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Button Makers | Makerspace

Buttons are an extremely popular way to market a brand, promote a cause, or just show off your favorite characters. Download images from the internet or design your own to have professional looking results in seconds. Don’t stop at buttons though, key chains and magnets can also be produced using the 1.5-inch machine.


  • American Button Machines button makers (1.5 inch size machines and 2.25 inch size machines)

What You'll Need

Use of the button makers is free. Bring your own design – digital images should be scaled to 1.6 (for 1.5-inch buttons) or 2.4 inches (for 2.25-inch buttons) in diameter. You can also print from our PCs ($0.25 per page for color, $0.15 per page for black-and-white). You also can bring a hard copy of your image on standard paper. Photo paper, magazine/newspaper pages, and thinner cardstock may be acceptable but is not always ideal. Fabric, thicker cardstock, and plastic do not work properly. Adding textured embellishments (glitter, glue, etc.) is not permitted as it can damage the button maker. Below are templates and instructions for each button size.


Button machine accessories must be purchased in the MakerSpace.

  • Button: $0.10 per button
  • Magnet: $0.15 per magnet
  • Keychain: $0.40 per keychain (only available in 1.5-inch size)

Station Reservations

Reservations are not required to use the button makers.

Anyone can make audio recordings in our easy-to-use recording booth. Whether it's recording a song, playing a musical instrument, creating a commercial, or broadcasting a podcast, our equipment makes creating audio tracks simple and fun.


  • Audio recording interface
  • 2M microphones for vocal/acoustic instrument recording
  • Cables for electric instrument recording
  • Single-track or multi-track recordings available (multi-tracking dependent on time allotted)
  • Audio effects for a more professional and customizable sound for your recording
    • Reverb
    • Compression
    • Delay/echo
    • Fade in/out
    • Distortion, overdrive, and more
  • Multiple save formats available (MP3, WAV, etc.)
  • Final product can be burned to a CD or saved to a flash drive, so you can take your finished recording with you the same day
  • Software used: Adobe Audition

What You'll Need

Use of the audio recording station is free. Bring your voice and/or instrument and a recordable media such as a blank CD, DVD, or a flash drive. To use the booth to its fullest potential, we suggest customers bring their own headphones, check out headphones from the MakerSpace, or purchase earbuds from the MakerSpace. A photo ID is required to use the Recording Booth.

Station Reservations

Reserve the Audio Recording Station. Please note:

    • Customers are permitted one 120-minute session per day.
    • There is a 10-minute grace period before reservations are automatically cancelled.
    • The computer will shut off and erase all data saved to it when a session expires.
    • Reservations can be made up to 6 weeks in advance.
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