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Death Marked

Leah Cypess

In this thrilling sequel to Death Sworn (2013), Ileni has been separated from the dreamy and dark-eyed assassin Sorin. She knows her destiny is to bring down the evil Empire that has been oppressing her people for centuries. When Ileni infiltrates the Imperial Academy of Sorcery, she sees everything she despises about the corrupt and violent empire. But she also finds something she never expected-friends and a place where she belongs. Now Ileni begins to doubt everything she’s been raised to believe and no longer knows whose side she is on.

cover image of The Sin Eater's Daughter

The Sin Eater's Daughter

Melinda Salisbury

This dark fantasy, Salisbury's debut, transports readers to a kingdom ruled by a terrifying mad queen. Twylla, 17, has been raised as the Sin Eater's daughter and expected to eat symbolic foods of the deceased person's sins and to grow morbidly obese like her mother. But four years ago, she came to the court of Lormere to become the goddess-embodied and the Queen's executioner. Her only hope of escape lies with her future marriage to Lormere's prince, Merek. But when she’s attracted to a new guard Lief, Twylla realizes how trapped she is and how much she will have to sacrifice to break free.

cover image of Sorceress


Claudia Gray

Gray's action-packed conclusion to the Spellcaster series follows Nadia's unwilling promise to serve the One Beneath to save the people of Captive's Sound. Her obligation requires Nadia to abandon the world she knows while secretly pretending to be a loyal student of dark magic and mastering enough sorcery to strike back against the forces of darkness. Now separated from her friends, her family, and her Steadfast, Mateo, Nadia is more vulnerable than ever to the growing darkness. If she succumbs to the temptations of this new power, the girl Nadia was might disappear forever.

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