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Includes 7% sales tax:

Black & white copy/print 15¢
Color copy/print 25¢
Espresso Book Machine Self Publishing Printing
Set-Up fee $40.00
Interior page printing (white or cream) $0.06
Cover $2.50
Espresso Book Machine Extras
Author revision $10.00
ISBN & bar code insertion $50.00
LCCN $25.00
Basic cover design $50.00
Espresso Book Machine On Demand Books Printing
In-copyright titles
  • Publisher's cost
Suggested retail price
  • Cover
  • Interior page printing (white or cream)
Public domain titles
  • Cover
  • Interior page printing (white or cream)
3D Printing PLA $0.10 per gram*
3D Printing PLA - Glow $0.25 per gram
Acrylic $6.00 per sheet
Buttons $0.10 per button
CDR and DVDR $0.25 per disc
Ear buds $1.00
Flash drive $5.00
Foam core $2.00 per 8” x10” board
Key chains $0.40 per key chain
Lamination $0.50 per page
Magnets $0.15 per magnet
Photograph prints $0.25 per photo
Passport photo $10.00
Sewing bobbins $0.10 per bobbin
Sewing kits $5.00 per tote bag kit
Shopping bag, cloth $1.00
Shopping bag, plastic 50¢
Vinyl $2.00/linear foot
UV Ink $2.50 per each 5cc of ink
Wood $1.50 per item

*All 3D prints minimum cost of $0.10

No tax collected:

Pass-Through Fees
Passport fee (set by U.S. Government $35.00
Returned check fee (set by bank) $16.50
Public Record Request Fees
Per page
Non-paper format cost

Effective October 7, 2019.

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