Building the Next Generation Library

Next Generation Library

Our Facility Master Plan, completed in 2019, is guiding a multi-year improvement project we call Building the Next Generation Library.

Price Hill Branch Library Has Reopened!

After a yearlong renovation an expansion, Price Hill's branch library is now open for service!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Facility Master Plan Overview The locations are divided into four categories:
    • Main Library: A destination library that offers a range of specialty services and resources as well as a full range of typical ones.
    • Next Generation Libraries: Large branches that provide a full range of modern library services and resources.
    • Neighborhood Libraries: Moderately sized branches that provide essential library services and resources.
    • Focused Libraries: Smallest in size and only offers focused services, tailored to neighborhood need..
    The plan is divided into three sections. The Facility Master Plan has a 10-year horizon, and within that time all 40 branches and the Main Library will see improvements. Section III of the Facility Master Plan includes recommended sequencing for these 41 projects, based on cost, capacity, and other critical factors. The Board of Trustees identified six guiding principles for the planning process: sustainability, industry leading excellence, diversity and inclusion, transparency, customer focus, and maximize access. The Price Hill, Walnut Hills, and Madisonville branches are not at all accessible for those with mobility challenges. To support our focus inclusion and maximizing access, a priority is ensuring these branches are accessible to everyone including those with disabilities. The Price Hill design process is complete and we expect to break ground in March of 2020. We hope to break ground on Walnut Hills in the fall of 2020, and we’re currently exploring opportunities for the Madisonville Branch. Once renovated, each of these facilities will be fully accessible. Read more about the Facility Master Plan.
  • No closings or consolidations were recommended in the 10-year Facility Master Plan.

    Despite the financial need being significantly greater than the amount of funds available, the library is committed to making sure each of the 41 locations will undergo some type of improvement in the next 10 years. Additional improvements can occur in between 2029-2038, if funding becomes available.

  • As part of the Facility Master Plan process, architects and engineers evaluated each facility to identify needs. Their expert evaluation estimates that the actual funding needed to both address deferred maintenance and upgrade facilities is between $300 million to $350 million in 2019 dollars.

    Project funding is from the 1 mil levy that passed in 2018, which provides up to $190 million to the Library for operating expenses in 10 installments of $19 million. Approximately $142 million to $157 million of these funds is being used for facilities improvements. We are grateful for taxpayer support of the levy.

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Latest Videos

Downtown Main Library Improvements Session

Representatives from the Library and Champlin Architecture give an update on upcoming improvements to the Downtown Main Library.

Watch Building the Next Generation Library video updates on the Library's YouTube channel, opens a new window.

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