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cover image of Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke

Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke

Anne Blankman

Blankman returns to the shadowy and dangerous world of 1930s Germany in this thrilling sequel to Prisoner of Night and Fog (2014). Having fled Munich, Gretchen Whitestone and Daniel Cohen sought refuge in England, but their peaceful life is soon shattered when Daniel receives a telegram forcing him to return to Germany. When Gretchen hears that Daniel is wanted for murder, she realizes that she must go back to her homeland. As they work to clear Daniel's name, the two discover a deadly conspiracy involving Gretchen's Uncle Dolf and the Nazi Party. Can they dig up the explosive truth and get out in time or will Hitler discover them first?

cover image of Endangered


Lamar Giles

Giles (Fake ID, 2014) crafts an unpredictable psychological thriller filled with murky choices. During the day, Lauren Daniels, known at school as Panda because of her mixed-race heritage, tries to stay unnoticed. But at night, she becomes Gray, an anonymous photo-blogger who catches people from her high school in compromising positions. When an online admirer discovers her identity, the game suddenly turns deadly. Lauren realizes that she’ll have to step out of the shadows to save herself and some of the classmates she despises in order to prevent more deaths and catch a killer.

cover image of Sophomore Year Is Greek to Me

Sophomore Year Is Greek to Me

Meredith Zeitlin

In Zeitlin’s follow-up to Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters (2012), Zona Lowell, 15, is devastated when her journalist dad informs her that they will be spending her sophomore year in Greece so he can research the economic crisis and she can connect with her deceased mother's extended family. She's angry and nervous about meeting the people who rejected her mother for running away to America and marrying Zona's much-older father. But as she soon discovers, she has a family now, a big, funny, kind, argumentative and loving Greek family!

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