finance, media, food and water, is getting bigger and even more cutthroat. Sixteen-year-old Dahlia is a Low Gater, struggling to survive completely on her own. A computer whiz, she joins forces with six other teens, each selected for their unique skills. The ragtag group must learn to trust one another and work together if they ever hope to sabotage the corrupt C-8.

cover image of Salt & Storm

Salt & Storm

Kendall Kulper

Kulper's debut is a sweeping historical romance about Avery Roe, 16, who thought she would be the next witch of Prince Island and cast charms that keep the whalers safe at sea. That was before her magic-hating mother forced her into a traditional Victorian upbringing and the dull life of a pastor's stepdaughter. While she can interpret dreams for anyone who asks, Avery lacks any hint of how to unlock her magic. But she finds an ally in Tane, a harpoon boy whose tattoos have special powers of their own. Tane believes his magic can help Avery break her mother's spell and change her future forever.

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