Borrowing privileges are stopped when unpaid fines and fees reach $10.00

Overdue fees per day, per title, maximum
Juvenile & Teen material 5¢, $5.00 maximum per item
Adult material 20¢, $10.00 maximum per item
SearchOhio/OhioLINK material 50¢, $25.00 maximum per item
Fee appled to a card turned over to a collection agency $10.00
Fee for lost or damaged materials  
Total loss or damage replacement cost
Process a Lost and Paid reimbursement $5.00 process fee
Book bindery charge $10.00
Item from mult-volume set $10.00
Audiovisual container $1.00
Library card fee  
Non-resident card: valid for one year $90.00
Meeting room fee  
Events for purely social purposes $50.00
SearchOhio/Ohiolink fees  
SearchOhio replacement fee $25.00
OhioLINK replacement fee $125.00






















Effective: January 1, 2019

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